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  1. Thanks for letting me know you didn't consider you were poor. Nor do I
  2. True, my apologies as I have seemed to quote the wrong post. With regard to the stereotyping it seems that this Bedroom tax is borne out of emotion rather than practicalities. To defer to the resentful.
  3. Because this is political move on behalf of a government to appease the likes of Daily Mail readers who relish in watching the poor suffer. Could be because it's pecking order justification impending middle class poverty.
  4. I'll go along with that, if my take on it was incorrect,. In fact your explanation fits well with my prejudices
  5. But He didn't did he? So the left are going to be on here another 300 years. And the economic disaster wasn't all his doing, but he didn't help.any
  6. Could you explain more, The bedroom tax doesn't infer Champaign socialism to me. More bully boy toryism
  7. SO this was the Vindictive Tory motive behind this wasit? Not what they usually like to claim. I was led to believe that this was to help relieve the housing crisis. People Let's have a tax on beardsit will help the shaving cosmetic industry no end.
  8. I won't be I've got a bead making machine like Dave (How much is a loaf now?
  9. Your post brings to mind the cross party sentiment to Buy To Let and Right To Buy. wrong in principle for an `individual's' political belief but hard to refuse if you see no other way out.. Parties selling themselves for the short term. Some of us have become like our self serving politicians. Jump on the bandwagon or go under. Maybe this is the key to survival, but the the Coalition is what the people did or did not vote for. I'm sure your reference to Brown being the BOGIE MAN was Freudian slip if you get my drift
  10. I appreciate your reply. I was enjoying reading this thread and am immensely concerned by this housing scandal and the lost opportunities for the working young, but it is really depressing when an interesting debate is belittled by seamingly party political trolling. Perhaps if we genuinely treated our failed economy with mutual recognition we may get somewhere without the ideological driven motives of this Coalition. PS you're being a Rightie is no problem for me.
  11. Si I'm a lefty and I might agree in part what you saying, but I don't have any emotional issues such as jealousy regarding my politics . Why do you think everyone who disagrees with you are as base and judgemental as and you seem to be?
  12. Can't he just deal with it? Rather than bothering the Daily Mail and me with it. He can stick his knot weed where the sun don't shine, then he might knot have knot weed.
  13. It will suit Osbourne he all for Printy Printy
  14. They always seem to show a graphic of Blakers Street Brighton. A much over priced artisans house with nowhere to park and no front garden ans sometimes pretends to be part of Kemp Town
  15. Not judgmental are you. I wonder what they think you get up to
  16. I think you will find it was the Japanese and the horizontal split crank case that ruined the British motorcycle industry. Thatcher and the might of Government ruined the rest.
  17. Houses were never cheap. It was her housing policy that made overpriced. My Tory friend left the Party because of her housing policy.
  18. Nice one sir , Everybody loves Nelson
  19. I always believe in the old adage that "The Good die young" She was 87. Or will the moderators remove this. Kelvin McKenzie where are you.
  20. I don't think you will get very far. No fear from the Labour Party. The biggest threat to right are the "Fair Minded"
  21. I am glad the disabled get cheep housing and I think they deserve two bedrooms at the cost that was agreed when they accepted the tenancy. It's not their fault they don't pay market rent values. They didn't create the housing bubble. Why should they pay rat race rates. I wonder about the crisis that's due when this government pay rent directly to the tenant and not directly to the landlord. BTLs won't be able to pay their mortgages if their renters blow it?
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