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  1. I don't think the poor have pension pots. Do they? I think they don't even have a p*ss pot as tradition has it
  2. I've got a better idea for Clegg: Video your bigoted dad having a rant over someone , put it on the internet, collect the $100.000 bounty from a ********* government member, when you hand him over, and put it as a deposit on Barret house in the west country Edited in fear of upsetting some one
  3. Whose 'pot' will orphans use? Both my parents are dead and they haven't got a pot only a plot.
  4. If he was busy measuring the circumference of the earth a couple of hundred years before Christ, then he didn't have cardinals and evangelicals and wouldn't be expecting an inquisition
  5. How can anyone be surprised at these figures, when the right have so much free publicity from most of the press and a frightened BBC giving free publicity. There is one thing to be grateful for I suppose is that is even with this the Tories can't muster a working majority on their own without its "frightened of it's own shadow cabinet" led by the morally filleted Nick Clegg. They are lagging ten points behind in the polls. Of course another problem for them is. When all the dirty work is done in this term. What role is there for them when they have appeased the Daily Mail mentality? No It's not all thatcher fault it's is those that worshiped her
  6. Boris Johnson couldn't be "Boris Johnson" if he were prime minister. His popularity is based on the fact that he is a maverick and anti government. The men in grey suits will probably insist that he gets his haircut first.
  7. Nothing the Tories have deregulated yet have helped us. Banks, lending, Railways, Mortgages, When you have practically killed off industry and transferred it to the third world then regulation don't amount to a hill of beans,anyway
  8. I think this is just another toy to pleasure the Daily Mail readers. I believe most of this health and safety nonsense is a result of industry lobbying such as insurance companies and trade and professional institutions. For what purpose? to create conditions where they cannot be sued or pay compensation. The Governments line is on this issue there are too many compensation claims in our culture so we'll legislate against Health and Safety. Good luck to anyone who gets food poisoning or their hand finishing up on the factory floor. I think the Tory party now a just contrary. this is a female sheep suddenly changing direction by 180 degree another embarrassing record Tory Ewe turn.
  9. Looks like he got the inspiration from the dustbins outside. Yes upset blacked out neighbours will be punching each others ancient lights out.
  10. I meant the rhetoric more than the politics. If cuts is the the sole answer for reducing deficit then I must agree, not knowing much about economics. . A liberal perspective of interest rate rise, tax increase, and return to consensus politics may also be solution.
  11. If they read some of you lot on here they may be justified in that
  12. Blimey, are you mean bastards for real on Here?
  13. He and his Party claimed that they could sort it at the last election, and this party has winged longer than any other in living memory about their predecessor. Perhaps the few were cheering the Brown because of his disability which some of you take the p*ss or even for keeping us out the Euro. The only success the government has had for me is proving they are not fit to govern as I predicted two Mays ago. In fact they can't even do it with the help of the another party. So we have three incompetent political parties who help make us the laughing stock of the world. And what hope is there for us? A reshuffle of sh*te with a prospect of "just don't get it Right"
  14. Welcome to the forum, there's always room for another pensioner basher on here, being one myself -a pensioner that is -but I don't own a smelly two bed bungalow or planning a world cruise on your hard earned savings. In fact I'm in the same position as you. Would you be able to explain to me where I went wrong as I don't fit your stereotype? Maybe I should move to somewhere like Florida, but I'd always be wary I'd bump into Bigfoot in Yosemite or something
  15. Lancing, Shoreham roundabout east side. Don't know latest asking price.
  16. They can start with the Pavilion in Brighton. I suppose the Coalition Government is going to pillage all the can before they are voted out with a vengeance.
  17. I watched BBC news today about the balcony appearance of Julian Assage. They only showed the parts where he critised the Americans. No mention of any naked scalps or his pathetic attempts at sending police officers on a failed mission at the rear of the Ecuador embassy. I think he should be grateful the so called balanced BBC is scared stiff of the Conservatives. All other news sources showed the absent, or omitted or censored portion of this report.
  18. Someone's got to tell him, he can't see it for himself even if it has to be a lightweight. There is just one thing wrong with Tory policies... No *****er likes them
  19. Have yo got a 60inch plasma television? You seem to be one of the few on here that can see the "bigger picture"
  20. It was Thatcher/Major Government policies that made a friend of mine ever to vote Conservative again. He was always banging on about how owning ones own house was the most secure of investment. When negative equity first manifest in housing finance under a Tory Government. He went apes**t. And would Thatcher have let the economy develop as it has in recent times. I think definitely " No. she would have let interest rates rise and raised taxes not of course income tax but indirect taxation that would effect mainly the plebs.
  21. This is not Cameron offering Boris Corby. Is it?
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