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  1. My view for what it’s worth The problem I see concerning the locals reaction to second home buying which is manifesting itself as vandalism is the fact that the whole concept of rich people buying homes from under the feet of the indigenous population is positively immoral. It goes beyond the boundaries of a decent persons sense of fair play. This sense of decency, spans across the spectrum from the most poor to the most rich. It brings out all sorts of expressions of anger when these principles are violated . I even saw Anne Robinson berate one of her contestants on her show for doing such a thing. When I was on a social science course we were told to look at the concept of one man’s vandalisms may be another mans work of art, hence the mad car scratcher in the news recently. Some may think that gutting a Victorian house and filling it with Ikea products is vandalism. When vandalism takes its form as it is mentioned on this thread, it moves from being mere public disorder and wilful damage offence to another level social unrest. This usually occurs when the powerless feel that they are not being heard, hence the act of vandalism The Boston Tea Party at the start of the American War Of Independence. The victims and supporters of the victims can see no justification for somebody well off, successful professionals or the winners of scams taking away from people who have little or nothing it looks like nothing but selfish greed. Unless this government recognises the problems that some of us out there are feeling ignored and outside the system, then they should expect more of this sort of protest. New Forrest District Council did have a policy to protect it’s local community. I don’t know if this was successful or not. Maybe some who lives in the area can enlighten us.
  2. Thanks Mutley for your kind reply very helpful. Same to Mushroom I don’t know what the other two posters meant. I think they’re referring to an issue of ethnicity if so, like to hear more.
  3. I’m a newbie Is there anybody out there on this site who’s not a foul mouth Tory Anyone out there who doesn’t claim to have been labour all their life and is fed up with this lot, or ‘turn the light out’ sitting emigrants who are appear at election time and are still here when the next one comes round. Someone who can come up with intelligent debate and offer alternative perspective without the negative rantings of the like of sore losers. Apart from off topic I thought this was a single issue site that stuck to the point of house prices crashing to make them affordable for every working person. Am I mistaken to think that we are a communion in the mutual interest of having a fairer system of buying and selling, renting and letting. All the years I’ve been on this planet I’ve never known any government that’s been interested in the plight of those on the margin. Imo, you cannot beat the system you can only mess it about. I think it is all about survival, getting in there and seeing what the situation can do for you. That excellent thread from TTRTR asking what we have done too get ahead. Irrespective of the micro- economics. Provoking us into anger at his style, enabling us explore his perspective, to love or hate it. Him, poking our mindset with a stick, to get us thinking or fighting, at the same time invoking our responses, and getting a great number of replies. The person who suggested the FTB strike. Good shout! If I want to eff and blind at Labour or the Tories I’d go on a site dedicated to that and find comfort there. I hope we carry on positively to help each other, to give our advice and experience for the benefit of all. Relate Estate Agent anecdotes, or even in our anoraks telling each other how many For Sale boards we’ve seen go up this week. Surely this is better than whistling in the wind and raging on how things should be or how I would like to see it, if so and so Government got in.
  4. Blessing in disguise, more housing inflation, bigger the bubble, bigger the bang. It only takes one ***** to do it. Bit of luck we may have found him.
  5. Yes Gruffyd They could use you. You’ve got a wonderful turn of phrase
  6. TTRTR Why are you still in the schoolyard . I thought you had a revelation about it and wasn’t going to be around much. Your still playing the games
  7. I don’t see any top dollar ftbs or Russians not even dressed in Black Molotov overcoats and fur hats coming around my estate. It’s usually btls who if they can’t get the property way less than the market value they sidle off
  8. Typical Daily Mail! Ordinary workers have always been out of reach of owning their own houses, unless they worked all the hours God made, moonlighted about three jobs. sacrificed the benefits of modern living such as holidays, eating out and putting up with a crap car or none. When it comes to enjoying the fruits of their labour they drop dead. And that’s been under every Government I’ve known. What is an ordinary worker? If you mean the poor p***ts I’ve described above yes, but now even the middle class and professionals are beggining to have some.
  9. Not only do I get surveyors on my estate, but I also have electricians. One in particular has premises, has insurance, completes paperwork, makes reports, has a typist, had academic training, and pays £15 for a steak and veg without complaining. Not only can he be sued, but prosecuted for manslaughter under the The Electricity at Work Regulation 1989 He installs a new socket and all this for £40.
  10. A first post Can anyone tell me what a property surveyor does for his fee? I am an estate caretaker at a complex of 80 flats and with leases changing hands mainly to Btls. I see a lot of expensive lurking about by men with clipboards. Some even approach me to ask about the structure and history of the buildings. They don’t seem to be around much longer than ten minutes, and I understand they charge a lot of money. If so why are the never on Watchdog or one of those tradesmen exposé programmes. Regards to you all.
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