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  1. If I have to withdraw in EUR then I'm most likely going to use GDAX to withdraw. No liquidity issues there.
  2. I was looking at this: https://www.coinfloor.co.uk/over-the-counter But it looks like they do OTC for individuals according to the link you provided.
  3. Yes Over The Counter. It's for large buys or sells made off the order books so it doesn't affect market value. Coinfloor's BTC OTC service is only available to institutional investors. I'm looking for a OTC service that caters to UK individuals.
  4. More than £1m as a single lump sum and Natwest didn't even flinch? Which exchange did you withdraw from? I'm looking to withdraw a large amount so looking for some advice.
  5. I wonder what would happen if someone tried to withdraw £1 million or some other crazy figure into their bank account from an exchange. Probably best talking to the bank beforehand or an accountant.
  6. Can anyone recommend a Bitcoin OTC service that allows UK individuals?
  7. A property I was looking at sold (stc) 3 months ago. There was no sold data for it on the land registry website or the title register there: Price Paid/Value Stated Data: Sorry, there is no price paid/value stated information available for this property. http://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/www/wps/portal/!ut/p/b1/hc69DoIwFAXgR7p_pbYjDpTGBGIwUbqYDsRAoCyG51fc1Ch3O8l3Ti4EaNkiCbO1cIGQ4tLf4r2fUxzXHPRV2CgixaURvUOfFU7olAkqeYL2D3C01W-6BGcIH6wucvSyrw9Ojoyov8D7juENsP7xAvjjcoSqnKcOpjCaxg_qAVq1FFc!/dl4/d5/L0lDU0lKSmdrS0NsRUpDZ3BSQ2dwUkNTQS9ZSVVJQUFJSUlJTU1JS0VFQUFDR09HT0NHSUJKRkpGQkpORE5EQk5ISUVBTExBISEvNEczYUQyZ2p2eWhDa3lGTU5RaWt5RktOUmprS2NhZ21Rb2dnL1o3XzMyODQxMTQySDgzNjcwSTVGRzMxVDUzOFY0LzAvaWJtLmludi8yNzI2NzE5Njc4ODgvc3BmX0FjdGlvbk5hbWUvc3BmX0FjdGlvbkxpc3RlbmVyL3NwZl9zdHJ1dHNBY3Rpb24vITJmUXVpY2tFbnF1aXJ5SW5pdC5kbw!!/ I know there is a delay from when the house is sold and the sold price showing up in the sold prices data on sites like Zoopla/Rightmove etc. The property still states the same as above and the agent did tell me it it wasn't a cash offer. Does the land registry website itself have a delay in updating the title register with sold price or does it just mean the house hasn't sold yet?
  8. Litecoin dropping like a stone. It's currently $17.5 on BTC-e.
  9. I'm curious. If the person who had their house repossessed ended up bankrupt and the debt value is £100k and the bank instructs an agent to list the bankrupt's house for £100k but it sells for £120k due to a bidding war, does the bankrupt pocket the extra £20k or does the bank keep that?
  10. Kazuya


    Where's Bruce Banner and his 2009 forum signature?
  11. +1.1% The "Help to Buy" pre-emptive rise. Buy or you'll miss the boat.
  12. In a few years we'll have the "Help to Buy Timebomb"...
  13. A friend of mine offered on a house (not a new build) in the 400k range in January which was accepted. The seller had yet to find a suitable house but has backed out and re-marketed the house with a different agent 10% higher than the previous asking price. Why? The seller is saying prices in the area they have been looking to buy in have risen by 10% since the "Help to Buy" budget and a very similiar house to theirs came on last week 10% higher too. I'm seeing this myself as quite a few houses have come on the market around 10% higher than last year. I know asking prices don't really matter but if this is the kind of sentiment sellers have now then George Osborne's plan is already having an effect. :angry: PS: not London, Cheshire area
  14. Can you imagine the panic selling when Mt.Gox comes back online
  15. So, are you still going to fill your boots?
  16. The buying and selling lag on mtgox is atrocious, it's currently around 20 minutes so people don't know what they are buying at or selling at.
  17. They are just kicking the can down the road unaware that the can is going to grow too big and steamroll them.
  18. Justice has arrived http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/03/22/uk-fitch-uk-outlook-idUKBRE92L0V120130322
  19. Right, I've had a word with the agents about why they changed the way they are taking offers and they have told me the house is a probate property i.e the owner has died. The beneficiary of the property is a trust fund and their solicitor wants to keep the house on the market for a few weeks to attract the highest offer. I haven't showed any emotions to the agents about this house nor have I given more information than I should have. All they know is I am ready to buy without a property to sell and that there are people viewing who either have a property to sell or are in a chain. This house is in a very popular location, in the top 3 of the best roads in the area (appearance and school cachements) so I know they aren't lying about the large interest in the house. I haven't yet made my second offer.
  20. Similiarly, estate agents seemto be playing mind games with me I think. Colour me surprised http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=187967&st=0
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