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  1. MacGuffin, you live in some awful hellhole in East London, near Mile End. You're not in the centre of town at all. You're in a suburb, just a much more run-down and shitty one than Crouch End. IF you were talking to me from a Marylebone townhouse or Soho flat, I'd listen to you. But you're not.
  2. I hope Dunn's, Walter Purkis, the two butchers and the two greengrocers survive. For me being able to use all these shops is a real perk of being in Crouch End. In fact I'm off to buy some bread now.
  3. Another great example of overpriced N8: http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-f...1&skipreg=1
  4. We're looking in Crouch End as well, in addition to the southern end of Muswell Hill and the northern end of Stroud Green. Prices are still crazy - recently a two-bed garden flat was advertised at £550k - I posted it on this forum if you look through my earlier posts. There is no sign of any substantial change in vendor sentiment. However, nothing is selling. We were looking a year ago - more than a yaer ago now - and I still come across places - mean 2-bed garden flats - that we looked at then. Typically, they've gone down from £350k to £320k. So not savage reductions really! Oddly, Muswell Hill seems to have become more affordable than Crouch End: I've started seeing smaller 3-bed houses on in the area we'd like (Cranley Gardens/Rookfield) on at less than N8 prices!
  5. The problem with flats in this country is that they have always been too small, badly designed and in bad areas. In fact, if you ask people why they don't want to live in a flat, they say exactly those things! I went out with a Swedish girl for years, and most people in Swedish cities live in flats. In fact an awful lot of children are bought up in them and they have, according to the UN, the happiest and healthiest children in the world. But they are large, sometimes with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with high ceilings and lots of storage space outside - and lots of greenery between the blocks. Go to Berlin or Muncih and you will find similar places. If you look at the figures for development over the past few years the number of 1- and 2- bedroom flats have rocketed while the number of 3-bedroom flats remains tiny! WE just don't know how to build nice, lievable family flats in this country - the only examples are in Edinburgh and Glasgow: Or a few mansion blocks in London: The thing is, you can make flats liveable and DESIRABLE! The Swedes in my NCT group in London really want a flat rather than a house - but a big flat with high ceilings and lots of space! Partly because bringing up toddlers is easier without stairs, but also because they like lots of space on one level.
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...09-1666320.html Also a good article by Wayne Hemingway on how s**t our housebuilding industry is: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/comme...sh-1666147.html
  7. How about this one? I dont' think it would ever sell for this sort of price, even in 2007. I've seen similar places in Notting Hill and Chelsea with more realistic prices: http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-f...1&skipreg=1
  8. http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-f...1&skipreg=1 I know it's Crouch End, but it's miles from a tube and, well, it's not that great is it? 550k?
  9. I'm finding exactly the same thing where I'm looking in north London (crouch end area). Prices are still at 2007 levels -even higher in some respects - but nothing is selling at all. I have found very little sign of 'realism' among sellers at all.
  10. There was regulation - local by-laws and so on. There was a lot of terrible rubbish built before we had the planning system as well - the Victorian slums for example. We only see the best stuff our ancestors built, not the masses of utter crap. I agree that the planning laws need to be reformed, but allowing people to build anywhere in the country would be a disaster. It would massively increase congestion, for a start, if far more people were commuting into the cities. How are you going to pay for all the new roads? Do we want all the new roads or motorways that would be required?
  11. Eh? Lewes is chuffing lovely, I'd rather live there than Windsor. Kendal is hardly an armpit either.
  12. Just to demonstrate that prices are still not in touch with reality in Crouch End, look at this.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-24882989.html £500k for a two bed flat in N8? I'm not surprised nothing is selling round these parts.
  13. Now I'll tell you something. Stroud Green has the best Edwardian and Victorian houses in the whole of that part of North London - Muswell Hill included. Check out Mount View Road, Quernmore Road and the area around the reservoir (with views to the City & West End), right down to the Old Dairy. In Pevsner's guides he says it's one of the best examples of Victorian domestic architecture in Britain. (Of course, most people round these parts think Stroud Green is the area round Stroud Green Road... it's not, really) MacGuffin - since when was Limehouse Basin in the centre of town? More like the edge of Mile End to me... And I had the impression you were living in a warehouse flat in Clerkenwell or a townhouse in Marylebone - accidentally reading one of your other posts has ruined all my impressions of you...
  14. To answer the person who earlier who said, why not live in town? Well it's simple - and it's not because I think CE is in any way trendy. I 'm quite into food and like the fact I have a proper, excelelnt baker (Dunns - to which I am addicted), a fishmonger, two greengrocers and two butchers within walking distance. And up on the hill I have Queens Wood and Highgate Wood for a bit of outdoors. You couldn't really get that in town. Well, maybe if you could afford a flat on Marylebone High Street, but then.... I can't really see CE going downhill badly for that reason, but it might revert to being shabby-genteel, full of academics adn teachers, as it used to be. Seriously though, prices are still crazy, as the header suggests.
  15. I admit Muswell Hill is more attractive, it's just a shame all your Muswell Hillbillies have to come down to Crouch End to find a decent pub or restaurant. Why do you think all those actor types prefer Crouchand? It is nice looking up at MH while having a pint in the Queens or Kings Head, or dinner in Brasserie Aix.
  16. I assume your definition of Haringey doesn't include Highgate then... Crouch End has some fantastic edwardian streets, I agree the Hornsey end is ropey but some streets eg. Coolhurst Road, Weston Park, Cecile Park are better than many in Muswell!
  17. I've been watching prices in Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Hill for the past six months and they have not budged at all. 2-bed flats still £400k+ Mind you, nothing is selling. I'm wondering when reality will hit.
  18. That's true. It's not Muswell Hill. It has some good pubs and some great restaurants, quite a good nightlife and a centre that isn't overrun with Wood Green-ites at night. yes, it's not Muswell Hill.
  19. What a load of rubbish. There is crime in some parts of London but other places are quite safe. Where I live in North London is very civilsed - i have three great pubs in walking distance, two ancient woods, a butcher, fishmonger, baker and greengrocer.. I hardly need to leave. I work in a beautiful part of the West End, surrounded by Georgian squares and nice shops. It's a bloody nice life really and I can see why a lot of people would like it. Sure, London prices are too high but it is a fantastic city and crime is nowhere near like at the levels press suggest. I go all over the place and feel totally fine. Feel more more scared in Birmingham and Manchester (particularly inner city Manchester/Liverpool - bloody hell now that is SCARY)
  20. "Apparently the English put the farmer's wives into concentration camps in an attempt to starve out their husbands. They consequently aren't that fond of the English! I'm Scottish and I know know of another 3 Saffas who married Scots." Err, I think you'll find that was the British army, not the 'english army'. More to the point, officers in the British army have always been disproportionately Scottish (The empire was disproportionately scottish), so the people who ordered your wife's ancestors into the camps are more likely to have been Scottish than English!
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