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  1. I suggest everyone stop creaming themselves. This will make QE2 a certainty. Its all they have left.
  2. Funny how some such as daddy bear were ridiculed about the government inflating it way out. Looks like its time to throw in the towel and buy a house. The only saving grace is there is less pressure for the UK to do it then the yanks. Guy I work with has made £18K out of bank shares - he's been trying to entice me into them for months. Being a pessimist (as I am one) in a recession is like being an optimist in a bull market. Both show an unbalanced state of mind.
  3. 1) Surely no IHT implications unless the estate of parents + the amount they gave you, at their death was greater than £325000? 2) Surely if he loses his job the tax payer will simply pay his mortgage like they are doing for so many others? 3) Parents like to help their kids. At then end of the day this is what we as a society have brought upon us. No FTBs can afford houses without their parents help. His parents have benefited from huge HPI over the last decade. And it makes sense for them to prop up house prices to make sure they lock in the gains. So looks like a win win to me.
  4. Know what you mean. I work for a large American company (90,000+) employees. Last year as I stated on this forum we had to take 2 weeks unpaid leave. Furlough as the yanks call it! This year its a pay freeze across the board. Although there is a debate as to whether senior managers will still receive a bonus like last year! I think the general attitude on this site is if you can't f*ck off and instantly go and get another job your are an idiot. My companies a large manufacturer. Sales down about 12% YOY. We are the people who are going to get squeezed over the next couple of years.
  5. You can get the basket of good used to calculate the CPI from http://www.statistics.gov.uk/articles/nojournal/CPI-Basket-of-Goods-2009.pdf Additions this year Parmesan cheese Rotisserie cooked hot whole chicken Plums Rose wine Hardwood flooring Freeview box MP4 player Blu-ray disc DVD rental internet subscription What a load of boll*cks.
  6. Highcross in Leicester was packed last saturday. Regretted going anywhere near the place. Looks like everyone is spending with abadon. However, I hadn't been to Leiceter for a while an noticed quite a few empty shops.
  7. Minorities always get f**ked! I hope that anyone turning from bear to bull will put their money where they status change is.
  8. Who the f*ck knows. If buying a house as home, buy one. You could be dead next week. I wouldn't ask the people on this site. Make your own mind up on the available info. This site is heavily biased in one opinion. The clue is in the name.
  9. Yes I agree, what wage inflation? I am experiencing wage deflation. All that will happen is people like me will be squeezed. Other people are enjoying large pay increases. All depends how in demand you are/your skills or whether you work for the public sector (i.e. banking). Its funny how the switch from targeting RPI to CPI (to allow the housing boom to proceed with low interest rates) will bite Brown in the ass. CPI is dropping far more slowly than RPI. I expect CPI to really start going up if this flue pandemic takes off (especially price of pork). Surely, then the BoE would have to raise rates? I wonder if face masks will be included in the basket of goods.
  10. Everyone at my company has been told to take 2 weeks unpaid leave within the next 20 weeks. So looks like the deflationary tsunami has just hit me! This is to prevent according to the MD "more drastic actions" later in the year. Any other HPC'ers in a similar boat?
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