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  1. I cannot think of much worse than listening to that naive nasal whiner Owen Jones. Apart from maybe being forced to pay to fund it via threat of imprisonment. Aside from Dimblebore, are the QT panel paid?

    Conversely, MattW, I'm on the right but the 2 elements that I like about the left are veganism/vegetarianism (animal rights) and the green movement. Funny old world eh.

    Oh Left wing Vegetarians like Adolf Hitler or is it antisemitic just to utter his name? I wonder if he was a nasal winger whilst he was not being Right Wing

  2. What a poor excuse for a human being this man Wilde is. So he want's to deny an older persons entilement by hoping they will die off to prevent them voting Tory or wish the get dementia so the are mentaly incapable of exercising the democratic right to dispose of the bastards. And so he can save a few pence on his puny tax contribution. This is his thanks for them saving his scaggy neck fighting for democracy which he only values to degrade

  3. The Production Manager at my last job earning in the mid 40's (in the Midlands) with a company car (all fuel paid) lived in a council house. He would complain about being skint all the time, considering his rent was about £90/week makes you wonder what he spent his money on.

    Made me pretty annoyed so I can't say I am too disappointed by this move. I am not a Osbourne aficionado but he is convincing me he knows where the p*ss is being taken in the welfare system and is finally doing something about it.

    So have we got to put up with ill thought out Shi*te because of your boss. :) I had a boss in a similar circumstance that doesn't make me alter my opinion of housing charges or political interference. But you make a fair point, things seem senseless sometimes

  4. My take on this that the Tories no nothing of real life. Great ideas as these and satisfy done but the types that fit into the category pinched faced curtain peeping NIMBY Daily Mail readers.

    It seems no in depth study or research has been done. I don't know if you can call bubbled sector of the economy "Market value"

    Choices for me now living in H A property

    Go on benefits pay nothing

    Not expand my self- employment business to pay my current rent

    Exercise my rent to buy sell at FMV to a BTL land lord

    Most of the thing despised by some of the `principled' members on here since the board was conceived. I remember well how many were craving for a Tory Government only to be presented with a self serving ideological driven devils that naturally do not care about housing difficulties for the young or honest worker

  5. It is a well known fact that the people that care for the young and the old are some of the worst paid in all industries......in working class families they tend to care for their own for as long as are able, they are far less likely to shove them into nursing and old peoples home IMO........one reason why the cap of £72k is there to help the rich.....£800 a week in a care home would quickly extinguish most peoples savings entirely..... The wealthy therefore get to keep most of theirs over any cap.....I don't believe in a cap, if you have it pay for it, end of.

    Thank you for your reply. I have just met someone today who corrected me on the local cost of care, which is not £800 per week, but £1500. She also said there is a good section on the BBC website regardind the Direct Payment element of Social Care funding in next April 20016. This person who's job is to advise on wills and trusts to "Examin the small print"


  6. That's great! Put it on my tab along with everything else.

    By you I mean all of us. But my wife is in the line of work that deals with this very thing and unlike me she has been trained and updated on what is to come. The issue is not only costs and who pays, but what is value for money. The cheapest elderly care al private is about £800 per week in my area and suport at home will be down to about five minutes a day, One has to beware of simplstic solutions offered by political spin masters.

  7. Couldn't agree more, but that's not what Dave and George have been saying recently.

    I am afraid the revised Health and Social Care Act comming in later this year will deminish George's recomendation

    Has anyone ever studied it? I have only been told parts with all it's complexity and it don't feel many on here will be very happy.

    Not clever enough, unfortunately, to expain here, best look it up yourselves. One thing though. Social Services will have much more power to get in your wallets

  8. Ah, a luvvie and his temper tantrum. I bet he normally voted Labour as well. Can't have them using his money, only other (little) peoples money will do to implement the socialist ideal. Bless.

    As I understand it. You imply that a labour supporter who becomes offended by a policy that effects him personally, hypoctically takes a Tory point of view condems himself as a hypocrit. Do we conclude then he is ultimately slimy. But nature or choice? Lets not forget that GRJ comes from an Oxbridge background

  9. I think we could have a sticky thread dedicated to Ed on the Politics forum

    Here's another contribution

    Ed jogging......


    As the Germans say, "How did zey ever vin ze vaw?

    He would need a lot of air-brushing his photos. You would think Dave would share his experience. I don't buy into this ugly really it's childish and does nothing to better an argument

  10. The big tobacco companies poor??? How come they consistently pay some of the best returns anywhere on the FTSE to their investors?

    There was me thinking it was just because so many of us refuse to become drugs barons, so the demand side is reduced leaving all the more profits for those who are happy to profit from pure evil.

    Not them, They will pass the burden on to the consumer not the share holder. Or shorten the cigarette for the same price by lengthening the filter tip, The same way they can pass on duties

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