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  1. I think gilt edged public sector severance means even though they get thrown out of work they get given so much money that it doesn't actually save money for about a year after they've gone. But which time the recovery will be established and they'll need to be hired again, or perhaps that's just the warped logic behind not laying them off.
  2. I work in communications, (technical not media) only have an HNC and get a little over 40K though admittedly I do work some unsociable hours. Probably won't earn anymore than that though apart from indexed increases. If I were a graduate I'd have no glass ceiling and probably be nudging 50k ( or just doing 9-5). I find it incredible that employers can say that a degree is essential and offer such paltry wages, how can you raise a family on 22k? Perhaps it is the tax credits/benefits system. I did find when changing jobs recently and checking options if it all went wrong that we would still have an income of about 25k as we have two kids and rent our home as long as I had any job over 16hours. My wife wouldn't have even had to go back to work! I appreciate the ancedote I always wonder what people are really earning just so you know you getting the right salary. People should talk about their wages more often it would take power away from management. Also I think it is a problem that we can (or certainly used to) get undercut by foriegners who can send their salary home where their economy or exchange rate gives it more value.
  3. Where did he say that you can't the British people with facts? Has it already been edited?
  4. If you are skilled, ie. you carry out a task that others don't understand/can't do and you earn less than about 35K you either have skills that no one wants or you are not taking them to the right place. Job titles are always bigged up by employers, Head Chef 18K? That probably means someone in charge of a kitchen that re-heats food. You can get 16k as a security guard.
  5. Not sure you can do that if you're in the Euro. People need to go through the mill. Wish we had joined we could get out the twilghtzone quicker.
  6. Didn't bank losses get capped when they entered the special insurance scheme? Headline should read British taxpayer to spuff another £130bn making sure the rich stay rich. I'm glad the status quo has been maintained it is much easier for me to cope with as a lowly humble serf.
  7. My council charge £180 a month to live in this house that I can't afford to buy. I think they are really good value for money.
  8. Aren't we fortunate to have Gordon Brown at the tiller. Good job he didn't have to get elected, we'd have probably been too stupid to vote for him. If I get laid off I'm just going to spunk money furiously on creditcards and pretend it hasn't happened, sorted.
  9. Some of these flats appear to have changed hands twice on the same day. For tens of thousands difference. Is this an official record record of mortgage fraud? Check out www.nethouseprices.com and sort by address. Some got seriously burnt, some made a packet in a day!
  10. Hamish are you saying that in the future the average person will no longer own their own house?
  11. I don't understand how government intervention will stop the recession. It suggests we have entered previous recession sby choice unless you believe that the current dipsticks in Westminster are smarter than former occupants. You cannot spend your way out of recession, it has to be paid back. Command economies fail. Socialism doesn't work which is why Labour supposedly abandoned it in the first place. Intervention has probably stopped Grapes of Wrath kind of scenarios, but only by delaying/slowing down the inevitable. We will all be poorer.
  12. For a bit of balance. Job at my firm, 15 cv's for a 45k/yr job in the sticks, bags of cash in a rural idyll. Is what I'd call tradesman job, though colleagues think we're professionals as we work in a office. Don't understand this 1000s of apps for a crap jobs, not seeing it.
  13. Thanks for the opinions guys. I'm starting to feel a ray of confidence for some fair play in this new scheme rather than just expecting to have my deposit stolen.
  14. Would very much appreciate some advice from knowledgeable members. We are shortly to leave our rented house and move on as we need somewhere bigger. The garage had ivy all over it when we moved in and although this gave it a lovely rustic look it actually meant that the building was unusable as being a corrugated prefab building the ivy was just creeping in and dropping debris everywhere, in addition some panels were in danger of fracture due to ivy weaving between them. I pruned the ivy significantly back so that it was no longer a nuisance, though didn't dig it up, it doesn't look nearly as rustic as previously. I've since noted that my tenancy agreement says I shouldn't prune without permission and the ivy is noted as covering the roof of the garage in the inventory. Can the landlord charge me any kind of compensation? I haven't done any damage, though technically may be in breach of AST but would plead that I was discharging my obligation to maintain the garden. Given time it would grow back as before anyway so I was wondering where I stand with them raising charges against me. Secondly, the AST says I must produce receipts for cleaning the curtains, is this enforceable if the curtains aren't dirty? Only one room has proper curtains anyway the rest were only voile and would be fine going through the washing machine even though we stored them through out the tenancy. Lastly, in the event that we need to go to ICE to resolve any dispute over the deposit are costs raised against either party? As I said any advice would be much appreciated, have tried serching for similar situations in other threads but got no joy
  15. I sympathise enormously. We have also given up trying to buy so are moving into a considerably better rental. We are hoping that spending more alot more money on rent will get us a much better landlord big houses generally stay empty longer between tenancies, the one we've got was a corporate let at 30% more than we are paying for it.
  16. Not enough people have been turned into paupers for a recovery.
  17. Rent: 8340 Counicil Tax: 1336 Energy: 700 Total: £10376 Diggs are adequate for family of 4, but lower end of M4 corridor market town.
  18. I would have thought it should be higher than this you get tax credit if your household income is below I think 60k. There's either an awful lot of the working population without kids or most people are earning 60k+. Most folk have kids mid in their mid 20s so veryone must be earning a fortune. I should add that I am a client of the state and they give back approx £500 of the money previously stolen from me over a year. I thought we were doing alright though we are clearly paupers.
  19. Bump anyone else use zopa and seeing something similar?
  20. Just out of interest. What do you do once you have successfully negotiated? Just say 'Nah changed me mind?' Although I have money to spend I still worry about alienating EAs by making offers I wouldn't proceed with. I have only made offers (pressed by wife) on houses I would've bought. Fortunately no takers despite of offering (against my my better judgement) 90 - 95%!
  21. Have been lending on Zopa for about three years no problems whatsoever enjoying a nice return for the little bit of loot that I play about with there. Since November: Two 'A' market borrowers have defaulted. No payments at all. One is two months late, from the listings section, so my fault for trying to get a higher rate, I don't think this is yet a default but probably soon will be. One borrower entered into what I think was an IVA, Zopa kindly agreed to a lovely 23p in the pound return on her borrowings instead of nothing for me, she wasn't even in arrears! This is out of a total of 78 borrowers, so a non paying rate of over 5%! Does anyone else use this site? I would be interested to hear how you're getting on. Green shoots? Not on my (small) loan book, can't sell it either and get my loot. For balance I must admit I am still getting a return much higher than a savings account, so lending is still very profitable. If there was a secondary loan market I'd have all my savings there.
  22. You go to a protest and as well as getting your napper kicked in by a rozzer they'll film you and put your name on a list somewhere. With such a massive state this could well disqualify you from 20-30% of employment opportunities.
  23. If you're doing nothing, then start doing something, but still not very much it is better than doing nothing at all.
  24. I hear there are a lot of awful people about but most of the people I meet are rather pleasant. Had a very tasty leg of lamb for lunch which was British. (well sold as British so was here at least 6 weeks prior to slaughter or some fiddle)
  25. They can't kill you or get you pregnant so tell em to ram it,
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