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  1. I can’t afford a house yet. Tony Blair will belong gone for I do. The point I was hoping to make was I didn’t want no slash and burn capitalist getting his hands on it.
  2. When you boil it down, I wouldn’t care who owned my house, as long as he didn’t want to make me up sticks when I didn’t want to, and he let me do what I want with it. But, at the moment that owner is going to have to be me. I would like that house to be priced at reasonable level without being subject to profiteers and those of the mindset that property is an investment as well as a home. Ideally I wouldn’t worry about missing any boat because there wouldn’t be a boat. If there is a crisis in housing for the population, then this crisis should be solved under a State of emergency regime disregarding who loses out or what effects it has on the economy. Just leave my home out of the slash and burn of the capitalist mentality. That’s some beard you’ve got there TMTTC I’m glad there’s some people on this site can take it on the chin
  3. Thanks Charlie That is a realistic and readable prognosis of the outcome of this present economic situation. I agree about the interest rates and a return to the emphasis on attracting savings. Would this current situation be another lesson in capitalism, which will hopefully never be tried again such as the dot-com fiasco. Bob
  4. Never mind what `Never Been Wrong Robertson says` What does Charlie the Tramp say?
  5. Slater I am a bloke, well I was when I last looked. That was just to wind up old L J Well I’m older than LJ I’m 58 but don’t feel like or look it. You never did explain on whats in a name Slater14 came from. Your fist name is not JIM is it? if remember him. I know you remember Rachman.
  6. Dont you mean "old hands" rather than old hats" you old metaphore mixer you L J it's your arguements thats old hat.
  7. Singing Pig dead yes, I was wondering whether thy are coming over to here with handles such as “Doubting John Tomas”
  8. Isn’t there a lot of newbies lately `innocently’ loosing faith or getting impatient with the impending house price crash. I wonder where they’re coming from? In both senses of the expression.
  9. There you are L J I was right you’re into vomit porn as well, are you? And what about this undisclosed sum. I wouldn’t publish £3- 50 f off money myself either. This is the second time my mum warned me of blokes like you.
  10. * I chose Wheresmyfoxhole because when my wife worked for the Brighton Council Housing Advice Centre, a bestubbled client walked in- looking like Bill Sykes and demanded “Where’s my f---ing airrs” noticing he had a baseball bat under his overcoat, she replied “Ouhw, I better go and find out for you, shall I?. I’ll just go round the back and ring extension 999 and see what the hold up is.” The Fox part comes from Fox and sons, our regional Estate agent and hole a derogatory term for house
  11. I wondered why I your post didn’t make sense L J. You’ve been posing as a economist and all this time you’ve been doing a Leslie Grantham on us. My mum warned me about blokes like you
  12. My wife works in the public sector and she works very hard. None of you can convince me she is a waste of space. As for sickies her employer is very strict and is constantly monitoring time off. Pay rises and promotion aren’t easy that easy to acquire. She contributes for her pension out of her salary which is a lot of money And as for it not being the real world some of these people have to clean up the dregs of this society, which a great deal is created by industries in the private sector. The booze industry for one.
  13. Strong point P But I don’t think he’s referring to other passengers on the bus napping. He’s referring to some other members of the Public Sector Like me I suppose you couldn't imagine anybody ever thinking that
  14. Some sections of the so called lazy public service workers earned their money on Thursday 7/7 alright
  15. L J I really don’t believe Blair and Brown are working to your analogies and clichés. If they were then they wouldn’t have the big institutions backing them. Their ranks are full of L J’s. I think their L J’s have dropped perceptions the original L J has and are viewing from a modified perspective. I could be wrong, but I’m not going to resort to insulting my fellow countryman. I got to go and do some work myself now...Bugger
  16. Valid point Bluelady. You reinforce by what I mean that Blairism is just another variant on capitalism. The traditional Anti-socialist labels being ignored by big business. Notice L J came up with quite a valid rejoinder to my assumption of macro economic, but blew it with his quotation of a 1920’s parody of a political song. Reducing his credibility to yah boo politics. Would the CBI vote for him if he were to stand for election.
  17. LJ Don’t you remember 3 million unemployed. The empty Situations vacant columns. The Sv have been loaded with what you call real jobs in recent times. Borrowed money yes, but not with 15% interest base rate. What government doesn’t operate without borrowed money. The USA? The point of my post was the mixing of personal prejudice and economics. The CBI and Murdock the great capitalist institution didn’t back the Tories because of Howard and his immigration ticket and “Big fat fibber calling.” It was politically immature and irresponsible.
  18. IMHO I think the political spectrum is a total irrelevance to house prices. I think the buying and selling public don't view the housing market from either of these perspectives. I think the problems experienced in the last few years are down to individual personal preference. It has never been an issue with me. I came out of the cold war when the Berlin wall came down. All the criticism on this thread about Blair being a Socialist and L J harping on about socialist in the dole cue, just like the Daily Mail when it’s stuck for news features. How many dolites as he calls them by the Socialist Worker? Hardly any. Blairism is just another variation of capitalism. That is why the Tories lost the last election. Who were behind Blair and Brown. The CBI who thought the Tories weren’t up to government(not noted for being lefties) The Murdoch press (not exactly an Ozzie commie) These organisations seem to consider macro economics more important than the micro. They also seem to have let go of the Left – Right label and are backing who they think best can operate in the in the free market economy. What past British Government has had low inflation, low unemployment, at the same time for so long a period. Incidently, On Radio 4 Karl Marx was voted greatest philosopher of all time. And we all know what philosophers are, useless unproductive buggers who couldn’t even change a spare tyre.
  19. Doing just that SFASS Edited out prsonal details.
  20. On that same link click on housing summer boom!!!
  21. Dear Slate I suppose how rotten the a--s of £40K boat is. The woodwork is in and out of the water twice a day. Foxy Edited out anecdote.
  22. Dear Slate The site I was referring to was Shoreham Harbour estuary, which I did not mention At low tide the hulls rest on mud. I did exaggerate admittedly but I was warned by the boatyard attendant that this was an expensive hazard for wooden hulled boats and from the constant maintenance my wife’s landlady’s experienced, it did put us off parting with forty grand even before I borrowed it. There are some nice boats existing on the island bank, but still I wouldn’t fancy one because of the pain in the a---s factor. I’m too old for all that now. Just as a matter of interest I knew a lady who worked for the MOD( Not long after the war) at the time they sold off the converted MTB’s which there are many on that site. The price was £50 each. When she moved from Epsom to my area in 1984 she was surprised to see them still in existence and they are still there now. Nice to get a reply from you Slate, I thought I died a death for a minute. Foxy
  23. Further to my previous post the year we were interested was 1990. The price of the one we looked at was £40K(mooring freehold) which was the same price of a good 2 Bed flat or bungalow in my area. Which is in line with what Dr Bubb says of today’s prices.
  24. My wife and I were going to buy a house boat when we went through our hippy phase. She had lived on one for a year or so. Several factors have to be considered If the mooring is tidal there is a risk of expensive damage as when the boat rises and falls. It simply has to fall on an obstacle such as a bottle and the bloody thing wont rise again, you finish up watching Corrie underwater. You have to live with the noise of a bilge pump running and if your in the habit of coming home p---sed then be prepared to be boat hooked out of the water as you slip off your gang plank. You wont find a cheap mortgage for one. Be prepared for sickness such as chest problem through the constant dampness.
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