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    Laughing at my own jokes.
  1. You jest. I was promised a revelation but was given a back of the fag packet calculation.
  2. Nothing. We are at page 2 and no one has posted anything slightly contentious. Not even MT's knob rings qualify. The less said about BPWs double counting the better.
  3. I'm glad you have perspective which seems to contradict your original poke.
  4. I think it would be war. A grab for resources under a feigned moral indignation from those who lost out. We have an 'order' and the dollar is the foundation of this. No dollar, no order.
  5. I always suspected you had giant underwear. I would have been circumspect but didnt fancy the walk.
  6. A common lament. That's a personally signed autograph btw. I wouldnt part with it for the all dollars in china.
  7. Thats an umbrella term. images google is too Swap the toothpaste for lube and it could be yourself in a g-suit.
  8. No, he'll be glad someone made the effort to get it to two pages. As for your porno links....do they come in gold? It would good for those who wish to mix business and pleasure.
  9. Trust you to bring it round g-somethings..... Youve got it on the brain.
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