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  1. Renting is like The PAYG of mobile phones 15 years ago. People that can't afford the initial outlay of buying a house still get screwed over with higher short term costs (manifested in admin fees, deposit fees blah blah etc) and poor customer service. Britain's housing model eh.
  2. Any feeling out there on how the market in Newcastle is currently? Land registry suggests up, rightmove suggests down. I've been watching a few small, 2 bed semis that sold for at least £10k lower than their asking prices.
  3. I hope the yes vote wins just so the population wakes up and realise that 500 men in Westminster cant ever faithfully represent the opinion of 70 million people.
  4. Yep, devolution of data analysis tools like Office, Power BI, Google trends are going to make data increasingly accessible to everyone over the next decade. Don't think there'll be much of a function left for specific analysts. But jobs for everyone tho, yeah?
  5. No council should have been that large in the first place but christ - 6k jobs - that's gotta hurt...
  6. I'd love a yes vote! I see no reason why the two countries can't just coexist like they already did before the king from Braveheart tried to take over Scotland several hundred years ago. And if it shakes up the markets and big-government then that's welcome too, if not an over-simplification. The scaremongering by Westminster is the worst part about this debate - it's only scary because they're threatening to make it scary. I'm surprised that Westminster hasn't declared Black Friday yet as part of its scaremongering!!
  7. I know a few people in back office jobs in the NHS (admin, 'data analysts' etc), they're all very much of the opinion that they've got a job for life there. I wonder if they're in for a bit of a surprise just like Local Government got/is going through....?
  8. I'd like to see the Yes vote win just to shake things up. I'm utterly bored with the status quo in UK politics and this would go some way to making politicians realise that they're not untouchable and should, erm you know, maybe listen to voters once in a while.
  9. Good bear food but more rollercoaster-reportage from the Daily Mail!!
  10. TV is just opiate for the masses. It's a great, misused, tool though. It does appear that the message about the crash is becoming more visible in the mainstream media.
  11. Yep. Social/personalised media is a great thing (this forum wouldn't exist without it). But the risk in social media is that news and opinion can easily be diluted in the noise of it all.
  12. Yes, that's my feeling too. Quick everyone! Pile in so we can wring every last bit of money out of you, even if prices only fall 10%.
  13. Snap, just posted a thread about that (so mods may want to merge my thread with this or delete). When even the most pro-HPI paper is posting that prices are falling then you know something gotta be up...
  14. from the Daily Mail What I don't understand is that once buyers understand that a fall is(/may be) coming, why would they continue to pay over the odds? Why not just wait? "Yes EA - here's an extra 20k that I won't need to pay in 6 months." Last gasp buyers hoping to invest and then sell on before a fall? End of Russian/Chinese money so TPTB trying to get naive UK buyers to overstretch themselves? Or a thinly veiled call for the government to offer more support to the housing market - seen as DM is one of the most pro-HPI rags going....
  15. Great work! Dipped into the MSE thread a few times, good to see some common sense amongst all the HPI zealots. I wonder how well a 'biggest drops' thread would go down over there. Might help ppl join up the dots between the theory and what's actually going on. Damik to the rescue!!!
  16. Christ, I'm one of the ones that never cottoned on to that either. Pay your own dole and reduce the unemployment rate at no cost to the government. Definitely one to use at cocktail parties.
  17. The EA phrase that gets on my Titos more than any other EA phrase is 'PRICED TO SELL'. OF COURSE IT'S PRICED TO SELL!!! OTHERWISE THE OWNER WOULDN'T HAVE PUT IT UP FOR SALE!!! Unless they're just inflating the asking price beyond its actual value/trapped in negative equity, of course...
  18. The whole world feasts on the UK's housing bubble. Detroit, Russia, China...
  19. Yep, the whole idea of worth/value has been (perhaps irrevocably) undermined with the availability of so much credit. A bit like a drug really. Get everyone hooked on credit and they'll pay anything for their next fix, even if they can barely afford it.
  20. I read that MSE thread expecting lots of mumsnet-level ramping/sympathy ('feel 4 u hon' etc) for the seller but a lot of the replies seem quite moderate and suggest that it's not unreasonable to offer under the asking price. Quite refreshing to read!!
  21. It befuddles me how unaffordable help to buy is at high LTV ratios. Are ppl (in general) that manic about buying a shoebox that they're happy to commit themselves to decades of debt slavery?
  22. Media conspiracy to ramp the market in the regions? DM employee trying to sell their mum's house in Doncaster?
  23. More than a whiff at £75k off! Do you have a linky?
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