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  1. A friend I know bought a city centre old traditional granite tenement flat in 2006 for £105k Hes telling me he got it recently valued last month at £150k Prices are at an all time high in (my opinion) Not saying that's a good thing!
  2. My experience is that its the staffys who have the safe job through family, with contractors doing the majority of the actual work............ Would take more than a 10% drop in contractors wages to have any effect on house prices, try maybe 40% drop then things might start dropping Last downturn in 2009 when offshore industry was quiet, hardly any change in flat / house prices in Aberdeen
  3. Can you send us a link to those Kepplestone flats for sale? Would be interested in seeing the difference
  4. 2 Bed Flats in 2006 that were going for £100k your now looking at paying ~£140k or so, big jump http://www-s.aspc.co.uk/cgi-bin/public/LiveProperty/306406?ID=FAPOJCBE#picture http://www-s.aspc.co.uk/cgi-bin/public/LiveProperty/306152?ID=FAPOJCBE#picture http://www-s.aspc.co.uk/cgi-bin/public/LiveProperty/303385?ID=FAPOJCBE#picture Cant see the valuations going below the £100k mark for any other reason other than oil price crashing down under $30 a barrell for a sustained period of time, and all oil companies / contractors cutting staff in a major way OR Interest rates get ramped up big time Cant see the oil price crashing so dramatically anytime soon I think the Goverment should have put the interest rates up a long time ago to calm things down a bit, its too far gone now though, any interest rate hike will devastate the country due to the majority of this country being mortgaged up to the eyeballs So dont know where this supposed crash is supposed to come from Educate me Cash in the Mattress? Youve been quiet these last few months you still sticking by the 100% definitely NOT going to be another Oil Boom thinking? or is that prediction now at 70%?
  5. And to to you cash in the mattress Get off the Prozac and get informed, go into any subsea construction companies office and ask how the next 5 years are looking Your the one in the dark, you've obviously no idea what is going on in this city with your last post, your depressive posts are laughable
  6. Nothing to do with Trolling I have as much right as you have to post on this "Discussion" forum But does my point of view not suit your negative agenda? Does every post need to be doom and gloom? You dont have any response to the queries I raised in last post no? hows waiting about for 10 years + for a house price crash that isnt going to come going for you?
  7. Whens this Aberdeen house price crash due then? Offshore construction market is going through the roof next 3 years minimum, All offshore companies are short staffed, rates / wages going though the roof also, followed by increase in Renewables work (Offshore wind farms planned UK Wide) and decommissioning work (UK / Norwegian sectors in North Sea) So how long do we need to wait till the doom mongers are going to have to admit that as unfair as it is, there isnt going to be a house price crash Your as well shutting down this website I first came on here about 2002 I think it was, put me off buying a flat till 2006, waited and waited and waited whilst watching House prices rise Wish i had never come on here as that delay cost me ~£40k in equity or so, now stuck in tiny flat paying mortgage instead of having an asset bought at a low price in say 2003 If you can afford a property buy it, no point putting your life on hold waiting for a crash that isnt going to come
  8. That kind of thinking is alot easier when you are sitting in your own house that your paying off, and not in some 1 bed flat costing you £700 a month rent Theyve been saying the North seas is dead sindce the early 90s Keep on repeating that sentiment, keep holding out for a house price crash, maybe in 25 years time that might happen, but those that have bought even at the top of the boom will have paid the mortgage off by then, had 25 years living in their own home and will have an asset, what will the renters have?
  9. The Companies will not just move away from Aberdeen for the sake of it either Why would the companies move out of Aberdeen when its the global centre of offshore engineering, and the majority of world class offshore Construction/Diving vessels are all managed from Aberdeen? BP opened their new £50m HQ in Aberdeen in the last few years, an investment like that isnt made lightly, all main oil companies have had a presence in aberdeen for the last 25 years, cant see that coming to an end anytime soon, why would it? Why unsettle a very settled workforce? when the North Sea oil/gas runs out the workforce shall continue working on overseas jobs, just as they are at present, major offshore construction jobs being managed from Aberdeen offices. All the infrastructure needs to be decommissioned from the North sea, easy 20 years of decommissioning work Before the decommissioning work kicks off in a major way, theres plenty of new finds thatll keep Aberdeen ticking over nicely: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-15255566 Not a word of shite, Aberdeen is booming, and its all down to the Oil
  10. Aberdeen Prices pretty stable due to offshore industry up here, busy place at the moment Saying that youd get a house for valuation price now, when 2 / 3 years ago youd need to offer 30% or so over the valuation
  11. Ok doom mongerer Point out the bits that are "shite"
  12. Aberdeens offshore industry is very buoyant, vast amount of new offshore contracts coming up over the next 5 years minimum, all companies crying out for employees, high earners in employment, as long as that remains cant see any reason why the property value in aberdeen would drop in a major way. When alot of people involved in the offshore (and onshore) side of the industry are earning well over £80k a year, city centre flats will not slump to below £60k Dont beleive the doom merchants, Aberdeen is the place to be, will be even busier once the Aberdeen bypass gets the go ahead and trump builds his golf course, place is Boomin min! Great days for Aberdeen, long may it continue If only theyd give Union street a sprucing up!
  13. Who said I dodge my taxes? who said I was a rigger? Im not an offshore rigger, just giving you an example of what can be done, I wouldnt grudge a rigger his tax back if hes out the country 7 months a year Your an engineer? in the oil industry, making more than £50k, what are you complaning about then, your in a good position. I take it on that high salary youve got a house up here? And if your on that salary So much for the not starting arguments, your response with personal insults shows you for your character, waste of time as I said previously, would rather a grown up debate without the usual dim and immature insults that fly around this board when someone comes on it with something positive to post, or just something different to the usual moaning. but fair enough if thats how you respond to posts. The city is going down the toilet?, very good, bet your good fun to go out for a pint with, Cheer up min Not trying to convince anyone anything, but if you think Aberdeen is going down the tubes try popping into a few cities South of here Anyway............ill leave you to moan in peace Apologies if my post caused any positive vibes about this place, back to depression
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