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  1. We should count ourselves lucky that the great property owners of Great Britain are even willing to put their houses on the market for us to buy. How dare you have an opinion about its value. Remember you know nothing - a property is worth what the vendor thinks it's worth. Be told and know your place - we will not tolerate dissention in the lower ranks. (P.S. Love your forum name - Excel is great, I truly adore spreadsheets too - I now hope you weren't being ironic)
  2. Even though it is -2 degrees outside and snowing, I have decided to camp outside the EA's, just to make sure I beat the crowds. I've sent my wife, child and the grand parents out to cover other EAs - it's crazy just crazy.
  3. Hello xxxxxx, I appreciate that you have a job to do but please refrain from such comments as: "The market is going crazy" and shouting: "DON'T MISS OUT, BE THE FIRST TO VIEW!" Both my wife and I are 42 years old, we have waited a long time to buy a house and saved very hard. We don't need the hype and most certainly do not respond well to people trying to rush us. We need to work together, you would like the sale and we would like the right house for us. Please don't be upset by this message, I just need to make sure we understand each other. To save your time and ours, please only send property specifications that match our stated requirements (minimum 2 double bed, semi detached or detached, large garden, off-road parking). Kind regards xxxxxx ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxx Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 3:16 PM Subject: BRAND NEW INSTRUCTIONS!!! Good Afternoon, Please find attached a variety of properties new to our market. The market is going crazy, we've sold just under 20 houses this month so far with 200 viewings booked. DON'T MISS OUT, BE THE FIRST TO VIEW! Please call xxxxx xxxxxx to arrange a viewing or to find out more information on these properties. Kind Regards, xxxxxx Sales Administrator They say you should be friends with the estate agents to ensure you get the best property specs sent to you as soon as they come onto the market - I might have blown it in this instance.
  4. The whole Fiscal Cliff charade was like a badly scripted and shallow plotted SyFy channel movie. The ending was plain to see from the opening scenes – there was never going to be a 'no-deal' situation, just a lot of political rhetoric. Edit: Happy New Year...
  5. Really good observation that just goes to show the perverse nature of the markets and the effects of removing accountability. This goes hand-in-hand with Mr King's admission that the richest percentage of the country have significantly benefitted from the measures taken to save the economy. It leaves me thinking that an 'Emperor's New Clothes' moment / Black Swan event is around the corner – but of course no one will see it coming. The markets will only drop when they are made to do so - the market will be pumped - indirectly converting and extracting stimulus measures into the pockets of the rich. I know this sounds dramatic but the country has lost its appetite for any reporting on the economy , the BBC seems to have been gagged since Christmas (god bless the Jubilee and Olympics), and there is an opportunity to really milk the system before it turns sour.
  6. I think my signature block says it all - Recovery would be a return to prudent lending (almost a decade overdue).
  7. Just taken all my savings out of Santander and put it in the Coventry BS. Not an insignificant sum of money - I feel much better already.
  8. True but it might just be a case of playing things down so that the props aren't removed. It's like a drunk saying I really don't have a drink problem, prior to asking you for some spare change.
  9. I'd love to see this played on BBC1 and ITV at prime time every day for week. It's simple enough to get the point across (yes we could all change it to cover something differently / better) but it's good enough. Once it hits the UK properly - then they can consider it a successful ad.
  10. The system will be worked such that the people pay for the losses. People don't go to war they just pay inflated prices, accept tax cuts and low interest rates on their debts. Seems to me that the bail outs are there to make sure the 'investors' get a / some return before the end-game is called and we pick up the pieces (the investors have exited stage right just previously).
  11. Yep - and when / if we get back to 2% the media will sell it as the best thing since sliced bread and completely overlook the fact that high inflation previously suffered is 'locked in'. So when things continue to rise at 2% (assuming this magical target can be sustained) the 2% will be based on a far higher unit cost - which will completely be over the heads of most people. Still when we reach 2% all will be well - and we will be able to get back to normal - won't we?
  12. Again I agree that you are technically correct - I'm not moaning because of the 'wrong' choices I have or have not made. I am angry over the constant changing of the goal posts, that have repeatedly gone against the more risk-adverse members of the UK. As for the right to be able to buy an affordable house, again you're correct it's not a right. However, if we accept that both mum and dad need to work every hour they can to pay the mortgage - best we don't complain when their children start to go off the rails. I'm really just saying that there used to be a common sense balence and right now (and for some time previously) the odds are stacked against many of us. We shouldn't need to be financial gurus and understand the complexities of bond markets and gold prices in order to protect ourselves from 'the system'.
  13. True for the last bit but ... "If the dealer is rigging the game and ensures his pals always gets the best hands you are sunk before it starts.Those who think the current game is crooked are not moaners but realists" ... says it all for me
  14. Perfect summary - cheers
  15. Sorry, but whilst you might be technically correct just look at what you are actually saying. You are completely accepting of the situation were it is necessary to move into gold in order to be able to buy a home. Indeed moving into and out of gold is not without risk. So how do we understand the level of risk in the current system – it certainly isn’t accurately reported. I’d say the opposite in fact we are lied to every day. Houses – homes – investments, this is the nub of the problem. Families should be able to buy a home without selling their futures. There’s a lot of talk on here about being a debt slave and keeping out of debt to remain free. I haven’t bought yet and I am saving hard so I can buy. Oddly enough I am not a debt slave – I am a saving slave. The longer I save, the less I can see the difference between the two.
  16. I actually agree - in this case it is ok to moan or at least complain. Problem is we have no voice - no one is listening - and there isn't a champion for our cause with enough influence to make anything happen. Therefore are complaints are taken as moaning. If I research buying a car, and on the balance of information provided pick a certain model, I would have every right to complain if I later found out that the information provided was in fact a pack of lies and worse still that I had no come-back on the supplier as the brochure has now been updated to reflect the latest set of lies. Thing is there's a mechanism in place to protect us from this sort of crooked behavior. The problem is that this principle isn't being applied to the financial system our so-called capitalist world. We are being lied to all the time – as such it is impossible for Joe Average to make an informed decision. The situation is perverse, behavior is no longer rational and justified and if you dare speak reason you are vilified for ‘taking the situation down’ or ‘being jealous just because you haven’t got a house’. I believe most the people who take this line were not financial guru’s who have succeeded based on the outcome of some particularly deft planning and action. In truth they were just lucky.
  17. Looks like I have been judged and found wanting - shame on me.
  18. "Keeping the faith" - yes HPC is like a religion, we have to beleive in the greater good and that we will be rewarded at some point (future life in a nice house?). Meanwhile the sinners are laughing at us. Some believe that religion is a tool to control the masses - what does this make us followers of HPC?
  19. Looking to go to NZ with a really good lump sum of money and my service pension. I work in defence acquisition now, trying to make sure we get a good deal (don't blame me for the many failures - the system doesn't listen to the recommendations of its staff). There are a couple of opportunities for me in NZ in the defence area - doesn't pay well so it's a hard call.
  20. Shame Keiser is American - it's hard on the ears even if what he says has some substance.
  21. Is this from V for Vendetta, or are we talking about the thought police? Scary thing is it's too close to reality. I'd be happy with a well organised, supported and covered demonstration - but it wouldn't get the air time for fear of spoiling Emmerdale.
  22. I fear you are right and capitulation is the only option. As I said before: "...I let caution lead me down the path of financial buggery delivered by the interest rate dildo." Thing is it's really smarting now.
  23. +1 This is exactly the same for us. I just know that as soon as I yield they'll start playing a different game, and yet again we'll be buggered.
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