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  1. Perhaps because he doesn't paste his post from Word, with automatic spell check. I could understand the post. It don't matter much to me.
  2. Muttley Don't it mean you still have your savings and still have the house? Seems strange
  3. Thanks everyone for your input to my question, I appreciate it very much. What is going through my mind is the point Sine270 makes in the reply above. It sounds too good to be true, which might mean I’ve still not properly grasped the concept.
  4. Better still Muttley, what if Kirsty was on the panel what would you ask. Keep it clean Thanks for your reply on Advice Please
  5. Well Mrs SOTT timing is better than mine. Whenever we want a car the prices have just gone up and good cars hard to find
  6. Dear friends When I visited a financial advisor recently He said “In your circumstances a offset mortgage would be your obvious choice” He never explained what on offset mortgage was or how it worked. I don’t intend borrowing a mortgage in this climate, but I still like to know what they are all about and if any of you have an opinion on these. Everyone seems to assume that we already know what they are. Look on the internet there are plenty willing to offer you one but still don't explain. They talk about them on Money Box Live and still no you’re none the wiser. Talking of Money Box Live a BBC Radio 4 programme, It’s a vehicle for anyone who’s got a bit of bunce to spare and ring up and ask about investment advice and `where to stick it` About two and a half years ago a snow white boomer rang to ask if it was worthwhile to acquire a buy to let. She was told by one of the guests on the panel. “I wouldn’t I think the Bird has flown on that one” and added “it will only take a rise in the interest rate up to 5% and you could find yourself in trouble.” Bearing in mind this was two and a half years ago. Was this good advice or was he wrong?
  7. 1 Private 2 750pcm 3 2 4 Brighton 5 170K - 150K (purpose built flat in quite area)
  8. Oh come on Dog leave Casual Observer alone, he’s not after stealing your crown
  9. I am one who is grateful for HPC site and it’s founder members. If BTL and the likes of Singing Pig were to establish itself as a lasting vested interest in the economy then the house buying public will be stuffed for ever by very unpleasant people . Fortunately, thanks to the members of this site we aint gonna let it happen. I’m forever going to talk down this market I work in the property industry and getting a reputation of being a Jonah, it’s my only weapon. Lately the bull army front line troops have nobody but boasters and rabble rousers which to me seems very insecure of them. They must know deep inside the laws of cause and effect are going to catch up with them in the end, and their losses will be much greater than ours.
  10. In addition to my last post about high bank rate of the seventies. Ironically with high rates at 15% or more there seemed to be no adverse effect on the housing market, and no likely crash as there is today. The public wanted a bit of inflation to ease their housing cost in the future as fixed mortgages were available. Confused I am
  11. I MHO and it is humble, When rates rose in the past, it was never anything to do with controlling house prices. How often has the BOE claimed this? The nasty ones come when something unpredictable goes amiss globally. Remember record interest rates of the seventies.
  12. Very nice Dead Can you do anything with O to be in England now spring bounce is not here
  13. On the Royal family I read this Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, said of the figures: "We believe this represents a value-for-money monarchy. We’re not looking to provide the cheapest monarchy. We’re looking at one of good value and good quality." Can anyone tell me when the tender was up for this job and who the competing firms were?
  14. I’ve always thought that Marina, but there again I’m an oldie, perhaps your not. You mention Carol Vorderman, I say to my wife You’d think she’d know better with her grasp of arithmetic and million’s encouraging others to what may develop into a loss of a home or a sentence of debt. Regards Foxy
  15. Point of interest. The dual carriage way(A27) was always used for Pony and Trap racing and I think at one time was a very contentious issue down that way. A duel carriage way is exactly what it is by name `a carriage way for horses and carriages’. It’s only since the motorcar came on the scene that this practice became unreasonable and dangerous. The argument being that a horse and carriage goes by right, common law, and cars go by licence according to the road traffic act. If you come to Brighton on a late Saturday evening you may have the pleasure to witnessing young men driving their cars in the Madera Drive in the same manner as it used on one day of the year for speed trials. Nobody seems to do much about it.
  16. Isn’t the cause of house price inflation people with money and people or who borrow it ,those prepared to pay the price. Those who buy from the builder wait and sell on. Those who have second homes in rural areas. They look like my own kind. Immigrants may cause social problems if you like, but I think I can excuse this one..
  17. Being I hope an ordinary bloke, the type who keeps his funds in safeys and the odd mutual. Can anybody explain Hedge funds, from what I make out they are based on the manipulation of other peoples money. I am concerned whether my old work pension held in trust is being used in this way. Is Robert Maxwell alive and well and living in a pieds à terre near the City somewhere? Am I right in what I’m told that these funds are in the state of inflation and becoming a bubble alongside Property? Is there room for two Bubbles in the economy? I’m sorry if these questions have been asked before
  18. Of course, I’m a believer in free speech. I’m always giving Laurejon earache I often call him a Tory git in one way or another because I know he can take it. But I don’t like as I said gratuitous generalised offensive posting. If I did I would look on google for a site that does, some of the stuff I have read on hear like calling people who voted Labour in the last election or estate agents a c’s the full word actually written,(example) that’s not free speech. It's abusive
  19. The rules of the forum are rules. One of the reasons I’m allowed to post on the forum is I abide by the rules. No I don’t have a problem with restraint, it’s my point I think what’s more important. What point is there effing and blinding ad infinitum because someone don’t see my point of view
  20. I prefer to see the social problems as described on this thread as more a culture clash rather than a racist or ethnic issue. If racism is now regarded as offensive then we must have alternative terms in which we are able to express ourselves. I am as angry as Marina when he/she describes how some groups of people spoil our existence with anti social behaviour, crime and violence and unfortunately, you read about it in the local press you find that more and more of the offenders bear names not used by the dominant population meaning they are foreign, even though we are not sure of their nationality. These people who impose themselves upon us in a way that we justifiably protest about and not able to do anything about do need to be restricted, so the law abiding can live their lives in peace. When you consider that the biggest mass murderer that ever lived(Shipman) was a middle class white Englishman then there is little can be said for Racism as a explanation for heinous behaviour hence my previous point of an alternative terminology. Incidentally, if I see a gratuitous offensive invective on a thread I report it, and if the moderator disagrees hard luck on me. If anybody is upset what I say then I expect the same after all that’s the rules of the forum and I respect everyone’s view and every one who is on it . (Laurejon can get any of my insults or criticisms wiped if he likes)
  21. It’s not everyone’s ambition to live in Knightsbridge in fact it’s the last place I’d want to live. If you think the sum total of a nurse’s job is to wipe bums you’d better ask yourself why they are wiping bums anyway’ it’s for someone who has found themselves in that position for no fault of their own. Maybe it was some one ran over by a bus getting to the bank. Someone in the stock exchange has had a heart attack, or even a property speculator has jumped out of the window and its all gone wrong. Come on Laurejon someone’s got to wipe your Tory a-se when your time comes, hope it’s not one of the nurses on this sight for I can see them reaching for the sandpaper.
  22. In my job where I am in constant contacted with OO, landlords and renters I often raise the subject of house price crash, as this is an issue with me. Amongst, the general public who are neither bearish or bull, I have found talking to OO’s that some seem to be unaware or ignorant of this possibility. Not only that I found the remainder are not bothered or at best would be pleased or agree with a crash. The reason that the thinking owner favours vast reductions, even though their equity is a stake, is they realise that this situation is not good for the people they have brought into the world. Unlike much of the opinion on the forum, boomers as they are known, do care what is being left in the wake of their fellow “investors” conceptions of buying a home. The value of your home rising to beat inflation was always welcome as in their day, after a decade or so financial struggle became financial comfort. A home was but a home for previous generations and only professional landlords who had substantial portfolios to meet a market requirements and provide a service were an exception mindset. The bane of BTL to an uninterested public is reserved to what effect the recent phenomenon grinds on them personally. With a nearly 40% of absent landlords on an estate. There are constant unprofessional removals at a rate of one every two months as the turnover of tenants increase. The damage to public ways decoration, the breakages, the lack of information provided by the letter causing dispute and nuisance over and over again. Not helped of course there is no surcharge on the maintenance account for this extra upheaval. The concept of BTL to the world it affects is nothing more than someone spending their afternoons counting their profit, while the rest of us nurse and clear up after their tenants like some sort of care in the community. It is al becoming too much for some of us.
  23. The one thing I like about Laurejon is how rants on about issues not realising that those responsible is his old Tory party. Project 2000 nursing came in not in that year but early nineties . If you want to be a good Young Conservative get your government history timelines right. I do hope they find a decent leader, I’m fed up with crap opposition to a crap government. The only thing good about the Tories is their logo. A torch reminding us of the Statue of Liberty, recognised and welcoming to immigrants as they approached Ellis Island, only we don’t have to pay for the woman holding it.
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