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  1. It happened in the property chain on ch 4 last night!! The guy at the bottom of the chain was suddenly 6 grand short!! They gave him 3 and then split it with the next couple in the chain.
  2. 20% by end of 2005 30% by end of 2006 then stagnation for a year or so before a slow climb back up starting around 2008 Not based on anything in particular, just my opinion!! Would like to see 40% over 5 years though!! Who knows!!
  3. I have noticed a few slight price reductions on some 3 beds and noticed several properties on with 3 different EA's.
  4. I would stay well away from this farce!! I certainly won't be opting for this option.
  5. You would think they would take the offers and run before the prices fall and fall. I have 2 friends who recently bought at high prices and surprisingly they think prices are going to carry on going up!! I don't know what colour the sky is where they are!! I have been telling anyone who will listen for the last 2 years a crash is brewing, but still no one believes me!! Bring it on.
  6. Another thing you have to watch with Right Move is sometimes properties are duplicated if on with more than one EA. I am watching Northampton and several are on with 3 different EA's. They must be desperate!! It's easy - Just drop your price!! HPC - Bring it on!!
  7. Another thing to watch on Right Move is several properties are duplicated if on with more than one EA so number for sale may be less. I have been watching Northampton and several properties are on with 3 different EA's. They must be desperate. Just drop your price, it is easy!! HPC - Bring it on!
  8. I totally agree. Congratulations on your exchange. I am curently abroad with the forces just waiting for the crash!! Bring it on!!
  9. I agree!! I am from Leicestershire and the prices where my Parents still live were always affordable but not now! I can wait as long as it takes!!
  10. Thanks for the info! I remember looking at the Bellway ones at Grange Park when they were being built in 2001 and they have gone up 100K too! They have to comedown!!
  11. We are in a Forces Married Quarter abroad at themoment and will not really be in a position to buy a house to live in for a few years so hopefully the prices will have come down as we can't afford one now!! 40% would be very nice!!
  12. Thanks for info. It makes you wonder where they can fit anymore Houses in. Builders have already created a massive estate on ground that was previously constantly pumped out and was boggy!! I was only in Portsmouth for work so will not be re-locating there but good news for anyone who is.
  13. We don't actually live there yet as we are currently living abroad due to work. We would like to live in the Wootton area but prices are a little outside our range!! We can wait a few years for the prices to get a bit more 'Normal'!! I have been keeping my eye on them on Right Move and there is definitly more for sale now.
  14. If it's not big belly's hanging over hipster jeans it is the top, or should I say half of a thong showing above the back of hipster jeans. Don't these people look in the mirror??
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