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  1. Dose anyone know a way buy and hold the Chinese yuan? either to open a bank account from the uk or hold some other form of digital money. Is is possible to have a forex account without leverage only buying fees? or a way to hold this currency without physically going to the buero de change ? not for travel purposes but just as a speculative investment. any ideas?
  2. i wouldn't say im fixated, i just think it's the best bet to give me a regular monthly income! lets say i spend £90k on a small 1 bed flat. rental £400 minus £50 for expenses. that gives me £4200 per year, and the property will also (in the very long term) go up in value. i hear people say interest rates will go back up soon !! but when?
  3. lol, so i was a fukwit, but now i got my own place. maybe if i buy another small 1 bed flat and let it part furnished, i will have less hassle!? what do people think?
  4. ok areas like hunters bar, eccy road, netheredge or highfields. ive rented here since 99, and only just got on the ladder june 09. and i did say £200 to £300 my last rent was £240 pcm for 1 double room, behind queens road! the house was OK at best and the area was OK (pushing it) i pretty much know these areas well, so im pretty confident i can get £250 or £59pw per room in a niceish house in a OK area.
  5. TBH.. i find the 1 bed flat too big i generally spend all my time in the bedroom on the PC. it has literally been months since i used the front room. maybe the idea might work but in reverse. how much to letting agents charge to manage house rentals? anyone know?
  6. no.. TBH this is the last thing i would want .. but i want to make the money work for me, and have a steady (ish) flow of income. so that i am free to maybe spend more time doing other things than work. All other investments seem to either be risky or don't give a lot of income over inflation. i guess the short answer is, i don't want to blow the money but want it to work for me.
  7. thanks for the replies everyone! i was thinking of buying a 4 bed house and renting it per room for student or young professionals. i think £200 - £300 per room is possible in a OK area. do people think this is a bad idea?
  8. i bit of information on me, my walet has always been on the slim side.. and my job pays well below the average wage. i live on about £980 a month. but i manage to survive without too much hassle. i am quite good with how i spend, and even on my modest wage i manage to save. but recently i got a letter from a solicitors, to cut a long story short me and my siblings are to inherit just under £200k each. this is genuine and not a Nigerian email the problem is (if i can call it that), i have never, in my life even dreamed of such a huge amount of money.. and i have no idea how to best invest this.. i live in Sheffield and currently have a small mortgage (£38k @ 3%) on my 1 bed flat. does anyone have any ideas of how best to invest this money to give me a residual income and allow me to have more freedom from my job (IE go part time)
  9. has anyone used Zopa.com? have you had good or bad experiences? http://uk.zopa.com/ZopaWeb/ i see on their site you can now choose the exact person you lend to.. like ebay for money lenders
  10. well im not a new member, put ive been away, so i thought i would say hello again
  11. i know what you mean, i had the same thoughts. but it is just next to west street, so its popular area, you wouldnt want to bring kids up there but for a lad my age, the area has it all.
  12. yes the only reason im buying is because im sick of living in a rented shared house, it was fun when i lived with friends but even tho i like my current house mates, we are only friends because we live together. and i need my own space now (as much space as a 1 bed can provide that is ) . my current payments are slightly less then my rent was. but with bills ect i will be paying a fair bit more £100 pm. all in all i think it is the best move but there is always that doubt.
  13. thanks people, for all the positive comments, im really felling better and less nervous about my 1st place.
  14. haha, a bit of a loser job ATM, but it pays the bills and i cant complain with so many out of work. i work in a call centre so am only on about £17k (i have a computing degree ) but am hopefully training soon to become a Union rep with the CWU. my deposit was 35%
  15. Ok people this is my 1st place, ive been renting since i left uni in 2004. and got the now or never feeling at the end of 2008. so ive been looking for a small 1 bed flat in sheffield. i found a few i liked but one was in an idea location for me... in between my favourite pub and work. so to cut a long story short, i made a final offer that was excepted. contracts have been exchanged and is due to complete tomorrow. The flat was on at £80k, £75k, so on .... then finally reduced to £65k. the offer i had accepted was just over £60k. the property last sold at the end of 2003 for £73k and was prob in better condition then. i guess my question is who thinks ive paid too much and who thinks its a reasonable gamble, and does anyone think ive got a good deal based on the previous price? i understand its not going to be easy to answer without knowing the flat/area. just after a general idea.
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