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  1. Mention Conservative government, Laurejon when you criticize Care in the Community. Have you had a look on Which Poster thread yet, there’s somebody there who’d like to meet you….Not Maggie Thatcher I’m afraid she said you were too right wing
  2. Which poster would you most like to have a one to one on RichM’s eyeball meet My choice is Laurejon. I would like to play Monopoly with him He’s my favourite poster and it would give me a chance to have some good old John Major Style `friendly badinage.’
  3. No wonder tenants hate renting and landlords if they think everyone who is poor spend their money on drink rather than pay the rent. I don’t think It’s a very good move to not pay directly, it does protect those who are in the unfortunate position to have a gambler or alcoholic as head of the family. It may be interesting to hear, that my wife as a Private Sector Housing officer had more reports of trashings from landlords who had middle class students or professionals than the usual yobbo. One reason for the former is that they seem to know the value of money and beacuase landlords are mythically hated, the justification “Why should that B****** have it .
  4. Against all my principles I voted, because I never been able to get on the ladder before and I don’t want nothing else to go wrong. Then I’ll turn into a Michael Howard supporter and pull the ladder up behind me.
  5. there are two interesting graphs in an article on page three of the FT tday can anyone get them onscreen
  6. There was a real housing shortage after the second world war, houses were bomb damaged homeless families roamed the streets. The government came up with the idea of prefabricated houses, but through all that despair there seamed to be no inflated prices of the few house that were available, as usual it was the poor to suffer most, the one who fought for the country and democracy. Please correct me if I am wrong
  7. I thought it was A bird in the outback was worth two in the Bush
  8. I remember the little blue bags too Charlie the twisted ones course, and a three bedroom house at three and a half grand. Dad only earned £4 ..10 shillings a week. He was asked to buy the house he rented for 50 Quid. He didn’t buy though he thought he was getting done. He wont be coming to RichM’s do he’s dead.
  9. Housing benefit in our area is limited to a fixed amount, say £80 pw the client making up the shortfall with the money from their pension or other income. Two bedroom flats or houses would be beyond their reach, so rents would have to come down to attract that market. I don’t say that this is an answer to your very intriguing question, I only hope it contributes to this enigma
  10. I think the packs will have a use by time of six months, any greater period it is assumed that sellers in that time could be in a position that another party could have a claim on the property it , such as seller getting divorced or a nuisance neighbour moving next door all such details have to be declared. Wife member of Ilex housing law her spec, heard her talking about it, not sure of facts, can’t ask her now she’s gone to bed Great aint it
  11. So if you can't beat 'em RichM, Marry `em
  12. Is that a title deed you have there or are you just pleased to see me
  13. Wasn't this gov' L it was under Thatcher I beleive. AST was introduced to help evict long standing tenants not just for not paying their rent, but to unload them for property redevelopment. My next door block got rid of all their AST a few ST are left, tarted them up sold them for four times what they were worth to unsuspecting Londoners who weren’t around when the graffiti was being hidden by cladding. We had a storm last year which blew the cladding off and underneath was exposed all the old c**p and they’re all up in arms now baying for blood.
  14. Hope your Mrs is not reading this thread Laurejon. I personally am doing my best to get my wife a freehold so she feels secure on the principle “ She helps get me out the s**t and I’ll do the same for her.” I have the benefit of that she understands the housing market situation and like me she is hoping for the catastrophe, I am not happy that some are going to be unfortunate and suffer losses and disruption if this comes about, but it’s about time we had a kick at the ball( not referring to you L) and I believe that most people on this site need a home for the sake of somewhere to live rather than to supplement their pension if they live long enough to enjoy it. Dr Bubb if I’m right describes buying a home a struggle, he’s right, and it always has been for some, But in the past we were not fighting on more than one front ie speculators and profiteers. It made people proud to own their own home it was probably their only achievement in life. Then for some this pride became snobbery, and we are now left with a legacy of conflict and confusion on a simple matter of choice between renting or buying. The eighties saw the introduction of Assured shorthold tenancies and the end of secure tenancies, which with respect to Slater14 is well weighted in favour of the landlord. Can’t blame Mrs Starcrossed panicking for a place even when prices are this stupid. Do sympathize with Mr Starcrossed he wants to do what’s best.
  15. Until the head of the family dies and there is a will. (not so stable family)
  16. Good for you Twinkle. I hope you don't think I'm a testy. I was only answering in the context of the question. If you've got the ummph to beat the system, take control
  17. Dear ST I think you wife has a good bloke in you. You are very responsible to be able to detect and discus problems that may endanger you future happiness. As I said in my last reply in I am having the same probs as you. She has security problems about home. I have the added disadvantage that she was a homeless advisor for Brighton Council and knows all the pitfalls of renting, and ownership. If you fall on hard times the system helps renters, and there is no provision to protect you from the small print of the mortgage lender. She also tells me that any ordinary person in this country can find themselves homeless. Mental health and marriage break-up to mention only two. IMO (Here it comes) Security is within the person, no matter of bricks and mortar. The world is your home. “You have learn to live as the Blackbird lives.” I think Mrs Starcrossed has all the security she needs in your relationship, and I think she knows that Best Regards Bob.
  18. And goodnight to her Consa, but did she make any comments about Artex?
  19. Dear StarC My wife has issues about buying our own home, unfortunately we can’t buy outright, not until at least prices fall to sensible level. There is an enormous pressure to go ahead come what may, but IMO if you control the finances you have to assert yourself to the end, take the risk of upsetting the lass, never settle for the quiet life. The next step could be a bigger and better place ad infinitum. Don’t take her on holiday or you might still get it trapped in an airliner seat for 10 hours without escape on the way back. How about going along with it in principle, but raise the sights on something beyond your price range and maybe she’ll agree to hang on, and in the meantime the target home will drop to its true value. Then you will both be happy. There again I might be talking rubbish in which case can you advise me on what to do. Good luck Best regards Foxy
  20. From an article for Artex giving advice on how to smooth a patterned Artex ceiling that you’ve been sick of for years. Appearing in the Professional Builder May 2005 magazine, a freebee from building suppliers. “Smooth Talking” “Life couldn’t be better for the builders right now. The economy is flush the housing market is solid and interior decorating is a national hobby. Artex offers advice on how to capitalise this trend.” Have you any advice for them?
  21. You would have thought Newton would have heeded his own forth rule of gravitation "Wot goes up, Must come down" m = fa mismanagement = F*** All
  22. Dear Slater14 Although, I know what you mean really, about hoping to see “House Prices Crash” in the headlines, well I have, if you remember the Daily Express a year or so ago. Yes your example you wrote above makes interesting reading, and probably could be a true of the representation of the sequence of events prior to the expected oncoming catastrophe. My post was to determine whether these scenarios, and there are many like them, will ever come to fruition at least in the year 2005 or foreseeable future. I know for me they sound very optimistic, but I don’t want to believe in something just because it sounds good. I believe there will be the catastrophe, but I couldn’t place an actual month or season to it. In fact I can’t help feeling that it may never happen, because there are factors and imponderables that were not present in the previous two crashes. Especially, when tonight when there was a ring on my bell, and at the door was a leaseholder holding not only his lease, but a recently born Staffordshire terrier puppy. He asked me “Am I allowed to keep a dog on this estate?” I said `umm ``err’. Before I had time to think he said “ Anyway I’m going in a month, sold my flat,. Some bloke has bought it to rent it out to a business man.” Well it turns out this `bloke’ paid about seven grand over the price of an exactly the same flat opposite that had the addition of a garage, and about ten grand more than other identical flats on the estate. These dopes are still walking about tipping money down the drain. It makes me think of HG Wells War of the Worlds “And still they came” The leaseholder seems not the only one to be sold a pup. There is so much talent on this forum, LOL with all these believable Tarot cards
  23. After reading the economic arguments and the various postings on HPC, I am still unable to discern, whether or when the crash is going to happen. Has anyone consulted the Tarot cards with these questions? If so what did they Say?
  24. Yes Muttley It was a great reply, I shall cary on twitching regardless LOL Foxy
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