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    Exactly, for example how much do you spend on miscellaneous going out consumables?
  2. lordjim

    My 2012 Accounts

    Your getting as bad as the man who used to stuff burgers down the communual toilet.
  3. lordjim

    My 2012 Accounts

    So how much do you spend on gadgets per month, Joe? Hardcore boozing is definitely getting expensive in the south west.
  4. Interesting. As a further point of interest Saudi has made the USA make payments in gold in the past: http://www.coinlink.com/News/gold-silver-bullion/unusual-items-us-mint-gold-disks-made-for-oil-payments-to-saudi-arabia/
  5. Pawnbrokers typically charge between 2% and 8% per month. So a £100 loan over a month would likely cost £8. Compare that with bank charges of £5 per day for use of an unauthorised overdraft and you can see why it is attractive if you need some cash quickly.
  6. Broadly correct - pawnbroking loans are valid for a minimum of six months and work in a similar way to a mortgage. A pledged item is used as security, this item remains the property of the person taking out the loan however the pledge is held by the pawnbroker as collateral. Interest is calculated on a monthly basis, and if the borrower has not repaid the debt and/or the outstanding interest at the end of the six month period then the item will be sold to recover the debt. Legally the pawnbroker must contact the owner prior to putting the item on sale and at any time until the item is sold the person can redeem the pledge by repaying the loan in full. Pawnbrokers will typically lend up to around half the current market value of the item pledged. One of the reasons that pawnbroking is proving popular is that it is often cheaper than the charges associated with use of an unauthorised overdraft and it is also significantly cheaper than the payday loans currently advertised on television.
  7. Worth noting that goldline (Baird and Co) won't pay cash to non VAT registered customers and unless the item is bullion then you may have to wait for the metal to be assayed before they send the cheque / bank transfer. This can take some time. I don't know about Hatton Garden Metals but many refiners have the same policy. Obviously in many parts of the country there may also be travel costs to consider.
  8. The gold will end up being refined and processed anyway before it is sold on. Most places pay around 60% to 70% tops - I don't know where you live but if you want to sell locally go to the independent stores because they will offer more than franchise jewellers / pawnbrokers. Whatever you do don't put it in the post. Postal firms tend to pay only between 10% to 40% of what it is worth. If you live near Bath then I'll buy if from you for 90% of spot price. You won't get a better price on the high street. Tel:01225461178
  9. Not true. Throughout history and right across the world there have been plenty of places that will sell you things in exchange for gold or silver. Particularly those shops with the 3 golden balls out front! It's just that in the UK we have had such a stable currency for such a long time that people have forgotten this - just remember that we only removed silver from our coins in 1947. History tells us that buying things with worthless paper and base metals is only a fairly recent phenomena.
  10. Indeed, the fools should have picked history over geography. Unfortunately too many young people don't have enough interest in the politics of their time, understand very little about the past and those that do show any interest only believe the mainstream propaganda. It's going to be a painful lesson for many. The people I feel really sorry for are the parents whose repeated bleating about 'getting on the ladder' are going to ruin both generations and maybe even the next. It's going to be very hard to deal with taking the blame for the entire family being bankrupt.
  11. Liquidity issues? Physically held gold is pretty much the most liquid asset you can own and there is someone in every town who will buy if from you these days. I'll buy it from you in cash today for 95% of spot price if you want to liquidate it. Can't get more liquid than that...
  12. High levels of employment. Low inflation. Strengthening of the pound. Pigs learning to fly. It is difficult for anyone to say exactly what might be happening in 10 years time but anyone who thinks that this so called 'recession' will be a short experience is entirely misguided. Right now, nature's own currency, is a lot safer than most....
  13. Any decent local coin or bullion dealer will buy them from you for a few percent below spot. I'm based in Bath and will pay cash - PM me if you are interested.
  14. Each to their own I suppose. I tried the Middle East but decided Europe is a far, far better place to be. Working hours are shorter here and there is there is so much more culture to indulge yourself with. Not to mention good beer, soft drugs, and uninhibited women.
  15. I play these games with estate agents whenever I have a little time on my hands - often with all seriousness - I make outrageous cash offers (usually <50% of asking price and always on two 3 bed properties on the same street/estate - which is what I want but only at the right price) and up until now the agent won't even approach the vendors with the offer. I suspect that they may start taking me seriously once their have passed the denial stage this summer.
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