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  1. Hello everyone. After emailing the three deposit protection agencies, they all say my deposit has not been protected with them. How do I go about the next step of getting three times my deposit out of the landlord? Is there a specific form I need to ask for from my local court? How long does the whole thing take to go through as well? I've got just over four months left on my contract, and I know it's going to really rile up my landlord doing this, but seeing as he's the one that should have complied with the legislation (and told me he had), seems fine. Anything else I should consider, other than I'm not going to get a reference from him, and I should change my lock barrels until I move out. Thanks, IJ.
  2. What set-up costs? Log into internet banking, make payment. Gets there in three days. The bank transaction fee for a business is less than for a cheque. Cheques are a total pain in the bumhole, and the sooner they stop existing the better for everyone.
  3. What address is on your tenancy agreement then?
  4. I would glady pay £5 for a doctor appointment if I could call up and be given an appointment outside of normal office hours within the next two days (I'm not expecting 24 hour service, just opening for appointments from 8am until 6pm or so) and have the phone actually answered within about three rings and not be engaged. Would £5 a pop cover a scheme like that, restricting it to only people that are paying, and anyone that can't or will not pay has the system we have now of redialling over and over at 8am to try and get in that day. If not £5, how much would the charge need to be to make it worth the Doctors' while in opening longer?
  5. It seems agencies quite often don't ask if you have any pets then put no pets in the contract anyway. Letting agencies and landlords are going to lie to you all the time about a range of things anyway, so I would not feel bad about sneaking a cat or two in, as long as the moggies are going to survive without having access to a catflap. Dogs I would be a bit more dubious about due to them quite easily detected by barking. Cats, sneak-de-sneak for sure. I am in my new place.
  6. If you leave the gas on at night and blow up the house, paying the landlord back is surely the least of your problems.
  7. You tell your letting agent that you lived in MoD housing, and that requests for references are not answered in the interests of national security. They don't NEED a reference from a previous landlord, they just want one and ask for it from all applicants as a matter of course. It's the same thing as people who previously lived with their parents or in their own home moving to a rental. Presumably you can provide them employment, bank, and character reference anyway.
  8. It is, but putting a requirement on a previous tenant where they have no incentive to tell a difficult truth is not the answer. Surveyors get paid. HIP compilers get paid. Previous tenants do not. Giving contact information for the previous tenant to the new one without permission is also a DPA breach by the way, so those rules would also have to be amended.
  9. Runs into libel problems. If a prospective new tenant for my current place asked me for a reference for my current landlord, I can refuse to provide it. My refusal can be construed as saying a lot, while actually saying nothing. By making it a legal requirment, I either tell the new people how much of an assclown he is, which even if true, can cause proceedings to kick off, or lie saying he is awesome, which is of no use whatsoever to the new people when they find out quite quickly it is not the case.
  10. Don't take the agent's policy as they only want to take it because they get a kickback. Your own policy will give you the cover you want (or don't as the case may be). Your deposit is there to cover damage by you to the landlord's property anyway.
  11. Well, whether or not is reasonable is surely going to be dependent on the bank charges court case. Similar contract clauses, similar value of penalties. Also depends how trigger happy they are in sending the reminder letters, such as not taking account of a standing order taking longer to hit the LA account when the three day period from it leaving the tenant is extended by a weekend and a bank holiday, and mailing the tenant to tell they haven't paid, £25 is now due, kthxbye.
  12. Because it exceeds the reasonable cost of making good the damage. They are entitled to deduct the cost of new light bulbs, but that is it. Otherwise it is a fine. Unless they are some super special type of lightbulbs, they don't cost £25 a pop.
  13. Is the rule for deposits being protected based on 14 days from when the deposit was taken by the agent and passed to the letting agent / landlord, or from when the tenancy begins? This affects circumstances where the deposit is paid and contract signed in advance of the tenant getting the keys and moving into the property. Thanks, Phil.
  14. Like most, my letting agents are quite annoying. I'm moving out in seven weeks, and they want to do viewings. I have told them that I will only allow viewings on receipt of a letter from them confirming that if any damage or loss to my property happens during the viewings, they will pay out. After some whinging about that not being their normal policy, they've sent me a half assed note saying how all viewings are accompanied and that they will take extra care. Nothing about paying out for if the people they are showing around half inch something. They also point out a clause in my contract that says I have to allow viewings. Now several people on here have stated that this is the case. Can you point me to a specific housing act that states this? Thanks, Phil.
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