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  1. All sorts of things... and nothing... Lots of rich people would get stung badly.... there would be a knock-on affect down to the pporest as, inevitably, the losses would be off-loaded down where possible... but lots of super rich would no longer be super rich....

    Pension firms would lose money... big time...

    I fear there could be, at best, some kind of global default agreement where people who wo money, including UK mortgage payees, have chunks of their debts written off...

    At worst, poverty, anger, riots, more Bin Ladens and possibly some kind of global war. The world would probably polarise in blocs...

    I think it would be war. A grab for resources under a feigned moral indignation from those who lost out. We have an 'order' and the dollar is the foundation of this.

    No dollar, no order.

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