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  1. I've lived in Slawit for 10 years. That restaurant has had about 8 owners since I've been here. Its down a side street with almost no passing traffic. djmgw
  2. I like the way Mark Blyth speaks and he is obviously very intelligent. I'm not intelligent enough to really critique him but he sounds a bit Krugman-ish to me. I'd like to hear his precis of the UK and world economies in the years 1996 - 2006. djmgw
  3. I think the full quote is "Taxation is theft and if you don't believe that then try not paying". Milton Friedman I believe or maybe Thomas Sowell. Maybe Irwin Schiff took it too literally. djmgw
  4. Or you could buy this near me: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71457800.html Actually no, don't, this was half that price a few years ago... djmgw
  5. Correct. August 2005 - August 2005 bank rate was 4.75% and prices started slowing, then this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4745025.stm Swing voter on the MPC who clinched the rate cut was Richard Lambert - as guilty as anyone for the current situation. djmgw
  6. Not in the same price bracket but been on the market longer: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/42723623?search_identifier=d2991e039d7b1b95d39b7c44b607d43f#4A5uL0zK7hxwhdjK.97 Listing history First listed £125,000 on 5th Jun 2013 Asking price changes £120,000 4.0% Reduced on: 29th Aug 2013 £117,500 2.1% Reduced on: 13th Mar 2015 Page views Last 30 days: 268 | Since listed: 5,754 Figures updated once daily Last sale £120,000 on 27th May 2005 Also now willing to accept a loss on buying in 200
  7. How is Heald Green greenbelt when its 1.6 miles form touchdown at the second busiest airport in the country? djmgw
  8. I often wondered where there might have been some way to avert the worst of the bubble forming and I seem to recall in another post that the natural top seemed to be in 2005 and I was selling my house at around then for a job move and the market seemed to have slowed quite a bit. Then in August 2005 the BoE dropped the base rate by 0.25bps from 4.75% to 4.5%. I seem to recall Mervin King stating at one point that he hoped the bank wouldn't live to regret that decision. I decided to look up how the voting went at that meeting of the MPC and it turns out that the vote of one member was enough
  9. I turned 30 in 1994. I was in my first proper management job earning £24k (manufacturing power generation equipment), had bought a house at the top of the market in 1991 - I know the top was supposed to be '88 but up in Stoke on Trent the news hadn't reached. We paid £36.5k for a nicely re-developed 2 bed terrace with a big garden and large kitchen/dining extension. Bought it with my girlfriend and we split in '96 and had to sell the house for £30.5, so a nearly 20% drop. We both had to get personal loans to cover the negative equity. Now dont get me wrong we weren't starving or destitute
  10. Can't see the many pensioners wanting to take lump sums from their pots when they find out it gets taxed as income. djmgw
  11. Looks like it was Katie Evans of CEBR. Interest rate prediction alluded to here: http://www.cebr.com/reports/top-10-predictions-for-2014/ djmgw
  12. Lady economist on Jeff Randall live last night - sorry I cant remember what organisation she was from - said her organisation was predicting an interest rate rise in November after the inflation report is published. djmgw
  13. Unless they were trying to win an "historic third term in office" djmgw
  14. Seems like those who say "well - we struggled" need to have things put to them in terms they can understand. Those who queued up to buy a house for £ 4,600 would have had to pay £18,919 if house price levels were the same as today. Could they have done that? Maybe if they think about the house that £18,919 could have bought "in thier day" they might get the picture? djmgw
  15. Not seen this mentioned already. There was a piece on Look North last night on the empty homes situation in Yorkshire - quite revealing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b037b16r/Look_North_(Yorkshire)_24_07_2013/ Starts at about 15:40 Key statement was that one empty house had been bought by an "investor" for I recall £170k and was now worth £35k. djmgw
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