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  1. Oh dear ... https://www.property118.com/hmo-tenant-barricaded-room-started-80000-fire/
  2. Sensational quality over on P118... Haven't laughed like that in a while
  3. Tax bill of £420k. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/15/hmrc-wins-tax-case-against-bbc-presenter Never mind, just sell a few BTLs. Taxy, taxy .....
  4. Anyone who has ever lived in Europe knows they all become bitchy twunts when things dont go their way. They simply dont understand that you have to work hard first then take the piss instead of take the piss without the work bit.
  5. At least they wont have a problem with contraception. "Going Greek" is what most women know about
  6. Yep -- good one -- attack the sector that pay your benefits and public sector wages. Sounds like a plan. Next thing public sector workers will be called taxpayers
  7. He's a rich old single Swiss guy living in Thailand (Chang Mai). Make of that what you will.
  8. Well, you only need 25-30 sqm to pick up a STD. The real issue is doxycycline resistance to these guys and local doctors can only do so much. Once the local ho's have figured them out, then its all over anyway. The thais are using these clowns as a risk foil - pick up boxes cheaply built cheap in the fist place for an even cheaper sale price. Take a look at German tourists in sandals and socks in the bars and you'll see why. Russian pedos will be even more obvious.
  9. If you want to invest in Bonds, go with a market maker. Cut out the middle man. If you do, then the 7-12% yields that are on offer (depending on your risk appetite) are all yours with no fees. Just the thing in these inflationary times. -- Munky
  10. How can anyone take her seriously given her poor personal judgement ? First thing she needs to do is give a national live televised apology for her relationship with Ed Balls and explain why she should have a job after her association with an economic criminal that brought the UK to its knees ?
  11. No way this is ever going to happen. Full stop. The fatherland will lose its export trousers overnight and even the kraut kebab shop boys know that. File under fantasy fluff -- next to Claudia Schiffer, Halle Berry but perhaps not Liz Hurley.
  12. Under 34s stand to inherit only half as much as their parents, according to a report by HSBC which points to a growing demand for advice on how to stop wealth being eroded before it can be passed on. A survey of 2000 adults in HSBC's Age of Inheritance found £1.1trn may be left to beneficiaries by 2047, compared to £194bn by 2015. However by 2062 this will have fallen to £552bn, as inheritances are eroded by the rising cost of living and life expectancy. Further reading No matching document Increased longevity means the baby-boom generation are retaining their wealth, according to the rep
  13. Yeah All I could find is the old article in the Guardian about them saying BTL is dead, selling up and retiring (or something) http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2010/mar/06/buy-to-let-fergus-judith-wilson
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