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  1. So large complex organisations employ all sorts. Big deal, and the extra administrative staff in the NHS are a direct result of the introduction of market forces, nothing else. How useful smoking cessation staff are I don't know, but given the enormous cost to the health system of smoking related diseases it is surely worth trying a proactive approach, even if it takes a while to discover how to do this. There is a lot of attacking public services at the moment that is not accompanied by any analysis at all. Kneejerk nonsense. We are in a capitalist mess made by capitalists, and without public services there would be no capitalism at all. Enough of the insinuation, it's unintelligent.
  2. Based on what economic fundamentals? House price rises are only good if you have a spare property you don't live in. Or if you intend to move to something much cheaper.
  3. Where's the controversy? She isn't proposing to close the clubs, she just doesn't want the taxpayer funding the johns. Too much *knee) jerking around here.
  4. What I like most is how the US is in such a mess socially, financially and is embroiled in two wars, yet a large proportion of it's population wants to blame Obama for the mess they essentially created by voting Bush in more than once and cheering on his policies. It's silly to call all Americans dumb, but a lot of them are.
  5. That's a bit too tinfoilhat for my tastes bogbrush. Swine flu is real, it is/was unpredictable, people panic and the govt response was as much to do with that paniced response as anything else (eg stocking Tamiflu to placate the public, even though medical opinion was against it). It was not a situation that could just be ignored.
  6. It wasn't the govt that induced the panic, but the 'free' press. Nobody here knew how swine flu would spread, so it's ridiculous to slam preparation for a worst case scenario. I dare say if Gordon Brown chose to eat weetabix instead of cornflakes for breakfast that would also be cited as a form of madness and a colossal waste of tax payers money. The Daily Mail has only ever been anti-intellectual trash. I think New Labour has been a failure, but there is no way I could support the Conservatives. It's been made perfectly clear that they are too full of gibbering idiots.
  7. No, the US govt shouldn't be able to respond to a threat that could bring it's economy to its knees.
  8. The British cunsume endless amounts of trash culture. There is too much blaming bankers or the govt in this country. Let's face it, on the whole we've got exactly what we deserve. My concern is for those of us who never bought into the daydream.
  9. Bruton is very pretty, and very quiet. Castle Cary is picturesque, but the last time I was there the sound of jet planes was deafening. I love the idea of North Devon or the Quantocks, but they are a bit isolated.
  10. In my experience you get the odd pisstaker, but policies for handling sickness have improved. But let's face it, how many in the private sector have jobs that are so emotionally demanding or stressfull? To be honest, I'm finding the strategy to undermine the NHS, which has been going on for a few years now, quite revolting. Typically, bullsh*t stories are being fed to the public, mostly via poor quality papers such as the Express or Mail, and these stories are being internalised as truth, i.e. no smoke without fire. In reality, most people are absolutely ignorant about what is a very complex system. And all the attention on negatives, which are statistically bound to happen in any system, means people aren't thinking about the huge positives. Personally, I believe any socialised service has become a target for private interests who see massive sources of potential revenue. What has been happening is an attempt to undermine public support in order to make radical change more palatable. As we have seen elsewhere, this will result in private profit/public risk (eg PFI, banks). Anyone who thinks the US offers a better alternative is an ass.
  11. Whereabouts you looking? I've been labouring over whether I should move the kids to Somerset, Devon for a while now.
  12. One more time: Were he entering the same career now, as he was then (in the 70s), my father would not be able to afford the house he bought then by a long, longshot. Affordability is an issue, I've yet to read an economist present a strong argument that says otherwise. Or a weak one. The economy remains in a recession, the best you can hope for is practically zero movement. Unemployment will continue to rise. There is nowhere near the money sloshing around the system that there was a few years ago. It wasn't real. Forget QE, most of that cash has gone abroad. The UK has massive debts and everyone knows it, hence the bonds sell off. There is nothing to substain a recovery in the housing market for any length of time. Of course a small number of cash rich buyers chasing a small amount of houses will skew the stats.
  13. How can a 20% drop in value in such a short period of time be called mild? Is it a spoof?
  14. You know perfectly well what I mean - very low sales. 55% of not much isn't that much. There has been more interest and activity since November, but this is partly seasonal, partly a limited amount of cash buyers and maybe others who were finally able to buy a house after falls of 20%. You know all this, it's been pointed out repeatedly. Please tell us how high unemployment, which is accompanied by the fear of unemployment, cannot have a negative effect on the housing market.
  15. And you have no interest in breaking the numbers down and asking yourself why? You take it as a self evident truth? 55% up from nothing.
  16. Rinoa, you think there is no link between the housing market and employment levels?
  17. Did you? And why should people be forced to leave their roots and their families? To do what? Shit jobs in a shit suburban environment? If they're lucky?
  18. And have the Chinese finished stocking up on cheap resources or not? Is the US economy fit again? Did consumer spending go up again last month? Are mortgages getting cheaper? Is lending to business going up by a considerable amount? Or at all? Has the UK govt cleared its massive debt? Has the UK population cleared its massive debt? I just don't understand where people think money will come from to fuel an economy anywhere near that of 2006/07. Even if the recession ends, the alternative is not strong growth. It may be high unemployment and little movement at all.
  19. Do you like to appear ignorant on purpose Rinoa?
  20. Can someone tell Hamish the economy is now officially looking ill again?
  21. Sentiment - will go down if house prices do (while mortgage rates go up). Opinion polls are meaningless, they are just an aggregation of how joe public responds subconsciously to the previous couple months worth of news. We've had a bounce, therefore people feel a bit more optimistic.
  22. Cash buyers 'Bargains' that are 20% off peak. Spring bounce. Lack of sellers. Mini boom. Emphasis on mini.
  23. Fantastic post VT. Not because it is comforting to my own viewpoint, but because of the thinking that went into it. Could people not quote the entire post when replying??
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