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  1. Such a nice place I’d spend all my time looking out the window.
  2. You say you’ve got to go because you need a dump. Don't we all, but I’m not paying today’s prices for one. Women working or not.
  3. Some these plumb jobs are taken by those with high qualifications. LLB’s for example. When there were complaints about `fat cats’ in the mid Nineties, the justification for them were “Just paying the market rate’ `You get what you pay for etc’ What is the difference between them both? Don't tell me. One is paid for out of productivity and the other from public funds. I’ve already been told that, but, I’m not sure whether some private fat cats were ever productive enough to justify their high salaries. Public sector jobs on this scale are I agree is money for `old rope’ IMHO If it’s the market price for the goose. It’s the market price for the gander
  4. Yes, Why not? They bought most them from the council in the 1980’s if I may make assumptions about people by the paper they read Edited for yet another spelling mistake
  5. Thanks LJ I really didn’t know. So flats are included, that’s interesting. Would I be more accurate to say. The average price of the average dwelling. Nice to see you around again, was getting a bit bored without someone to rant at. Regards Foxy
  6. I haven’t had a waffle for a few days, except for one of those square things wuth square holes. So here’s another incomprehensible one: It’s never been clear in my mind what they mean by Average House Price From which range do they find the mean 2 Bedroom – 5 Bedroom House 2.5 Bedroom House Do they mean the average price of a house, or the price of an average house ? Do they mean asking price? Do they mean or price on completion? Well I mean to say, how are we expected to know what they mean if are not told the sample group. If know what I mean?
  7. I hope the Olympics are not held in London. When we hosted the World Cup in 1966 somebody stole trophy. The police couldn’t find it, it was a dog going for a p—s. This time, the competitors will be stuck in the underground and loose by default. A chav will probably mug the flame bearer and torch a car with it. “It’s not the Winning, It’s the F’ing it up.
  8. Are you still with us Steve? Or have you gone? If you have please come back with a new username You will be demoted to newbie of course, not that, that matters No better still just come back, remember only .01/% voted which means 99.9 are content with the way things are. Foxy
  9. In the Nineties crash the fall seemed to have come unexpectedly, although there was a bubble it was not inflated to the extent as the one today. The differential between house prices and the general rate of inflation was not as great then. Although properties rose to twice the price after a few years eg circa 45k flat rose to 93k apart from forced sales there was no psychological deterrents to sell, in which I mean people now are thinking in terms of hundreds of thousands of pounds. These are pools winners figures to them and the homeowner now believes he is going to loose his unearned fortune. As mentioned before many times, until the seller is convinced in reality, that this windfall is nothing more than `Monopoly’ money, eventually, the period of stagnation, will turn into time of crisis for some sellers. In some cases the same flats in the Nineties did reduce by 50%. Just like the Dot Com crash at the beginning of the 21st century when FTSE 100 dropped from 7000 to 3500 - faster than house prices admittedly- but unexpected all the same. I hope this contributes to the thread without going over the same ground too much.
  10. I played Pontius Pilate in a church play once and the prompter called out “Don't forget to wash your hands”
  11. Thank you CG for the picture and I wouldn’t mind a tenancy with that and having that furry little crack head as a live in landlord. Thanks The Dude proud to have the support from a spelling offisheyardo such as yourself. Loosing Faith, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean, can you please explain.
  12. Thanks CIUW For those most appreciated comments. Not that I’m fishing, but I must log out now, if I can get my head through the kitchen door, but I shall be around late evening in case there’s any more of `them' compliments flying about. Regard Foxy
  13. Thanks SB I Think your posts are great keep them coming
  14. Thanks CO Saw the joke, that time Must be chilling out
  15. Thanks CO Saw the joke, that time Must be chilling out
  16. Chill out? I edited out the Little Britain quote, because I felt I was unfair to you personally. I changed my mind on that because was a bit miffed and angry at the time of writing, and I felt that singling you out amongst nine others was not the right thing to do. No I don't want to look whiter than white. Who does? As you’re here I will apologise to you now. Nobody has edited the insults to me as I am supposed to take it and chill out. It couldn’t join in the fun at the time because the poor b-----d victim was me. I did find at first the insults amusing, but it got a bit over the top when I noticed that the majority were Veteran posters
  17. It just goes to show Steve and Erranta will probably agree. The master of the cosmos is telling us who is right around here.
  18. You’ve got my support Steve, having trouble myself on “There’s no helping Them.” Thread. Some of them just don’t know the value of the wisdom, which emanates from the likes of us. Please don’t go you are needed in our mutual battle in the fight against an unfair and unjust market.
  19. I am grateful for the support on this thread by some of the later posters. Having to shut down last night, against the hostility, I was quite worried that my credibility was undermined, irrecoverably simply by taking the risk of writing a post different in style than the norm. If anyone found spelling mistakes then they should take that up with Bill Gates as I usually draft in Microsoft Word, admittedly, I made the mistake in `anecdote’ in the sub-heading, but I couldn’t find a way of correcting it. As for the grammar, this I hope was only incorrect within quotation marks as this was intentional for authenticity. Well, I think, I have been seriously under-estimated here, by some, and I shall now be seeking revenge as I can be just as pedantic or rude as the next poster. At least I succeeded in making Michael Heseltine look a pr—t on national radio(Some may say that’s not difficult) in 1997 by my simplistic style of augment and I was complimented by one of the toughest of shock-jocks on Talk Radio as it was then called.. Best wishes Foxy.
  20. A foolish excessive love of someone that belongs to another time
  21. Sorry you didn’t understand it guys, but it was an incident that happened to me quoted verbatim from real life. Sorry it didn’t make good posting. But my point was No matter how much evidence and how much we discuss the possibility of an imminent house price crash here on this forum, it is so difficult to convey this situation to other members of the public. The man Peter the double glazing salesman who had a row with his landlord, ignored my reservation of buying at the top of the market, but instead purely out of blind emotion was prepared to pay an excessive price.(his choice of course) It was also to express the advantage and my encouragement, for him to rent( the reference to commission was meant to be a joke) I just though it may illustrate what FTBs like me are up against and try offer an explanation as to why people go on buying against normal common sense. I admit the post was no quantative thesis, which is taken for granted on site, no way am I clever enough to make such contributions, but at least I’m trying to be proactive in the cause in my little way to accomplish a fair and reasonable alternative to the iniquitous housing market we have to tolerate today. A bit suprised at the reaction from so many veterans
  22. On my estate today I saw a resident, he’s a double glazing salesman. I noticed a week ago he was having his windows double glazed himself, and strangely it wasn’t by his firm. Not having a chance to speak to him then, it was today that I did. I shouted jokingly, “Can’t sell your own landlord your own windows, Peter.” “No come here” he said “We had a bloody good row over that, I offered him better than maximum discount, and he goes and gets those people. I also asked him about the kitchen floor. We made arrangements for him to come and look and he didn’t turn up. He rang me the other day to come out to me again. So I locked the chub and climbed out the window locking it behind me and went off. He rang me that evening and gave me two months notice.” He went on to say “I’m buying my own place now I’m fed up with it.” Well of course having HPC blood running through my veins I said “No don’t do that, it’s the wrong time. You’d be paying too much. I said come with me there’s an empty flat around the corner. The owners pretty urgent to get it let. I can ring him this evening. You can go straight in. He looked interested, and followed behind me. We got about two thirds the way up the path, you could almost smell the newly painted magnolia, and I had almost mentally spent my commission. Then suddenly he stopped in his tracks and said “No f--- it I’m buying” I said but what about the market” He replied “Don’t care mate I’m buying.” And he went Apart from thinking a “Another fish of the hook, I thought,. “We could use more people like you” NOT
  23. Total agreement with Mike Mustard, House prices ridiculously overpriced. S-d inheritance, S-d the economy, S-d investment and equity. We vote people in, to sort out the economy and because of the nature of the beast no-one can sort it to the satisfaction of all The only ones who suffer under the present system is FTBs How can anybody save a deposit all the time someone out there has the cash to buy off the builder and add on £20K. what chance has the newcomer got against Ea that tell sellers to hang on for another £5k or what ever price he plucks out the air. Yes Mike IMHO crash bring it on, It’ll do all us of a power of good even those who have invested in overpriced crap, they’ll be able to come to terms with the fact that you can grab bad as well as good.
  24. My local independent Ea has just put a £250 voucher through my door.
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