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  1. I see your point Zorn, but I don’t know about using averages as data. We are told that average income is £25,000 pa, and the average council house rent is £80 pw. That is about 20% of income, but it’s not like that in real terms. I don’t understand capital repayment being savings. Although, I do consider my savings, as a large deposit going toward capital repayment.
  2. I think I should have titled the thread "Are we the only p***ts?
  3. Is there a civilised, democratic, western style, modern society or nation that does not cost 80% its inhabitants one third to a half of their income just to live in a house? Of course the figures stated are general, but my question is genuine and relevant to the forum.
  4. More votes please. You can only blame yourselves if Vicky Pollard wins.
  5. I don’t think they buy the Daily Mail up North. Even so the figures look better than I thought
  6. One block in our area got so fed up with the landlord’s threats of building penthouses, on top of their lovely flats, they bought the freehold. Got themselves into financial mess, then built themselves.
  7. Not being an economist, bean counter, nor number crunchier, I still think I like to do my little bit for HCP in my observations of For Sale signs springing up in my area. I take the same weekly journey and find that they are increasing all the time. I have been told by some of you that this is only provides weak evidence because this sort of research comes under statistics model as `anecdotal.’ But surely, It’s still a sample of what’s happing on the ground. I work for a National estate agent, so why don’t I ring one of the negotiators up sales and simply ask. That’s no so much fun, but I will when I see one of them and let you know. My Question is Do the general public really have to put these properties on the market because they have reasons to sell or is there a subculture out there that believe there’s going to be a crash and jumping ship. Or is there movement because there is the odd bargain around by comparison of past recent prices.
  8. Judy- I’ve got some marvellous house buying and financial advice Maggie- Wonderful. Judy- Hold on to your house for another year, you’ll get twice the price Maggie- Excellent Judy-. Rush out and get a Buy To Let Maggie- Yes, Will Do Judy- Can’t Lose Maggie- Who gave you that Idea? Judy- The Australian TTRTR Maggie SPEW SPEW SPEW
  9. NO COAB. I think most people have now considered credit as the main terms of exchange, which in the past, used to be barter, used to be cash. There are still advertisements on the box and in the press urging us to take loans as if nothing can go amiss. I think it’s only when sources dry up that a pinch will be felt, unemployment, interest rates rise, bailiff knocking on the door, for instance. In the meantime given a lousy British summer the plastic will be out again. Christmas too. I don’t think spending will go out of fashion as is buying houses doing them up, and flogging them on. The falling in sales such as B&Q reflects this, but look out for other data from the holiday industry and entertainment. I hope I have not missed the point of your question which has been a bad habit of me of late.
  10. Stupid BBC have got it wrong again.... It's 100% of Daily Mail readers come from other planets
  11. It’s the points system that leads to young single mums to go to the top of the list. If it was different then getting pregnant would not be an option for the purpose of raising the number of points. If the guy is single who want’s to buy him mums flat and sells it to get back on the list, he would have no points and never be able to get to the top of the list again because of pregnant girls at the top. He would be `Intentionally Homeless’ and be lucky if he got a dirty old bedsit or a flat in a `no go area.’ So don’t take that advice. The only way foreword is to buy private, go to church on Sunday and at the quite period during Intercession pray for a house price crash, and if the good Lords listening he will by divine intervention to reduce TTRTR’s yield to become negative, send Laurejons immigrants to a more Promising Land. For RichM to appoint Malcolm Riffkin (as Moses) to lead the Conservative Party into the political wilderness for another 40 years
  12. Have you made sure she’s written a will, Will you help her do it, don’t forget to take her to the solicitor or she might leave it to someone else. Don’t forget it’ll still be her house because it’s her discount your using, don't forget to get a good redemption deal. Don’t forget to put a nice new kitchen in it as gratitude. Make sure you haven’t any brothers or sisters to fall out with. And finally be prepared to sit back and wait for her to die, before the profit rolls in if any. I had some, from my lovely brother Any good luck
  13. As I’ve said before on this forum when I’m on that ladder, Just like Michael Howard I shall pull it up behind me. Seriously, I shall never leave HPC, I might get thrown of it mind, It’s so addictive I was on it all day last week discussing lazy b-----s who don’t work. There is so much useful advice on her, such as Laurejon reminding us to pay our tax when we go on holiday.
  14. Yes Casual Observer I remember to, you used to get a sleeve full of underwing mud for your troubles, and they used to twist around and around and the cable would roll up Happy days
  15. used to be a sales manager for a large corporation and hired many sales people over the years. We tried in vain to 'bottle' and identify which personality traits would suceed, to help us with future recruitment. We always failed. Serves you right DB. I'm a believer in luck and you can't cheat the laws of the comos for money.
  16. The economist I know(an academic) although he won’t commit himself as being certain, did emphasise it is the BTL factor as eloquently stated on this thread will be catalyst my word not his. My only other contribution is BTLs have another little termite nibbling at the woodwork, those in Leasehold is the maintenance charge, this little beast can rear itself as extra cost every quarter or six months or so, it’s staple diet being rises much in excess of the current rate of inflation. A nice little earner built into every leasehold.
  17. Tentpeg I live in Sussex “Tell me about it” I have the same fears as you. I’m no economics bod, but I know a man who is and his money is on a crash. It’s the law of supply and demand and cause and effect. These are universal constants and like the measurements of a circle applies through the universe as well as Sussex. I made the mistake of taking time off work to see a financial advisor, who told me to buy now, You’ll never loose on property. He said there is 80% of the population out there waiting to buy houses, and I said Yeh but they ain’t got no money.
  18. Sorry for dumbing down this thread but can somebody tell me how Sugar made his fortune by selling car aerials from a market stall? How many cars do you see without aerials? Did he shout out “Car aerials, spare car aerials, don't leave home without one…come on. Un-be-lever-a-ball
  19. Well, I think I found a way of beating the system. I’ve got nice little job of estate caretaker the pays crap, though I get my commu charge paid for me and my wife. Got no housing overheads rent free. Wife is trainee legal exec but holds well paid job. Savings great, only marred by low interest rate. I’ve just helped a man up off the floor with a stroke, and I still have plenty of time to moralise on this site. I’m an electrician improver qualified last year. If crash comes, step out of freeholders place into a bargain,. Charge £50 quid to put in a light bulb for the rest of my life. What have you done to improve yourself? I know what I’ve done, I don’t playing the game with TTRTR because I learned months ago you can’t win except only by not playing.
  20. Hello Cashking , welcome to the world of vitriol, I notice that it wasn’t long for you to fall into TTRTR’s trap like getting you angry so you will not the notice the bargains which he’ll snap up while we fume. I simply love his postings, don’t agree with a syllable he writes. I like the way he challenges our mindset, I like the discipline of my ideals questioned. The more arrogant he is the better, If a crash doesn’t come he wins, if it does he looses and looses bad(I mean arguments not necessarily cash) He’s a risk taker and lives by the sword, I personally don’t want to post only those who agree with me. I like posting Laurejon, you know the bloke who counts illegals instead of sheep at night when he can’t sleep. Any way friend pleased to see anther good poster Foxy
  21. Good post DTMark You put a question mark under this quote ? Eastern European workers haven't had their minds poisoned in the way ours have by an obsession with human rights legislation. I think what he may mean is legislation such as Health and Safety and Regulation as opposed to Deregulation. Where resturanters without checks can poison us without redress, the sweat shop owner who’d be most put out if we sawed our hand off. He wouldn’t want us to be able to take him to arbitration if we were wrongy dismissed by one of his task masters
  22. It takes a certain amount of talent and wherewithal to make a success of yourself in this country. These people are only a minority of the population. I think it’s a gift like singing or having the talent to play Premier Football. We all can’t do it. If it was reversed then the majority would all be like Sugar, and we’d all have crap Hi Fis, to sell with no one to buy them. We would all be landlords and no tenants. However everyone has a pay off in what he does, irrespective of his political leanings. People are out to get what suits them, whether it’s riches or whatever it takes to survive. It is this diversity of human nature that makes the world what it is. So in my view Sugar is welcome to play out his destiny be as rich as he likes, but I don’t think it’s good business to slag of his customers.
  23. Laurejon I'll privatise them for you Mate. Please go bak to read HB thread Bob
  24. Laurejon, Have edited out the part of the post I thought was a misunderstanding, sorry getting old But. Your right about care in the community, but it was brought in under Thatcher and this government has not taken responsibility for its failings. In fact I’ve been attacked twice in Brighton by it’s victims with certain mental illness. How do the Government know HB’s are not going to pay their rent. Regards to you friend and all. I’m going down for a while, I’ve noticed I’m spending too much time on the sight.
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