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  1. In terms of local authority extortion rackets this one's pretty good really. It's divide and conquer - workers who have to pay for parking already will think it's only 'fair'. They get to use the employer as a buffer, I mean it's not their fault if the nasty boss passes on the cost to the workforce is it? And of course they will set it a rate that's still cheaper than public transport (in Notts it's 360 pounds for an annual travel pass). So people will just pay the parking tax. My brief period of hope when the Tories got in is now drawing to a close.
  2. So the credit reference agencies get to know the names and addresses of everyone on benefits? Presumably they would have to know how much benefit is paid out to each individual as well in order for their algorithms to work out who looks suspicious? Feels like the kind of Big Brother sledgehammer approach that Labour would have taken. A lot of potential for collateral damage here, especially with Experian getting a cut of the action.
  3. A 35% cut would take us back to the levels of 10 years ago. Is that really so bad? I don't remember cowering behind barricades. And what's the problem with roads? - they seem generally OK to me.
  4. It wouldn't be so bad if the limits were 30, but 20 mph is not easy to stick to. You are going to get motorists slowing to a crawl, even stopping at the side of the road to get their average speed down. Lots of nagging doubts in store. Lots of anxiety over what might be in the post. They really seem determined to turn us all into nervous wrecks.
  5. We're getting there - this shop owner has been fined for NOT producing any commerical waste. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...ng-rubbish.html
  6. How could we extricate ourselves from this madness? Obviously councils would need to be put on a tight leash and their powers to issue summary fines rescinded. Then what? Get out of the EU, renege on some treaty we've signed? I too remember when rubbish collection was something you never thought twice about. Now it is yet another source of hassle and stress that this Government has seen fit to infect our daily lives with. The Britain of 20 years ago seems like a paradise now in so many ways.
  7. Is this why Labour are reducing the speed limit to 50mph on most A roads and installing average speed cameras?
  8. So people already priced out of owning a home now face paying a lot more tax so that they can remain being priced out of owning a home. Truely immoral.
  9. See the Cash Seizures section. Actually it was 10 grand under the Tories, lowered to 1 grand under Blair. This is the kind of stuff that Joe Public has absolutely no idea about. http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/h_to_k/investi...d_cash_siezure/
  10. It used to be 5000 pounds. Blair changed it to 1000 pounds.
  11. This was one of the main directions of Blairism - to change the default position of your average citizen so that they had to prove their innocence rather than the State prove their guilt. Think of all the summary justice we have now, all the on the spot fines for example. They don't want the courts (or especially juries) involved. The criminal justice system used to be biased to adhere to the principle that it was better for a guilty man to go free than for an innocent man to be punished. No more.
  12. Do you have a source for that figure? As I'd really like to try and wake up a few friends and colleagues and a source would be more authoritative.
  13. Churchill understood socialism: Socialism is a philosopy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
  14. 24 Criminal justice bills in 10 years (when the previous average was 1 per 10 years) ain't centrist. This has been the most authoritarian Government in British history. Passing a few liberal measures (like civil partnerships) seems to have thrown a lot of people off the scent.
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