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  1. Dear SOTT Bulls have excessive compulsive disorder. Bears have Over vigilance syndrome
  2. When I was a kid I like many of my peers used to collect car registration numbers what the final object of this most trivial pursuit was I don’t know even today. Now in my second childhood I’ve found a new crusade hopefully, not as pointless. I am now rather unhealthy into Estate Agent board watching. In my anorak, I and fellow twitchers have noticed in the Hove, Sussex area, in the last few months, a measurable pattern arising. First there is a cluster of For sale boards, shortly after Sold boards the shortly after that To Let boards, then it stays like that for some time. Can anyone tell me what this is the Sign of.
  3. Dear Dog Unlike yesterday I agree with every thing you say in the post opening this thread(and I didn’t need a friend). If found during the early nineties crash the final panic came IMHO when the `have to move to change jobs and careers’ beneficiaries legacy properties that had to be sold and poorly placed investors and owners had to foreclose. At this time on my estate 2 bed flats dropped from 81k down to 45k. As an ftb I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that now.
  4. So I need a friend do I? `Lucky' you don't need one isn't it, or is that too subtle for you. Maybe I'm not an economics geek, or the brightest star in the sky, I'm just going to be an ordinary referendum voter who you’re going to have to rely on to get what you want, so it might be a good idea then to come up with a more discernable argument that we can all understand. Come on mate, Sort it out
  5. Why do you imply it’s a Marxist Leninist issue? I thought that was dead in the water now. It’s not just a question political correctness, the choice of words is down to credibility. My statement, Come on you lot Sort it out is a street expression, without much intellectual content to it admittedly , but implies a lot. I was hoping someone might recognise the irony of it.
  6. So the likes of Ken Clark are Soviets in a pram are they? I’ll remember that next election. With words like Frog in your rhetoric no wonder the Tories can’t get more votes than Mad Michael Foot did in the Nineteen eighties. “Come on you lot Sort it out”
  7. Dear Mushroom I am not ever going to make another post to this sight without first giving you at least a reasonable reply to your question and explain what my thoughts are. I think my last post was of very poor quality. Firstly I’d like to say that the monkey experiment is a clever and well thought out device. My doubts are in the monkey experiment, is that monkeys have a different social organisation than human beings. Monkeys prefer to live in small communities such as those in the cage. Humans can live in either in pairs or family groups or in lager communes or an organised society. The next point in question is (I don’t know if this is a real experiment) would the first monkey be have as it did in real life and go up the stair case despite the wet spray. Some brave humans might although the majority wouldn’t. Would the gang of monkeys prevent the next going on the ladder, this sounds a human altruistic reaction, in animals this emotion is barley noticeable. From this point I am satisfied with the outcome of the experiment. This was my point about comparing like with like. Otherwise I do agree with the sentiment of the experiment. I am no expert in developmental Psychology and to be fair this is only MO. The line you quoted with the grammar mistake, I just made a simplistic assertion(which is unfortunate a habit of mine) `Us B----- would react differently as we may send one human up for the banana however much sprayed and watch to see how this poor fellow fairs, until we’ve worked out a solution. I do respect this analogy and those who may use it to illustrate their case. I hope this is an acceptable reply Best regards Bob.
  8. Dear Mushroom Can’t come up with too many examples, to hot here now, I think the governments beginning to deliver on this heat wave they promised us. I did forget the herd instinct, even though we are supposed to be hunter gatherers. Media, spin and misinformation are forms conditioning. In the monkey example I couldn’t tell the control group from the dependant and independent variables. But that’s probably why they wouldn’t let me do more than walk the dogs Best regards Foxy
  9. Second thoughts, Mushroom I see your point. I've also noticed there's a double negative in that sentance of mine you qouted. Any way I know a lot about this subject. I was a psycholist's assistant. I used to take Pavlov' dogs for a S**t Foxy
  10. Seriously, I don't think you can't use animal kingdom behaviourist or operent conditioning thoeries to apply to us B-------ts. If so our mouths would water every time the doorbell rang. For VI to influence or lives it takes anylitical thinking and that facilty is strongest in the human race. you have to compare like with like for a reliable dolution Foxy again "nothing er personal about silly sister remark guys"
  11. What's she like your sister? I don't follow this What if the the Simians want to rent? and anyway we'ver got a hosepipe ban down this way Foxy
  12. Napoleon called the English a ”Nation of Shopkeepers” Now we’re a nation of Estate and Letting Agents. An economy driven by loan and credit. equity on homes My rant is believing were homeowners when really were not. The mortgage companies own them
  13. hello Slate14 Foxy `ere I'm old enough to remember. Nurse lives in Cupboard, doctor lives in wardrobe, consultant lives in Hoover bag. A funished flat came complete with Health Service professionals
  14. Governments have survived housing crashes in the past, the Tories have survived. How many crashes in living memory? err 2. Yes the Tories survived both of them. To be fair House prices were stable. quite affordable and a good investment under Mcmillan, Wilson, Heath, Wison, Calaghan. Pre Thatcher Micro ecos were good. Macro ecos we bad. Post Thatcher its has been the other way round IMHO of course
  15. You've just confirmed what I suspected. All the parties prioritise(if thats how you spell it) VI, not a perfect world is it? As I've said on previous posts "Yer can't beat the System mate, only mess it about"
  16. But where was Tolorence, Realworlderence and Moral panicerence
  17. If one day you were sitting on the computer surfing HPC and there was a ring on the bell, you answered it. Standing there was a legal exec and he asked Hello are you Mr. Bear? You said yes , and he said "You know that old aunt you have, the one you haven't even bothered to go and visit ever since the day you was born, and you said yes. Then he says "Well she's left you her three bed terraced house in Surrey". Would You Let it or Sell it?
  18. Getting back to what happened in the nineties Sorry guys to sound ignorant, but the punters in those days were not into the language of the stock market Bulls and Bears etc. Nor did we have the befit of the internet, forums, the advice from professional or barrack room micro economist. The ordinary punter out there then was not into pundit’s gobbledegook. They acted on gut feelings like animals that sense an earthquake coming. If the economic `science’ could have predicted a crash it wouldn’t have come or have been prevented. They just get a sniff of the air and run.
  19. Well I think I’m old enough to remember the South Sea bubble, but if I recall The early nineties crash, You didn’t see it coming, it just hits you.. There were not many BTL’s to take up the slack then when prices lowered and became affordable. IMHO I think what broke the back was when those who had to sell to move and change jobs were hit, also beneficiaries of legacy properties who had to sell. They had to take what was offered. There were many angry Neg eqs around not knowing who to blame except themselves. On my estate 2 bed flats with garage dropped from 93k to 45k max/min. It seemed the limit was reached. Home buying just seemed to go out of fashion. Same sort thing went on prior to that as it does now. The sight of pushy wives in flip-flops buzzing around in B&Q with some poor pr**t of a husband with a fixed grin following dutifully behind with a trolley full of wallpaper.
  20. Dear Slater14 Foxy here I had a conversation with my wife this morning. She was a housing officer for our council (private sector section) during the mid 90’s. As she’s never been on HPC, the conversation went like this. Me.. I was talking to Slater14 in he middle of night last night. Her.. Who’s Slater14? Me.. You know Slater14, always arguing with TTRTR. Her.. Who’s TTRTR? Me.. Time To Raise The Rents. Her.. Who would be daft enough to call themselves Time To Raise The Rents, are they hoping to die or something? Me. No it’s not like that, he’s an Ausie who’d rent out his Hoover bag if he could. Her.. Ohh that’s alright then. Me. Anyway Slater14 was saying, If we wanted more security when we rent we could ask for a longer contract. Her.. Ohhhhh yes. Me.. That’s great init. Her. Ask Slater14 how many of his tenants are on a longer contract. Me.. He seems to know the law aright. Her. Yes they know the law alright Me. You’re sounding a bit cynical. Her. Well, what landlord is going to compromise their rights by doing that? If it was any use to them they could offer it for a year, and that’s if they were going to leave the country for that period of time. Then they might not do it, because the would have to pay someone to manage it for them, that’s extra cost. Anyway the AST is the worse legislation that ever came out. It is one of the only contracts that does not have to be in writing. The only reason a landlord offers you a toilet role is so he can make sure that clauses in it are to his advantage. All the time I worked at the town hall I never once had a inquiry about longer contracts, because they’re so bloody rare. So bloody rare in fact there’s not even a reference to the in the index of Manual Of Housing Law Andrew Arden Coroline Hunter Sixth Edition Sweet and Maxwell the housing officers bible. How about it Slater14 Is she right? Or is she giving me bull.. Liked you reply on my holiday thread though
  21. Thanks for your reply to my rant Slater14 and thanks for shortening my handle to Foxy I was looking for one. I work for a property management company and I respect that there are good landlords, we have some on our books. I even do work for one at `mate rate’ even though on paper he’s a millionaire(unusual for me) I only do this because he is good to his tenants above and beyond. My point is however much a landlord carries out his duty of care to his tenants this cannot in my view be as good or secure as owning ones own home. I listed the disadvantages of renting because these issues does not apply to a home owner. I understand from your postings and your engagements with TTRTR fighting like a pair of dinosaurs in Jurassic park when every one else buggers off from the thread leaving you two to it, that you are a professional landlord. I find they are the best kind. Those with single properties on their books are the worst, they seem too tight or can’t afford to service their commitment. Best regards Foxy
  22. It looks like that heatwave summer the government promised isn’t going to come. So is it time for everyone to get out the credit cards and shoot off to Mexico
  23. Most British people have always preferred the relative security of owning their own home. They do not whatever the circumstances be priced out of the market by others with the same mentality as those paying fortune for daft Frog ringtunes. If they are like me, they don’t want to be kicked out into the street at another’s whim or financial mismanagement. They don’t want creepy inspections, people checking shoe sizes in their cupboards in case they have lodgers, or telling them they can’t have a pet. The don’t want assured short holds , because secure tenancies were discontinued under Thatcher. The balance of renting rights totally in favour the landlord.
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