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  1. In otherwords `A tax on the poor again, Get out and do something radical for a change you useless Tory Party emulators
  2. Becuase it appears they are better and always have been at running them than private operators and they don't govern well either. So you are right to ask
  3. So more or less. We can't really know what people think.
  4. I think people on the left many live mainly in London are regarded as too itellegent to vote Ukip and that is from Ukip it'self. The individuals you speak of have been known to vote Tory in fact if you want to be judgemently just observe the polling returns from various areas
  5. Thanks for the confirmation, Sir. I shall not vote for any of them then. The Tories always have had an image problem and they can do nothing to resolve this as their image is relects reality
  6. Dear ES What is groveling to the state. The state is not a person?
  7. And they never save the tax payer a cent. It has never solved a problem and only made things worse and who asked for it in the first plaace. You are right a bl;atant con and a misuse of money entrusted to incompatants
  8. Yes. Just like this goverment though, Ill thought out and u turn on it's way or already
  9. That word "Reasonable" again. Get out of jail free card no dobt
  10. Has somebody found a cure for Urinary Tract Infection or something?
  11. The state is deciding. They are allowing the disabled, learning disabilties people enter into jobs that are against their better or doctors judgement or to manipulate employment figures. I don't think fluffy's response is due to some reptile response. I think he has made a valid appraisal of the implications and protecting his values.
  12. I respect your veiw, but If i am unhappy at the bombing of Iraq and have an objection should that mean I don't have a valid argument because I'm not bombing them myself. Do you not think that as an observer I don't warrant an opinion
  13. Who would grant you a mortgage if you had a zero hours contract? Who would want their daughter to marry a man on ZH. This is the imorrality of this situation. This is where ZH exposes the lack of decency in human interaction. God help us all if this state of affairs becomes ingrained in our society. But, of course I should not hold this opinion because I my self don't offer sucsh oportunity
  14. Bit of a slippery slope arguement this. Perhaps i should shut up about exploitation, because I don't employ anyone. Uless of course I'm one of his tennets who are paying good rent money
  15. Without sounding awful, but you were the poster could not find a problem with the ad in the first place, that's okay Perhaps some people including me on here are in sympathy with "British values" you just don't dob. I also think "If you can't run a business ethically then you can't run a business
  16. Lets all apply. We could have a flash mob crummy job application. Let them grass us up to the job centre espesially if we already have one or retired or self employed
  17. The world cup and Rio provided the light relief at the Mansion House tonight. Am I correct in think that George Osbourn is releasing contaminated brown sites for the plebs, so the well heeled do not have there view of the mountains green that Jeses feet is speculated to walk.. Er before He paddled in the mud at Glastonbury
  18. I hope you are right Count-O-N . Don't want any BTL's, Landlords or investors, stepping in during the meantime.
  19. Limiting the provision of morgages to 3.5 x - 4x annual income. Just looked at my pay packet no chance
  20. Wasn't he the little boy who cried wolf and had his finger in the dyke
  21. Going on their reputation. He will probably realise the Brazil football clash and post-pone it to Saturday 11pm
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