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  1. Flippin eck, everyone here is a shire-county Tory voter! Up North is grim in many places but there are nice spots too and cheap as chips. I'm not counting anomolies like Durham and York.
  2. Unbelievable how much cheaper it is to live outside a capital city. I am strongly considering moving out of Amsterdam. You pay double to basically live in a smaller place in any capital city compared to the 2nd or 3rd biggest elsewhere.
  3. Flawed info my @ss. Lehman were clearly made an example. Unfortunately the huge fallout meant that they bailed out every bank after that. In retrospect, Lehmand should have been bailed out, we all know that, This is obvious. Who is this Pen1s Fuld anyway?
  4. I have a massive lob-on for their misery. After all, they have collectively put me through misery for the last decade. Screw them. I cannot wait for more repossessions. From what you have said, looks like you are one of those to have made money out of pwoperdy too. I detest this. Burn baby burn!
  5. This is interesting. They should open a branch in Holland because people are cheap here. Only thing is, they might see through Poundland's strategy which is to mix up cheap and not so cheap stuff: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/7965089/The-real-bargains-to-be-had-at-Poundland-revealed.html btw the pic above is what happens to women when they have kids!
  6. Absolute dumps. A lot like many parts of London, especially, SE. You have immigrants mixing with low class and educated whites. Nobody mixes. Crime is high. No idea who wrote those descriptions but its laughable, reads like an estate agent press release. Here are mine: Shadwell: absolute filthy dump. Guy got killed there when some local youths stopped him getting off the tracks. It's a lot like Bradford in terms of demographic. Classic of case of the multi-cultural experiment failure. Major embarrassment surely when execs hop on the DLR to/from Canary Wharf from the City and have to go through this dump. Nothing redeeming. Fairly run down. Not as bad as some other areas. Even worse than Shadwell. Complete and total dump. Extremely rough area. Probably top 3 or 5 in London. Not far from Milwall.
  7. Where was the house that the chap off here bought? Louisiana?
  8. The boomers are making a net gain on pensions if you compare in with out. Everyone after isn't.
  9. Is this a rant or a question? Can't they use a portaloo or hire one of those boxes that is a full toile tincluding sinks etc.?
  10. From the Graudian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2010/aug/20/bank-of-mum-and-dad-bites-back
  11. I have a friend from round there. And I saw it on one of those pwoperty daytime tv programs. It seems very posh for the north and a nice place to live. I say go for it.
  12. If all you see is cones with a flashing light on top then you miss the point. I think it will be a great success. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's [email protected]
  13. Anyone here home school their kids? If I have any, I'm seriously considering it. Depending on where I live, I may even teach other kids in the neighborhood too. Even when I was doing my GCSEs and earlier, I was smarter than the teachers and knew how to explain the concepts even better than them. Combine this with teaching kids to think for themselves and take away the bad influences of most schools and you have a winner. The only problem is kids getting social with others. That's why a small group would help.
  14. These grants are a good thing. The UK is devoid of innovation. We trumpet people and make make mini-celebrities out of people like Dyson, the wind up radio guy and a few others. Meanwhile, we produce f**k all else. Britain is no longer "Great". We need innovation. Now that financial services are moving out of the UK, we need to support new enterprises. Without them, we have no future. The attitudes on this thread don't surprise me at all, it's typical of the average British slave worker's understanding of new enterprise. Don't forget that most new business fail, this is normal. Don't expect anywhere near every penny to be spent wisely. So long as a few of these punts come in, that's all that matters. They will generate far more money in the long term than is "lost" or spent on grants in the short term. Don't be so bloody short sighted FFS.
  15. Government pandering to the baby boomers once more to stay in power because that's all they need to do. Fu*king NIMBYS. I'm beginning to think the only thing that will ever save Broken Britain is a war. Bombing raids would be an opportunity to (re)build. The only problem is that many young people would die, thus increasing even further the ratio of baby boomers to everyone else.
  16. How long now until the government offer bounties to Google, Facebook, webmail providers to get hold of your search records, Facebook postings and emails? This is just the start of the thought police. They will analyse your internet searches and see if you have the "potential" to commit a crime. Bit like that Tom Cruise movie.
  17. Logos? Do you mean the charts/graphs they show?
  18. Broken Britain. Even when you're gaping as huge as Sandra Romain, so many still don't want to leave.
  19. "Meetings" = excuse for work used by managers. I have never been in one productive "meeting" in my life and I have worked for three companies, of varying sizes, all are known to the public.
  20. Exactly. Brown ought to be hung, drawn and quartered for his crimes to humanity.
  21. Even if it is written in the contract, it means nothing. You have the right to refuse viewings. I remember reading it on here. However, this is the real world. Refuse viewings and expect your landlord to be a d1ck. Maybe even trouble with the deposit or future references. I would allow viewings but specify when. I used to tell agents "only in the evening" and "always call me first". I think this is reasonable for everyone. Watch out, they might still go behind your back if they have a key. I caught a [email protected] on surveillance once. I received an email during the day and lo-and-behold, snapshot of the [email protected] face, caught red-handed. He even denied it until I showed him the evidence. Being a local sh1tty estate agent, I'm sure his boss couldn't care less though.
  22. Great that your dad has a plan. For the last 10 to 20 years, pretty much any man who loses his job in his fifties goes onto the dole/IB and never returns to the workforce, save for a lucky few. It was like this in the last years of the last Conservative government and Labour totally ignored this problem, happy to let those in this situation continue their depression in the belief that Gordon had actually helped them. Yes, you can earn a living from day trading. Hopefully he reads up as much as possible, practises good risk management and has a logical reason for every trade he makes. Waves is hardly corporate BS! Google Elliot wave analysis for one. Observe him. If he trades on gut feeling then he needs a slap. A big one.
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