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  1. What happend to Mortgage Indemnity Guarantees? I remember having to pay this in 1993. If my memory serves me well it was an insurance for the bank or building society in case I defaulted on the loan.
  2. As I said I have read this forum for a long time as a guest and used to like reading your posts it give me a laugh but definately your status did change so in future I will not be reading any of your carp. I do not like ....... which is definately what you are. If you want to change your mind from a bull to neither that is okay but to lie about it thats another matter. I believe the opening poster I think you can`t remember what lies you have told.
  3. Hi I don`t post very often but have been reading this site for a few months. I did notice that MCTAVISH changed his status from Bull to Neither. I can`t remember when this was but maybe he could tell us WHEN and WHY?
  4. Hi I think the development is Persimmon homes not Barretts but same sort of shoe boxes. There are a number of affordable homes( social housing) on the site near the top end towards half penny lane. You have to get to the social housing via the detached houses. There was a rumour that the houses that they were struggling to sell were sold off to a housing association. The rumour came from a guy who worked for Persimmon,so could be true. Hope this helps.
  5. Agree Harrogate and the rest of the golden triangle will fall.
  6. Hi Everyone Harrogate prices fell in the last recession. The lady at the bank informed me that they put thier house on the market a few weeks before the last crash for £75,000 and had an offer from a builder in the first week for £72,000 and they did not accept.They sold the house a year later for £62,000. I live in an area in Harrogate that when the housing market is moving houses sell in a week or two. A number have been on the market for weeks. Hunters has just advertised a house in the property paper inside the Harrogate advertiser in our area as new on the market. It has been on the market for weeks. Also advertised near the back of the paper are 2 offers on repo properties. Prices will fall but only when people become realistic and stop believing that Harrogate and the golden triangle are immune. Just sit tight and wait
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