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  1. John Sanders in Bromsgrove and Worcester are the WORST pretentious snobs in the whole world, they will be closed by July 2009 cos they cannot shift their heads from their up their own a***s and see that actually property prices have actually come down and are continuing to drop. Instead they tell everyone to rent their homes out, but oh no...... they cant rent them cos the rental market is now so saturated! Not even Andrew Grant are as stupid as that lot!
  2. Its just about to be sold to one lucky devil for £1.2m, it started off at £1.95m, currently up for £1.65m........... any advances on £1.2?????? Going, going...
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else notice one ot two Worcestershire estate agents who seem to be completely oblivious to the current economic climate and house price crash? One in particular has held prices on some of their property(either that or failed to renegotiate with the property owners) since January 2008...... Ive been watching the prices using property bee, its a super tool and you can track every single change on the particulars of a property!
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