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  1. In reply to okonu Yes, much confusion here. Even long lease holders are classed as tenants, albeit they describe themselves owner occupiers.
  2. Any tenancy other than AST is illegal, unless the properties have specific functions such as Council or Housing Associations for people with disabilities etc . Good luck to you if you can find a landlord willing to give you an 3 + years over and above AS IMO always use a professional landlord with a large portfolio, stay away from 1 off amateur BTL. I have seen so many who have had to up sticks for the simplest of reasons. In one case this was so the landlord can have a holiday from his work in the US.
  3. I thought this programme was nothing but a vehicle for two desperate television (for want of a better word) personalities to salvage their careers in a moribund TV genre. You could tell it was thrown together, hastily researched and focused on areas that were seemingly obvious to fit the title. The sad thing being that it only managed to insult the good people who are unfortunate enough to have to live with the consequences of existing in an area of social and economic deprivation. I felt my intelligence insulted buy this banal piece of self indulgence, which I can only sum up as pornography for greedy and profligate over rich.
  4. Pleased for you Gryffudd You and Viv enjoy your day out.
  5. T 900 Thanks for the reply Dickie’s wouldn’t be economic for me though. It would cost me for the train. I take your point though.
  6. I remember a time in the seventies when the price of denim jeans were artificially risen to about three times their rightful price. There were dedicated denim shops which cornered the market for several years. I was angry then. Jeans can be bought at supermarkets now for £4 per pair. I ain’t so angry now. House prices have risen by three times their rightful price. And I’m angry again. Won’t be angry if the supermarkets start to sell them.
  7. Douglas McWilliams: No. Until the supply of housing is increased to cope with demand, I’m afraid that the high price of housing in the UK is largely not a bubble but the reflection of a supply demand imbalance.
  8. Douglas McWilliams: No. Until the supply of housing is increased to cope with demand, I’m afraid that the high price of housing in the UK is largely not a bubble but the reflection of a supply demand imbalance. "until the supply of housing is increased" Then why are the eatate agents full of properties they cant sell?
  9. Yes OM Especially, if he had the work done by a rival builder
  10. I’m old enough to remember the first run of Star Trek. I can be described as a baby boomer, but as I married late in life I’m a FTB and those bloody baby boomers are in my way too
  11. I’ve got my Smartprice Champagne ready to crack open when it’s announced, but I'm not saying up or down
  12. A builder I ‘ve just spoken to, told me he has extended the height of his front garden wall. His neighbour reported him to the local planning office as it is about 6 inches above the regulations. He is now in correspondence with them. Do you think it’s our duty as citizens to report such digressions or do you believe in let and let live? Or do you think that people who do report have some sort of hidden personal agenda? Comments welcome
  13. To BP I thought you did a good job last Sunday on Radio5 and were only thwarted by that swimming report. Had you had more time and opportunity you could have floored that rics guy. The phone contributors were gunning for him from the start. It was a pity you weren’t given the chance to go in for the kill. Sincerely Foxy
  14. It looks to they liked Occams Razor so much they bought the company I don't know where I stand now. Average house price last week 164K this week 192k
  15. I have three flats up for sale on my estate. I have noticed this week there has been buyers viewing and I have noticed that a couple of nearby flats have sold after being empty for a long time. In my job I am in a good position to accost the potential buyers to find out their reasons for them buying at this time and give them a bit of HPC spiel, but the estate agent is always waiting before they arrive and also hangs behind after they have gone. I’ve never considered myself a bad communicator(though many on the forum might think otherwise) Does anyone know of a way or an excuse I can use to make contact without me dressing up as television interviewer or journalist or with a black cloak and tee shirt with HPC secret agent on it. Any suggestions or comments welcome. .
  16. Thanks Consa. Didn’t post but enjoyed your site. Foxy
  17. GC Of course he would say “Can you move the landing net a few more yards further, I’ll stake my reputation on it”
  18. Dear SB I think house prices would not be affected much at all as the targets are transport systems so far. Although admittedly you still have to travel to your house, but people have to risk it anyway.
  19. As Gordon Brown is not the best loved chancellors on this forum. Would anybody be prepared to post their expectations of the ideal chancellor to correct the housing bubble and stabilise the credit card culture.
  20. This is like the most boring dinner-party question ever, and I'm having to resist the urge to say "Get back to woodstock you hippy". It’s enough to put you off your Lobster Thermodore
  21. The State providing housing(not that it does) would only be necessary if housing were out of reach of the ordinary earning citizen. I don't want the State to provide me with a home. I don't really want anyone to provide me home. I want me to provide me with a home
  22. We live in a country where a 15 year old kid can stymie the police the CPS and Government.
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