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  1. i agree 100%. For local elections I always vote for the person; in my case it will be for an Independent candidate (currently in post !!)
  2. I'd be glad to get my bill. In early Feb had the card through the door for meter readings, filled in the details, left on door for collection. 4 weeks later, no bill, so phoned them up, bill is in post BUT with estimated readings. Well I flipped, not paying on an estimate when I filled in the card. Please send revised bill, well it'll be up to 10 days before I get said bill. They are a complete waste of effort.....waste of time and money paying an employee to go round to deliver the cards then collect them next day when they dont use the data :angry:
  3. I did consider going late night shopping last night, but the rain put me off. I'm guessing I'm not the only one to make such a decision.
  4. Tossers the lot of them. Always moving the goalposts.... May be better to avoid all pension schemes and do your own thing and always being in control of when you get the money. You cannot trust governments not to change the goalposts on a regular basis.
  5. I have one too, but it's not a problem cos there's one underneath where the excess water goes. So not really a problem so far. Long may it continue!!! I guess I'm more at risk from flooding from street drains cos they are all clagged with muck and hence flooding will occur....... Do councils ever clean out street drains?????
  6. No I do not deserve to be overcharged, but I choose NOT to pay by direct debit and hence have minimal control over what I am charged. I do not trust the energy firms with my bank details so they can take what they want from my account.
  7. I know I can save £100 by paying monthly by direct debit, but I choose not to do so. I prefer to pay quarterly for the gas/ electricity I have actually used, not some estimate of what I might have used.
  8. Certainly my kids always have the above available at all times, but one will always eat breakfast whilst the other does not. I guess it's about freedom of choice.
  9. I never ate breakfast as a kid and I still don't. I have 2 children, one of whom always has breakfast and the other who doesn't. I think it depends on your metabolism. I will only have a hot drink first thing and I may eat later in the morning, but not always before lunch time.
  10. I'm similar to Timak in that I try to ensure that there is between £500 to £1000 in my current account at month end. It helps to cover any unexpected bills.
  11. I think it will remain at 0.5% this month. However I think ultimately interest rates will rise.
  12. I recall a week in Switzerland by rail / coach in around 1973. No idea what it cost. All I remember is the revolting chocomilk on the European trains.
  13. Excellent program, but will (or should) the current government have the balls to go for such an apparent solution ie cut all taxes to 15%, and reduce the public sector workforce to 20% or below. I dont think so. However it might be the right solution in the long term. Currently they are just playng at it.
  14. personally a bottle and a straw are good for one night!! Only kidding..... well, maybe not ....after a rough day at work, anything goes !
  15. Good idea. Maybe if council tax was cut to say 20% of current rates, then councils could charge for all but essential services. If you want to swim you pay, use libraries then pay. Local areas would soon find out what services the local inhabitants want to pay for and use.(tho' hopefully they should already know which services are most used!). Even, dare I say it, charge households for bin services . If you don't like it, take your refuse to the local collection site (got to be cheaper than all these bin lorries doing very little in any given day).
  16. Many years ago I had a summer job in a factory. One day it was putting straps onto watches; the next day it was taking said straps off the watches. This happened on a regular basis throughout the summer. This was in the 1970s. All this shows is that nothing really changes.
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