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  1. Being a newbie to this forum and having read through some of the posts I would like to add my bit, we have been visiting Cornwall for the past 14 years at various times of the year, we have met a lot of locals and incomers in that time and not met with or heard of any animosity what so ever. We have fallen for the county big time and would love to settle there one day, As for incomers you need a degree in eastern european languages working in shops or building sites up here, house prices went up across the country and advailability of low cost housing is just as bad if not worse in London Wages are the same being a site chippy in Hertfordshire as you would working on the CUC Penryn, maybe the white collar jobs are less well paid than London but I think they are about the same in the shires So Feb Up With Cornwall NO WAY race you to the Tamar So 'Fed Up With Cornwall' NO SIR
  2. I fancy the tower in Falmouth but there are no details on there site, I belive it only has two bedrooms but wotaview!
  3. Hi There Can anyone give me the heads up on the housing market in Falmouth/Penryn. We have been following the market on the net since last sept and have viewed about seven or eight properties to date All the agents say the local market place is buoyant and they have just sold lots but I feel that the prices are still coming down. jazzcat
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