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  1. with volumes down 10% the figures could be + 10% mom. mean while in the real world we all know there are no buyers,no mortgages and no money.sellers are in dream land with they prices and with inflaition at 5% + and most people who still have a job on a wage freeze,or reduced time. the future looks nice and bleak for house prices in the next 5 years. thats enough of my mad rant
  2. I 1995 i owned business property with a £65.000 mortgage the bank were going for repro and had the property valued at 40k. my accountant sugested we offer the bank a service plan if they reduced the debt to 45k and a 9month freeze on the intrest. At first they refused and then the day before the court date for repro the bank aggreed to the deal. The moral to the story is the more you owe than the bank can recover the stronger your position. I'm sure the same rules would apply today.
  3. i'd invest it in a bar in thailand and the i would waste the rest
  4. hi, we have just built a 6 bed house for $40.000 dollars in nha trang vietnam. its in my wifes name so im not 100% sure of ownership laws. you would need to look into it. a large detatched 4 or 5 bed under 10 years old can be bought for under $50.000. it is very friendly for the brits but some of them are not so keen on the septice tanks
  5. we built a house on the river in nha trang for $40.000 with 6 onsuite bedrooms,but you can rent a nice house(not appartment) for under $1000 a year. no council tax, electricity is quite expensive if you run aircon,we have 6 aircon units and its about 800.000 vnd (£50 pm) in the dry season,about half that from november to march in the winter.water is about £10 pm. mrs ike spends under £100.pm on food for 3 of us. if you eat breakfast on the street a big bowl of noodles is 15-20.000 vnd with a banh mi (french stick) local draught beer is about 30p half a litre,fags 50p a packet,a 5 course meal for 6 people under £30 pounds. we buy 50 kilo bags of rice for about 30p a kilo.as nha trang is a fishing village there is a large fish market where fresh fish is sold daily at a fraction of english prices. mrs ike does't let me go shopping because they see a forigner and the price goes through the roof.it helps if you learn a little vietnamease and have some experiance of haggling. at this time 34.000 vnd for one pound,but 10% more if you change at the gold shops=,bring clean notes they will not take damaged money ( the banks charge them 10% to change it). 5
  6. have moved to nha trang 3 mths ago half the price of saigon and a beach, very friendly people, mrs ike born here,she changes £ to vnd at the gold shops 10% more than the bank. am working as a english teacher $1000- $1500 pm 30- 35 hours a week and no stress or riots. avarage to good wage here $200 pm
  7. my predicition is gold at $2750 0z before christmas (where else can you put your cash?) but there again the americans could conjour some form of economic miricale. nah nah not a hope.
  8. have moved to vietnam for one year ( maybe more ) beer 20p a pint if you smoke 35p a packet, one hour massage 900.000 v n dong (less than 3 pounds) nice 3 bed house on river £500 pounds a year. tax rate 10% lush
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