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  1. You should probably tell count of nowhere (or **** of nowhere as im starting to feel he should be called)....he'd probably argue thats far too much for public sector "leeches"....
  2. Just so i can be clear....as i am only a "public sector leech" according to **** of nowhere...isn't there the small subject of a couple of financial companies bleeding public funds dry recently? Don't think there were any topics bleeting on about public sector 2 years ago...
  3. Yep, now the Lisbon Treaty's a done deal, Liz and the other European Royals will be firmly in the sights of these scum. Never been a massive royalist but i'd prefer them to what's happening to our constitution.....at least they give a sh*t about the country and not just getting paybacks for sliding britain into Europe. Phew!...feel better after that!!
  4. Getting back to original post, i'm thinking of making up some kind of legal contract and carrying a copy round with me for these occasions. Contract will insist on data protection stuff and not giving details to any third party, with threats of hell and brimstone if his happens (and some hefty charges). Pretty sure no one will insist if a say that signing this contract is conditional to me giving them my details.
  5. Exactly...right now. Everyone makes a choice of whether they work in public or private sector, so each to their own to be honest. Im a public sector worker, but im a senior nurse so not exactly the mandarin you guys are digging at. I earn an okay salary, as ive been in the job for a few years but i've never begrudged private sector salaries in the past or bonuses etc as i know i chose my job. This just gets stirred up, probably with the pushing of certain stats to the press by government press officers when things are tough and public sector spending is primed for getting cut.....divide and conquer as the saying goes.
  6. Great, more people getting sacrificed for the mistakes of the private sector. Roll on another winter of discontent...
  7. Surely it's no different to the "my friend bought a flat for 150K last week now its worth 300k" stories which have got us into this mess into the first place....works both ways. Sorry - meant to link to Telometers post
  8. I'm getting pretty sick of these 'studies'. If i was to publish something like this in my field of work i'd get laughed out of the country and probably struck off. You could just as easily argue that a large downturn of house prices/economy within two decades leads to the creation of talented sportspeople....
  9. What, instead of 223?....in that case i change my view completely. Crash over eh lads and lasses....
  10. Surely the bulls need to be asking some serious questions of themselves if they have to resort to the use of a David Smith article as proof of their argument? Thought even Rinoa would have known better than that.... ummm maybe not.
  11. And i was about the post, possibly the most entertaining!! Best ive read for ages....quite nice to have a break from andykn, hamish etc harp on about hitting the bottom...although having seen TMTs sister, maybe the bottom should be explored more closely...
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