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  1. I have been looking at trying to protect my pension against higher inflation which (as many on the site suspect) may occur in the next few years. My advisor did suggest UK index-linked securities which seems to invest mostly in index linked gilts. He is not the sharpest tool in the box so can not have much idea of exactly how the price of the fund will react to higher inflation. I assume it will go up compared to fixed rate gilts if inflation increases as the RPI goes above the gilt fixed rates. Does anyone know anything about these types of funds?
  2. MrRetsina

    New Town

    My apologies, I never went through the "Edinburgh latest" posts in detail. I thought it was odd no-one seemed to have mentioned it. I assumed it was a series as we never found out for sure who dunnit. I particularly enjoyed the mad wife bullying her husband into buying the flat.
  3. MrRetsina

    New Town

    If you have an hour to spare, watch the first episode of "New Town" on BBC4. It should be on the BBC IPlayer by now. Its a whodunnit set in the New Town in Edinburgh. But it takes a healthy swipe at the Edinburgh property obsession. Particularly the second half of the program. Hilarious.
  4. What I was trying to say was… I lived in Dunoon for several years and I don’t recall a house price bubble before the American’s left. We knew they were leaving many years before they did so house prices never rose particularly high. In fact they have always been lower than the Scottish average. Personally I have no great love for the place. And I do not have a house to sell there. But a lot of people think it is a great place to live. The ferry means it is has a feeling of a highland town (i.e. low crime rate, good schools, friendly) rather than the likes of Gourock or Greenock. So if you can put up with the ferry it is a great place to bring up a family. Although it is true there are hardly any jobs. So I would have paid 60K for that flat. Although probably not 100K.
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