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  1. If I have to withdraw in EUR then I'm most likely going to use GDAX to withdraw. No liquidity issues there.
  2. I was looking at this: https://www.coinfloor.co.uk/over-the-counter But it looks like they do OTC for individuals according to the link you provided.
  3. Yes Over The Counter. It's for large buys or sells made off the order books so it doesn't affect market value. Coinfloor's BTC OTC service is only available to institutional investors. I'm looking for a OTC service that caters to UK individuals.
  4. More than £1m as a single lump sum and Natwest didn't even flinch? Which exchange did you withdraw from? I'm looking to withdraw a large amount so looking for some advice.
  5. I wonder what would happen if someone tried to withdraw £1 million or some other crazy figure into their bank account from an exchange. Probably best talking to the bank beforehand or an accountant.
  6. Can anyone recommend a Bitcoin OTC service that allows UK individuals?
  7. A property I was looking at sold (stc) 3 months ago. There was no sold data for it on the land registry website or the title register there: Price Paid/Value Stated Data: Sorry, there is no price paid/value stated information available for this property. http://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/www/wps/portal/!ut/p/b1/hc69DoIwFAXgR7p_pbYjDpTGBGIwUbqYDsRAoCyG51fc1Ch3O8l3Ti4EaNkiCbO1cIGQ4tLf4r2fUxzXHPRV2CgixaURvUOfFU7olAkqeYL2D3C01W-6BGcIH6wucvSyrw9Ojoyov8D7juENsP7xAvjjcoSqnKcOpjCaxg_qAVq1FFc!/dl4/d5/L0lDU0lKSmdrS0NsRUpDZ3BSQ2dwUkNTQS9ZSVVJQUFJSUlJTU1JS0VFQUFDR09HT0NHSUJKRkpGQkpORE5EQk5ISUVBTExBISEvNEczYUQyZ2p2eWhDa3lGTU5RaWt5RktOUmprS2NhZ21Rb2dnL1o3XzMyODQxMTQySDgzNjcwSTVGRzMxVDUzOFY0LzAvaWJtLmludi8yNzI2NzE5Njc4ODgvc3BmX0FjdGlvbk5hbWUvc3BmX0FjdGlvbkxpc3RlbmVyL3NwZl9zdHJ1dHNBY3Rpb24vITJmUXVpY2tFbnF1aXJ5SW5pdC5kbw!!/ I know there is a delay from when the house is sold and the sold price showing up in the sold prices data on sites like Zoopla/Rightmove etc. The property still states the same as above and the agent did tell me it it wasn't a cash offer. Does the land registry website itself have a delay in updating the title register with sold price or does it just mean the house hasn't sold yet?
  8. Litecoin dropping like a stone. It's currently $17.5 on BTC-e.
  9. I'm curious. If the person who had their house repossessed ended up bankrupt and the debt value is £100k and the bank instructs an agent to list the bankrupt's house for £100k but it sells for £120k due to a bidding war, does the bankrupt pocket the extra £20k or does the bank keep that?
  10. Kazuya


    Where's Bruce Banner and his 2009 forum signature?
  11. +1.1% The "Help to Buy" pre-emptive rise. Buy or you'll miss the boat.
  12. In a few years we'll have the "Help to Buy Timebomb"...
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