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  1. But if we both agree - it is a binding offer. The contract forms then.
  2. Can we draw up a valid contract that states this?
  3. So I can give ownership to you - and equally you can give ownership back to me a later date - without the object even moving?
  4. So the object doesn't need to physically move - we can just voice the transfer of ownership?
  5. What physically handing it over? How does that work with say a car?
  6. How do you transfer ownership of something you own? What's the observation?
  7. Jeez man can't you just give it a name and a fridge quota. :angry:
  8. How do you buy a bitcoin in person? What if the "coin" never enters the UK?
  9. Regardless of whom the offer is made to - the opportunity is shared equally between me and my mate - if he is in the know. You would expect a 50/50 split minimum. Fairness has nothing to do with it.
  10. Introducing water charges too for people not connected to the mains - but have their own wells, I believe.
  11. I wish I had the balls to post this in the main forum.
  12. I'm sure. But it means you don't have to hide behind the sofa when the door knocks.
  13. I'm confused. Where will guns be needed when the US stops making payments?
  14. I think chucking a US bankruptcy into the same basket as an Argentinian one is a bit weak.
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