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  1. Me too. Injins seems to think he is something other than a figment of his imagination. I wish he would provide some proof.
  2. I could be - but it was just a question. What is an individual as Injin purports it to be? What would you call it? Is not an individual just a collective of something more granular?
  3. What happens if you cut a body part off something. Which part is the individual or do we have two individuals? What happens if you sew it back on again?
  4. Personally, I think all cartoon characters should be nationalized.
  5. Jumping queues seems to be an national pastime for them.
  6. How many people died in Zimbabwe, Argentina, Iceland, Russia? 10%? 50%? 90%? How may of their banks currently offer card transactions?
  7. I remember doing some work on the HR system of a city council once. I thought Id check out the salaries that were being paid and it surprised me to find that one of the top-five paid people in the council was the Town Planner. If I remember correctly he was in third place. Once I got off the top grades of which there were few - the majority weren't paid huge amounts.
  8. A well oiled banking machine's purpose is to make cash irrelevant. I use cash very little myself too.
  9. I'm thought you didn't get to ask the question you submit - but someone elses?
  10. Central bank liabilities. Bank accounts at the central bank are reserved for banks, national governments and central bank employees. Corporates have "cash at bank" - their commercial bankers: credit. If corporates have "all the cash" - so do the banks they bank with.
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