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  1. Didn't he know the risk to renting to 'benefit familys or was he just content to take his government sponserd rent. A good business man would have a contingency fund for such events. Maybe it was a present for this nice man and it was all they could afford
  2. Oh of course less than 7% . So is Carney raising the interest rates yet? . Or has he moved the goal posts to Rio this time? I don't understand where all these jobs have come from. My local newspaper has only one job page and it has been like this for about 5years. Prior to that there were pages and pages. Enlighten me someone please!!!
  3. You are quite right and make a very good point, but may I say with repect that you don't demean your points with insuling names for people never goes down well in mature debate, not that I have ever had one
  4. To me it seems the middle class could not see it's own demise. Whilst those who relished higher house prices by considering the place that they lived was an investment rather than a home did not realise this attitude was counter to other middle class values. They have suddenly found that their offspring have been priced out, savings are not yielding the same returns to help them in retirement, Thier kids have moved away to somewhere cheaper. Sort of serves them right really. Never has affected me. I'm just a working class oik so I deserve what I get anyway.
  5. I have heard this reaction from politicians for years, And just like Blair once re-elected it was business as usual. I think the Ukip factor is a refreshhing development in British politics. Maybe just maybe his spector will be powerful enough to break the LibLabCon complacency for a long time to come. And as for the Tories they are now proposing a coalition which means they want power at someone else's sucess and reputation. Instead I think ukippers should shave their heads and infiltrate their ranks.
  6. You mean there's more way of skinning a cat?
  7. The English don't seem to serously question anything. That's why we have high house prices and bent governments. If I were Scots I'd jump ship whilst to oportunity is there.
  8. I seems everyones voting to keep someone out. It does'nt say much for modern British Politics. God help us!
  9. The Public are going to choose the design of the obverse side. I wonder what would be most suitable !Luminarti all seeing eye? "Don't Panic "
  10. He said " the pound is not just paper and ink," but he's working on it
  11. Don't you not think we are moving in that direction, Next stage the workhouse?
  12. Major a politician difficult to dislike. There is a shortage of of the like now I must admit. I say this with my hands in both pockets
  13. Well Seeing you used a Gospel quote or near enough . There are no degrees of sin. but, I just metion that in all good faith
  14. Yes sorry, I have the wrong bloke Major was more honest, but I don't think Norma would agree. to my knowledge Blair's always kept it in his pocket
  15. I am surprised at the readers replies. Heartened really. He didn't sell my gold I'm still wearing it and it's been worth a lot more lately
  16. Thhey,d just F*** it up like they do everything else
  17. To be quite honest. I don't mind the state allowing someone to have a spare room if they were previously allocated it. It's not their fault someone else is stupid enough to pay for an overpriced house. Not once have I heard friend or people in my circles complain about someone living with the luxury of a redundant room (if that is the term). The first time I was made aware of this was form form IDS who I understand where housing is concerned, he is in quite a privileged position. That's enough to make me choke on my Smart Priced baked beans.
  18. Yes valid point. But may I ask you a question? If someone using a food bank happens to be eating Heinz Baked Beans and at the time you heard about this you yourself were eating Smart Price Baked Beans would that create the same feeling of injustice?
  19. Perhaps someone who is working and paying for someone who's better housed than him is a Loser
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