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  1. I'm a home owner with the mortgage paid off. Due to an expanding family and what seems like a rapidly shrinking house I would like to move into a larger property but i'm concerned with current situations (Brexit, Stagflation, deflation, etc) that i'd get a mortgage and almost immediately interest rates would rise and the value of the new property would tank. What's the perceived wisdom at the moment? Should I try to sell before it all goes pear shaped and then rent for a while hoping prices drop before trying to get back in again? I've been predicting a price crash since 2003 so obviously i'm clueless.
  2. Pretty much what UncleMeat says.I've used Goldline in the past and have no complaints with them. Stick to Sovereign or Brittania coins as there's no CGT. Buy less than £5,000 in value to stay off the radar. Unless you're dealing with huge amounts of the stuff i'm sure you can find plenty of ingenious places to hide it (eg: between the pages of some books) and plenty of places sell fake Heinz Beans tins or fake hollowed out books (see Amazon). if you're worried about your house burning down and ending up with a pool of molten gold buy a small fire safe and hide or disguise that. If you want to confirm what you've bought is the real deal get a Fisch - https://www.thefisch.com/
  3. And what about indirect tax? A few years ago I worked out about 70% of my salary went on Tax, NI, VAT, Car Tax, TV License and all the various duties.
  4. Hi All, After several years of wondering whether to move or extend we've finally decide to stay put and extend. Plans are done, planning permission obtained and builder chosen and ready to work. Situation i'm in is that I paid the mortgage off a few years ago but now need a new mortgage to pay for all the extension work and was surprised (but not shocked) to discover I needed solicitors again (are they going to check all the same things they checked when I first purchased the property and then again when I paid it off?). And I was just wondering what a ballpark figure would be for the solicitors costs in order to get a new mortgage on my house? Cheers!
  5. I lived in Munich from 1994 - 2001. Went out for a 6 month IT contract and ended up staying nearly 8 years :-) Loved the placed and still wondering why I came back! If you're in IT maybe that's the way you should play it too. Get a contract out there and treat that as a trial run to see how you & the missus like the place. There are loads of international companies out there that have English as the working language so speaking German is not a pre-requisite (though you should make an attempt to learn some whilst you're there). If you're any good they'll probably offer you a permie position at some point too. Depending on your IT skills you can expect a decent pay rise compared to UK and more holidays!
  6. It's just occurred to me, I've been saying houses are overpriced and a correction should happen for 10 years now. Why should anything change now? ;-) How I wished i'd followed everyone else and piled in with a huge mortgage back then and enjoyed 10 years of some of the lowest interest rates ever........
  7. Yeah, like wot he said. And good luck!
  8. About 9 months since your last update....... How's it going in Ireland?
  9. And in more breaking news..... The Pope is a Catholic!
  10. My local Shell is £1.28 and doing an "offer" at the moment, buy 2 items like drinks or sweets and get 5p a liter off. The cheapest item is Cadburys mini eggs £1.30 (x2), so to fill my 80 litre tank from empty I save an extra £1.40 and get some chocolate. Truly awesome...... :-)
  11. Sounds reasonable to me. Only about 40 houses in my road and on the drives there are 2 E class mercs, a Porsche and a Morris Minor that I haven't seen move in years and until yesterday I had a SORN motorbike in my garage (sold it). And who knows what else lurks behind the garage doors :-)
  12. Shame.... I sort of enjoyed having a browse through the racks for something interesting whilst waiting for an Indian takeaway (opposite our local Blockbuster) to be cooked.
  13. I know of loads (and I mean LOADS) of people being made redundant in the Midlands and walking off with a nice big cheque. 500 of my collegues have just waved "bye bye" and I have plenty of mates in other companies who this has recently happened to too. I can't listen to Derbyshire on R5 anymore. She's a head wreck. Also FWIW, where I am in B91, house prices are on the up and are being put up for sale and sold pretty quickly. Mental.
  14. Absolutely mental. The council needs a good kicking. I notice the article is dated August and I did a quick google to see if there were any updates but didn't see anything. Anyone know what's happened, is it already demolished, under appeal or what?
  15. No idea. The most expensive house to sell down that road was a big old place that had an enormous extension and that went for about £765,000 and it had a load more land than this place.
  16. Chatting to the father in law at the weekend and he knows this place and apparently it sold last week for 530,000 euros. Nice!
  17. I like the look of this one.....
  18. FWIW - I've also seen lots of property coming on the market in the last week or so in my area (many close together on the same street) and wondered what was going on. And they're all laughably overpriced. Nice. But not £840,000 nice.
  19. Thanks for that. I'd never heard of Handlesbanken. Turns out they have a branch very local to me and I went for a chat with them the other day. They went through all my details and have no problem giving me a mortgage and were rather incredulous that HSBC weren't interested. Very impressed with what I saw and liked the personal touch. Just waiting for confirmation of the "numbers" and if it all looks good i'll be going for it and getting the house extended. Top tip.
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