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  1. We could try asking the Downs syndrome person and their family before just foisting an additional cost on them. If things can't be bad enough! To me this is an unfair charge. Something like the Sheriff of Nottingham would come up with like a tax on beards. It's a means tested tax. "A mean tax from a mean government by a mean minister. The the coalition have past the means test by the meanest
  2. If you don't know then the government wouldn't know. I might help to know that the vulnerable have always been targeted by the powerful.
  3. Then you wouldn't forgo your overtime, so that Atos could employ an addition person, as this would demonstrate how working beats skiving.
  4. Some authors consider it an honour to have their work placed in a library. With respect, Not all people are grabbers
  5. Is it worth saying "But it's still a bubble" any longer?
  6. What do you mean by really messing it up? Don't you think the coalition done enough in that direction
  7. You don't think he is an ex HPCer been bribbed by a landlord based on the old adage "I rather have him p******** out than p****** in
  8. The sad thing is as Nigel said on TV this morning "You cannot put a cigarette paper between them." The other sad thing is that it takes Nigel to say it
  9. I was worried there for a minute when I read 12 year old gets it. I thought you were talking about my whiskey. Good shout by her though
  10. Yes, but even to those like me who have no vested interest in benefit culture this man, is beyond the pale and seemingly in politics for the purpose of representing his own well heeled elite. which wouldn't - In my opinion- include the active working and middle class. These two groups are just expedient to his real agenda.
  11. As someone who has relatives working in the statutory services the present media concept of those claiming benefits for some reason or other is great exaggeration of the actual situation. There are already safeguards in the system that prevent a person claiming for what they are not entitled. Anyone who has succeeded in this is committing fraud and therefor is a criminal, These are included in politician's statements as is seen by IDS to blur the boundaries and to attempt to make people feel angry. In other words blatant propaganda.
  12. Trouble is nobody likes IDS. Most people I know think he bullies the poor not sincere, neo liberal, reductionist closet utilitarian,and bald headed ******* People hate him to much and that it the trouble is the more right wing the Tories the stronger the reaction. Just as with the Labour extreme Eighties.
  13. Then someone like he should defend them from their loving inheritance awaiting offspring
  14. I suppose two of the UKIPers surveyed are the two allegedly "racist" foster parents. Pity Dave Cameron rushed in to comment because he forgot called UKIP racists himself. It's only disgraceful if social workers from Rotherham say it. Do think the social worker in question listened to Dave?
  15. Yes The Tories much better. That's why they couldn't bury Brown in 2012 and now 12 points behind int he polls. He only exist because of an unscrupulous cleaner fish that sold his party into oblivion
  16. Serves them right for reading The Daily Mail. Perhaps soon we will be seeing adverts with suited people walking towards a reverse traveling camera shouting. "Were you mis sold an interest only mortgage.? Then contact and we will sue for the outstanding principle."
  17. Definitely a vote winner this one. Just what we need is another expense placed on the motorist. What with the high cost of petrol, parking charges road tax. No doubt it will ruin what is left of the economy. I don't know why I don't just go up to number 10 and hand them over my wallet. I agree that ht Tories are not a party of taxation. We just give it to their grabbing mates.
  18. My conspiracy theory is... Cost of living rises due to unavoidable outlay such as Fuel. local tax, food and duties. Homeloaners have to foreclose on large mortgages. Banks buy up properties from those foreclosed make them pay the lost equity. Then it starts all over again from cash rich STLs Saving youngsters by selling them the repossessed property at cheap prices and then over time the bubble will return.
  19. If i get a burglar I shall ring my landlord and ask him to come round and kill him. To which he may reply "Some f***** tenants can't even put a light bulb in"
  20. I So we can have valueless shares instead of rights. Youngsters living in public housing back in with their mums and dads to add to the people twice their age living with their mums and dads, French letter inspectors waiting in the bedrooms of the poor making sure they don't have any more children. I hope Osbourn don't expect a `standing ovulation' for this.
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