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  1. See how can you go wrong on this site, that’s better advice than anything that Kirsty woman can come out with
  2. Roman Soldiers used retire to the coast of the Adriatic sea, they could get a nice place with a swimming pool for the price of a garage in Rome
  3. One of the most significant indications of the early nineties crash was the withdrawal of building society and insurance companies from the estate agency business. Remember Prudential, Lloyds etc. Why aren’t our present bunch upping sticks, how long will it be?
  4. They had a career for you, if you listened to them you were factory fodder. There was of course industry and government apprentice schemes. The careers teacher was probably extrapolating from census data, which included war and national service casualties. But, if wasn’t for the availability of high blood pressure tablets alone, today many of us may have faced an early grave. Also nearly everyone smoked. I hope I’m not the oldest one out of the two thousand of us on this site. Be older than me Charlie please!!!!
  5. If you read my above post Pod it was par for the course. A least he didn’t thrash us w’it cowstick
  6. Speaking for my generation. We saved in a building society (when they were building societies) for a deposit, this was mainly to prove yourself, not credit history, we had to take on more than one job, if you wanted more than a bare existence. We were only allowed one mortgage per person and that’s after you could find a lender who was prepared to take you on an not laugh in your face. Landlords were professionals. There were such things as secure tenancies. If we wanted to be OO we would look to the private sector and not have been offered greatly reduced public housing. There was a genuine housing shortage because of bomb damage. There was sod all help from parents, it just wasn’t done. By the time you retired you were exhausted and spent if still alive. Then to cap it all, at the time of your death, the fruit of your lines would squabble over the spoils. Yes we were greedy bastards
  7. How can anybody predict what they would be earnings 35years from now. I remember my old careers master saying before we left school, in 25 years time half of you will be dead, not taking into account improvements in cardiology he wasn’t far wrong.
  8. Like Tout –Ankh –Amon I see Tony out And Khen Clarke in amon-g those from north (Europe) Easy enn-it Thanks Erranta.. Great What am I doing dumbing my own thread?
  9. Sorry Gentleman, not following the plot on this one. All this talk of goats of Mendes Is this a job for Peter Mandelson or Buffy the vampire Slayer.
  10. Forgive me if this question has been put before, but is there any correlation between Equities and house price inflation. Is there a historical graph lurking somewhere. FTSE now 5000+ and worthy of consideration if there’s not a snake on the shake of the dice on Monday after the EU constitution brawl
  11. How can you be taxed into poverty? Surely you must have an income to pay tax. I understand there is a poverty trap in which you could find yourself on the margin of work and benefits, this is due to low pay and inadequate pension provision by private and public. I agree I wouldn’t want my council tax wasted over paid Tsars, but lets face it, that is the market. If it works for some, it works for others.
  12. As I ‘m first up on one of the most interesting days of the year do I have the honour and pleasure of opening this thread What’s going to happen now after the EU constitution row. What long term effect will this have on the economy?
  13. “Suitable for a single person” well if it’s a man. He’ll have women queuing up at his door…. Thinking it’s an outdoor concert portaloo
  14. A few years back I was in the perfect position to BTL but, my principles stood in the way, and now I’m left wanting(or is it (wonting) I should have listened to Nye Beven who retorted “Principles boyo I cant afford them” But anyway I’m happy in my skin Laurejon.
  15. The selling off of council houses by the first Thatcher Government was simply a vote catch, and a means of unloading a substantial amount of local authority expenditure. The official line was everybody should be able to be an OO even though the property they gave away was not there’s to give, likewise TSB was forced to go public, more giving away of the peoples assets such as utilities. They knew that property, was the great unleveler. We had little lords of the manor springing up, with their Kentucky hardwood doors and old tyres in the garden as an estate. The working class Tories combined with mad Michael Foot ensured the Boomers would keep them in power for over a decade. I unfortunately, don’t foresee a return to public housing not as on the scale of the past. This government seems to want to prop up this farce in housing we have now by schemes to help key workers, for example, into an inflated and unreliable housing market, instead of sensible intervention before this got out of hand
  16. If we all Str’ed on the same scale as BTLing. Sold then redeemed our mortgage. Made a little profit if any, Went to TTRTR to rent a loft(hoping he remembered to clear the wasp nests) He’s full up and well tenanted and able to chare what he wants. He needs more property to rent out because there now is a demand. So he goes out to buy cheap, because there is an over supply due to us. All the other TTRTR’s do the same, making another demand for properties. The properties go up and overpriced again, TTRTR got his and we finish up stuck in one of his places unable to afford to get back into the market. Still TTRTR win, we lose. As a wet behind the ears newbie, am I mistaken in this scenario, or has it been explained all before.
  17. No you’re right there, I’m not trying to create a schism or criticise other posters. Maybe motivation was too harsh a word in my question, perhaps pay off would be better as I think whoever we are there is a pay off in what we do, or drives us. The reason for this question was to ask whether there is a moral issue to STR as the may be in BTL as I said STR suits me, as the resultant confusion to market it will be favourable to my Pay off. I just like to point out the HPC is an addictive forum for me and I have no personal criticism of it’s members, even the blackhats as you can see by my past posts. I just like to ask I hope stimulating questions in a self examining way to learn about diversity of opinion in the housing market environment which I hope will hold me in good stead in my decision making in the future Love you ALL Foxy
  18. Thank’s for the kind reply Rockdoctor No you are not rude CrashCrash. It’s what I want to hear
  19. I think his company’s going skint . So he wants him on board and earhole him to get out a secured loan and invest it in the firm
  20. Being recently promoted from newbie to poster, I’m still not sure of the language and motivation of other members of this site apart from the obvious fors’ and against I came across this site whilst surfing the net in a hope to find succour(no pun intended) in the depressive world of property speculation, as I am one of those who believe a house is but a home. I believe in HPC I have found this.. I don't honestly believe that I have missed any boats in the past vulnerabilities of the housing market as I’ve never had a ticket or boarding pass in the first place. Like many of you I just want somewhere to live without someone wanting to throw me out when they feel like it. I also want prices to be affordable and a reasonable proportion of my income. My question once again is: There quite a number of STR’s dominant on this site which suits me fine. But, I can’t help wondering if this is not another means of speculation not good for stability (I don’t mean VI stability) All the time there is some out to make profit rather than a home then our principles must conflict. Are we pilgrims singing from the same hymn sheet? Or I politely ask in the nicest sort of way. Are we Ladder wedges being taken for a ride again and we may just may benefit from the trickle down effect.
  21. How can you say the Swedes have avoided wars, don’t you know their national produce has been weapons. I wouldn’t call them wimpy either when they produce macho Volvo cars, although I do consider it a bit over cautious driving in daylight with the lights on.
  22. Local Council, dial main swichtboard asked to be put through. We have a new board down our way now. LET AGREED. Should read Hand Snachted Off
  23. So what’s going on now? Price some poor b****** out his home land are we? Done it here Done it Spain Now ex Commie places
  24. My old house was built by p**sed workman, not Methodist nutters. I can’t imagine Charles Wesley on a self build scheme, perhaps he did the labouring.
  25. Ohh Dr Bubb, I couldn't be a Bull, I'd rather live in a Hoover bag
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