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  1. what a joke, in what possible way are high house prices a good thing for a family who own one home!
  2. Hello, nice thread, I'm currently looking to move up to my second home, sick of waiting for them to come down, not so convinced it's going to happen now. Anyway, sold my house, so looking to start placing offers, most the houses I want are advertised around 250k but I can only really spend 220k so going to try and go in with some offers around that number and see what happens
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, Went and drove round today and got all the house numbers, the one I am intending to look at first is on the market at 140k and the current owner paid 103k in 2003 for it, it's been on since April and has had no price drops. Having played with my figures I can go up to 120k but no higher as if I go higher I will loose my 85% LTV which is imperative to get a lower rate! Though I'm tempted to wait, I have been waiting for the last 12 months and I don't think I can live at home much longer with my parents as I have just turned 25 and itching to get out, though I'm in no huge rush! I can't see a crash unless IR's go up and it's just not happening I'm going to ring the EA tomorrow to arrange a viewing.
  4. Hey, I have been on here for what seems like forever, and I am starting to think a big house price crash isn't coming. I saw a mortgage adviser last week, and with the deposit I have saved and my circumstances was able to get 'the green light' for a mortgage. With my deposit and the mortgage, the maximum I can spend is 115k - which is fine as I wouldn't want to commit myself to a mortgage I couldn’t afford anyway! I work in Hull and this is plenty to buy a house around here. I know the area I want to be in (perfect for work/decent area) however, for the sort of house I'm after the asking price is more like 140k, there's actually 6 near identical houses for sale within a few streets, but every single one is priced at 139 or 140k Would it be unreasonable to offer them all 115k and see if any of them accepted? Or is this being unrealistic? According to property bee some of these houses have been for sale at this price since last October and haven't dropped the price at all.
  5. I worked for DSG as a student - about 6 years ago the management had no idea and although we were there to sell technology, 90% of the staff had no idea what they were doing, and no training was ever provided, except for how to sell extended warranties of course! I was one of the few people who actually knew what they were talking about, there were good people there but most were idiots! Wasn't a bad job mind for a student but I'm certainly not surprised they're struggling the writing has been on the wall since I was there!
  6. I agree entirely, so many of my friends have no idea, they seem to think money grows on trees and that the public sector is somehow funded by magic. They have no idea how much tax they pay and no idea how much tax the 'rich' pay and how much debt the country is in, and what this means to us..... it's frustrating.
  7. As much of a dump as Hull is, I'm glad I don't live down South, you can buy this for just over the average house price in the UK; http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28687577.html?premiumA=true Not brilliant but looks incredible compared to some of the things posted on this thread!
  8. Yup, whenever we advertise for someone in our office, we get a lot of graduates applying. However they never even get an interview because you know they're not going to stick it, and even if they do it's not where they want to be! I feel sorry for them, but you've got to remember a lot of these 20% who are unemployed are the ones that didn't get the grades, I'd be interested to know what % of graduates are working low paid jobs.
  9. I have been at work all week, been driving me mad how others sit right up my **** even though i'm just following the car infront at the same speed, some real idiots out there on the roads! Then when i'm at work there's not a lot to do as barely any of our customers are working, so we've been asking not to come in tomorrow and make up the hours over the coming weeks once the snows gone
  10. I am following Hull quite closely indeed at the moment, It must be said I feel that Hull is very overvalued right now, the area has high unemployment, and to be frank, most of the youth are useless and earning pennies if they're even in a job. I don't understand how the current prices are being sustained. I think it's one to watch and I am expecting further falls in Hull . . . Kingswood is extremely cheap, but that's partly due to it's new build nature, partly due to it's location in terms of being ages from the a63, and partly next to being on the doorstep of the beautiful bransholme . . oh and then there was the great floods? but i cannot see them happening again?
  11. As a small business we would welcome this, we always pay all our bills on time via BACS yet have huge trouble getting money in from customers with accounts who always use the "the cheques in the post excuse" Surely the elderly could just pay with a debit card?
  12. Just summarises the whole mess the country is in nicely really doesn't it, a "working class" house in a dodgey area more than 10 times average income. I can never understand why anyone would want to live in London, I'm from York, and have never visited London since i was 2 (parents lived there), im now 23 and whenever anyone brings up visiting i always avoid it! It just seems to be a crime riddled, over priced place with terrible transport, tax tax tax, and a sardine lifestyle.
  13. I don't understand how employers could facebook job applicants when you can't view peoples profiles who aren't your friend or in your network, which surely they wouldn't be? I know it's something we have never done or been able to do, at best you will find a profile picture and what network they're in! Even if we did, would looking at someone facebook page, and finding some drunk pictures of them with a traffic cone on their head put us off them? Always seems to be media hysteria to me. Same applies for personal details, phone no's ect I'm in no "network" so the only people who can view my profile are the people I have accepted as a friend and those people are welcome to my personal details, if I didnt want them to have them, they woudn't be my friend on there. Again why's it matter, if it's open to everyone, I joined early days when you had to be at a university to join, and it's much better now, its open, you only interact with the people you want to have as your friends. I don't get this whole anti facebook attitude, it's a great tool to keep in touch with friends, and to find out the latest news about them. I often joke its a gossip mag of your mates
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