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  1. Cold generally. My feelings are printing is nothing more than a administrative requirement, It means nothing until capital can find growth elsewhere in the world. What exactly does systemic bank insolvency mean? What are the real world physical realities that prevent you from trading? Cash flow? Don't they hold all the cash already?
  2. Opinions aside, what does the implication of "printing" money suggest empirically? What effects have we seen thus far?
  3. Surely, if you borrow $50 and are asked to pay back $10 installments the implication is that you the borrower understand you are not being asked to return the orignal $50 note? Unless of course you are meant to tear it up into 5 pieces? Something doesn't add up.
  4. Do you need me to rephrase the question?
  5. You havent answered the question.
  6. Very unlike Injin not to answer a question no matter how inane. He's usually a rapacious HPCer.
  7. Answer it and I might have another question. I might not. If they believe they have ownership post-mortem - can they prove the facts? Do they need the estate holder to signal his intended dispersal before his death to be able to do this? Apply your logic to the question. Yes / No.
  8. I havent said "yes" to anything. Do they need pre-death communication of the estates holders intentions for their beliefs of ownership to align with the facts? Yes / No?
  9. I spent today reconciling accruals. Over 30 Million on the receivables. A few million on the payables. Multiply that by a few thousand companies and you have some credit trade.
  10. Same question. You can choose to answer it or not. For a beneficiaries belief to be aligned with the facts of ownership - do they need pre-death communication from the estate holder as to his intentions?
  11. It's a simple question. Facts are facts. Beliefs are beliefs. Can these facts been known by the beneficiaries without being communicated to by the estate holder pre-death?
  12. Regardless of the outcomes after death, for the facts of ownership to be in no doubt by sentient beings - does the communication need to happen before death?
  13. To be under no illusion that their beliefs are aligned with the facts - does the estate holder have to communicate to the beneficiaries, whilst alive, his intended dispersal?
  14. Do people need to know the contents of the Will before the death?
  15. Applying your logic - are you saying he transferred ownership-now whilst alive - by writing a Will - with his Son as beneficiary?
  16. So if the ferrari dealship owner had a Will - the cars were actually owned by his Son during from the time the Will was written?
  17. But in this case I didn't. Can I transfer ownership post mortem with a Will?
  18. So If I own a ferrari dealship and drop dead - I still own all the cars - but people can claim them but never own them?
  19. If you die - do you still own what you made?
  20. So no material reality? Nothing to look at and weigh on a scale?
  21. There's no evidence of your facts.
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