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  1. If there is not a crash in the near future at least I’ll make it to HPC veteran
  2. I beg your indulgence gentleman and ladies as this is not my best subject I received a statement today relating to a mutual I have. This is my second statement so the bond is three years old. On an initial deposit of 7k I worked out the yield for the last statement, which came out at: Present value 7.1% On withdrawal 5.2% Considering the values of stocks and shares over the last three years, I thought this was a surprisingly good return. Am I right with these figures and further to that, if someone STRed a 200k house they would make over £1100 for rent and saving. And if the stock market performed as it does today and this was `consistent’ could this be doubled.
  3. Noah’s only taken two of us, we’ve missed the boat.
  4. There’s nothing like a third person modest account from the Monkey to set you up for the weekend. I am all in favour of the anecdotal contributions on this forum. I do not think that the final catastrophe will be triggered until the knowledge we have the privilege of on this site is manifest in the public domain. At the moment I think the general public are still influenced by the hype of the VIs and are in denial that their paper riches can be nothing but a dangerous and expensive illusion. I am still hearing stories of people paying stupid prices and rushing into buy. Only yesterday, I heard one from a neighbour. Until we here the builder, the baker, and the plumber telling us that the housing market has had it, then IMHO the tide has turned. There is reliable amount of wisdom in street knowledge. How do the public know just prior to a general election who is going to win. MORI has had quite a success in tapping into this knowledge. A political party is stuffed once the swing is against them no matter how good their case or candidate. Once the swing of the lack of confidence in house prices hits the streets, I think this may provide one of the many triggers lying latent to rationalise the housing market. RSVP on this one, as I’m no economist
  5. Well MarkG I can start it off for you. the Script “My geezer and I went to look at this property. Coo it was so hot we just had to take our clothes off. I’ve never had a man with such a large mortgage before. He said it’s not the size it’s the interest that matters. Well I certainly took an interest. When we got going I mewed and I mewed till there’s no tomorrow. I hope there’s no tomorrow.
  6. It would be if I was in it I did shout though. I'm not paying your prices if you dont drop `em
  7. In the road running towards Withdean Stadium the home of Brighton and Hove Albion, there was new build back in the Nineties. The building recession had just hit. There were two identical blocks built of the same specs t on each side of the road. These were to accommodate sheltered housing. They completed the right side and called it Crumbly Court. Then they ran out of money and the left side of the site was left for three years foundations only. Later another developer took it over continued to build it with the same specs. They installed a neon Budweiser sign in the lobby and called it Manhattan Court, added about thirty grand and offered a free trip to New York. Needless to say along came the mugs.
  8. As I wrote my last post, I noticed two glamorous ladies out side my window delivering stuff. Hello, I thought, they’re back. I went out side and asked, “Are you desperate estate agents.” She indicated in the affirmative. This is what I read from the hand out. “After a very successful start to 2005 we anticipate the demand for flats to increase further through the summer with the election out of the way and interest rates remainu8ng stable. If you’re thinking of selling now, in the near future or are already on the market, please feel free to give us a call and arrange for a Free Market Appraisal.
  9. You mentioned that the small independents valued it less. From a conversation I had with had with an EA recently, and posted “1988” She said that the small independents who have been in the game all their lives, have a more realistic take on the current conditions. They usually have capital as back up and can afford to ride the a storm. She thinks the newbies, the ones who’s short ar-sed cars are more Smart’er than they will go under. I wonder if there is any truth in this.
  10. I don’t think London will not get it, on reputation alone, if you remember the millennium celebrations. France’s Eiffel tower display was magnificent. What about our display? The River of Fire, that didn’t materialise. We ended up with the River of Water. The Thames just like it’s always been. “Come to London and see the River of Water
  11. In a parade I passed today I looked into one EA and something happened as one amusing poster on this site predicted in May. Looking beyond the placards I saw them. Pairs of hungry eyes, staring at me, willing me to enter. One even broke of what he was doing to watch my movements for a few moments. I bet he wondered why I was grinning to myself as I silently recalled that posters brilliant contribution, some may remember it and who it was.
  12. I called into one of my employers EA branches today to speak to one of the sales people I’m friendly with. After talking about the price of fish, I moved the conversation on to the price of houses. I said I’ve been looking in the window and I see that the one and two bedroom flats still wont come under the £100K psychological barrier, assuming she was in concord that the tide had turned. “No” she replied, “They will not accept that people are not prepared to pay these high prices. “You try telling them” she added This lady has been in the job 19 years. She said things were so slow, she spent the morning weeding the forecourt of the shop. The most significant point she made was that the situation now reminded her of 1988. I not clear what she meant, maybe someone on the forum remember what the conditions were then.
  13. I was waiting for a bus to arrive in Hove last week in the pouring hard of rain. So I decided to kill a bit of time looking in the near estate agents windows. In one in particular, I noticed that on the display cards there were two prices. One of which, if I remember correctly, was called the “service price”. This price was the printed on the card as normal It was say £235K. This was the case for the majority of properties on offer. There was another price slashed temporally across it say £ 200K. Well, not ever seeing this before I went inside to find out more. There was a young woman sitting near the door in a Kirsty style hairdo. I asked her. “Why are there two prices on your Properties. She replied “One is the service price(If you can remember that correctly)” And the other is the price the client can negotiate to.” “So” I said “The service price is the usual asking price and the other price is the lowest offer the seller will accept” “Yes that’s right” she said. “It gives the vendor and the buyers chance to interact and come up with the best agreement” She asked me If I was interested in buying. I said no I’m a first time buyer and I wouldn’t even consider it at the moment. She said “It’s a good time to buy you know.” My bus arrived thankfully, as she might have talked me into something. Her hair style must have gone to here head. Has anybody else experienced this by their local EA. Or notice them become am auction room revealing the reserve price.
  14. Wouldn’t know what she was talking about , have Tescos deliver now. Typical L J always on about waste
  15. SB I wasn’t gonna win that one about the cold boobs, I was worried MrB was going to ask me for suggestions.
  16. I think it’s time for me to log on another thread now
  17. Interesting points I was thinking in terms of frostbite more than hypothermia.
  18. 0 degrees centigrade is only 32 Fahrenheit, I managed to survive the English summer
  19. Do Eskimos have plastic boobs? Because plastic becomes unstable at less than 0 degrees centigrade.
  20. Agree with W L When you consider young people starting a home and thinking in terms of prices such as £130000 as a stepping on the fist rung, it makes me wonder how on earth can they afford it. They couldn’t afford it in reality when prices were half that 10 years ago. It was quite a chunk out of their wages and salaries. Even then the prospects of living a `natural’ lifestyle on top of buying was difficult. The term property ladder may have been valid in the days of a `fair’ market. The term ladder now is reserved for the Kirstys of this world who try to eke out the dregs of this present situation, like Beau Geste propping dead bodies of soldiers on the fort parapet to give the impression they still have an army. In fact hearing the words `property ladder’ make me feel sick. It’s a construct to reinforce the commonly held notion that prices are expected to be a naturally and unchangeably high and just out of one reach.
  21. I the year 3500 when the population will be so great that there wouldn’t even be enough air around for us to breath, and assuming space travel advances at the same rate as terrestrial. Which planet would you consider emigrating and buying a home, from the choice. Mercury… Extremely, hot properties due to closeness of the sun. Mars ……..Cheap , but unfriendly indigenous population, likely not only to burn you out of you home, but kill you, your missus and children with a death ray. Venus……Named after extrovert tennis champion. Where the day is a year long, and a year is 24 hours long. Atmosphere contains 90%carbon dioxide, and rains sulphuric acid. Not suitable for holiday lets. Jupiter….. With it’s high gravitational pull. As soon as you step out the plane you finish up looking like a cheeseburger.
  22. Plastic boobs are like plastic money, but better than the real thing You can flop them on a supermarket counter. Stick them in a hole in the wall. You can buy now and hang it out till the end of the month If you loose one, they send you another one free You can hide them in your handbag so no-one can get their hand on them If you lock yourself out and have a Yale night latch you can get yourself in with them
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