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  1. I have just been over in Ireland recently where I lived in a little town called Portlaoise, County Laois for 3 years. We bought a 4 bedroom semi-detached property in March 2004 for €197,500 and noticed that the same property a few doors up from my old house which I sold April 2008 for €245,000 is now selling for offers at €175,000. At one point these houses were selling for approximately €285,000. My old neighbour said it has been up for sale for over 8 months and said the guy who is selling would take around the €165,000 a €80,000 drop in 2 years. Glad we sold when we did as at that price w
  2. Like everywhere the Isle of Man has been effected by the financial down turn. Although never actually went into recession we have seen redunancies in a few of the banks and some other companies. Property has remained steady although some flats have decreased in value a little mainly because to many built, but generally property has increased buy about 2-3% each year over the last 2 years. It has recently been anounced that Jensen cars will start production in the Isle of Man within the year after 30 years, hopefully they do well. I have noticed that properties are starting to sell a little
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    Hi everyone, I lived in the Isle of Man for 12 years and moved back in September 2007. My views on the property market since I moved over are things are still increasing although slower than it was years ago. I bought a house August 2008 and paid 312k, this house was sold to the person I bought it from for £275k in 2006 although they had spent arond 20k on improving the property. This week a house exactly the same as mine a few doors away has gone up for sale for 340k, I will be watching what it sells for but will imagine they will get around 325k. I also have a few wealthy clients who ha
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