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  1. You people are talking a load of crap. It's embarassing to read this stuff.
  2. Yeah - but hurry an extra 10% off all flats now - for this weekend only. Do they come with a money-back guarantee?
  3. Does anyone actually like Aberdeen here? I do and think it's great! The economy may be underpinned by oil - the oil price does not directly affect everything here. So - don't worry about how the oil price moves in the short term. I believe Aberdeen will weather the storm better than other parts of Scotland and be one of the best in the UK as well.
  4. That is the Death Knail into Property Journalism from the ilk of HC and the BT. This will change the opinion of anyone who was anything other than grizzle on the future for property (values) in NI.
  5. Read it online - interesting. Good to hear a newspaper taking a proper look at what EAs have been saying in the last couple of years. Compare this to the BT's article yesterday.
  6. Jamie Delargy's talking a load of crap. "Don't expect a recovery for a few months yet" or some ********. Master of the rear-view mirror. I posted a comment but i didn't get put out yet (if ever)
  7. I wouldn't buy before you have investigated properly the area. This isn't a Place in the Sun - you don't have to make up your mind in one hour.
  8. I might add that I would consider buying - but that £128,000 house would be worth maybe £100,000 in my mind. In the mean time - renting is a safer and cheaper option (+less stress)
  9. If you do want to buy - then your offer should be set at a realistic value: example Glenvale 70, £185,000 Glenvale 71, £128,000 that's over £50,000 difference! The two houses are probably identical - I measured the stated room sizes and they are near identical apartments. Except on costs almost 45% more than the other. If you do want to buy - make up your own mind its value - and don't be afraid of making a derisory offer. Can anyone else find 2 properties at very different prices
  10. Come on guys - (presumably it's mainly men here) It's snowing - and we should all enjoy the weekend. Anyone skiing (which you can't do easily in many other places in the UK) this weekend?
  11. Northern Ireland doesn't have the internal capacity to develop it's own economy - hence the large job creationist civil service. Multinationals have partly filled the whole where the state has tried and failed to create jobs. These jobs are (from the multinationals) transferrable by their very nature. Once the loans/grants/tax are gone they have less financial reason to stay behind. Northern Ireland will become a real economy like it was 100 years ago - if it can develop its own people to create products that are competitive on the world stage. This does not include tourism by the way.
  12. Yeah - I miss Maxdiver - but I couldn't get my password resent to me. grrr. don't start me on HC - but what a difference a few weeks makes. Was at home at Xmas - suddenly my dire opinions weren't so crazy-sounding. Some friends bought property and are now really really scared! Also - a lot of people were saying this "We won't be the first to come out of the recession" - did this come from Radio Ulster or somewhere? In any case - people realised that NI is in a really bad way.
  13. I post on the BT as bobby d'hofter. I wrote this: Shouldn't MLA's be accepting a pay cut - given that it's for the greater good. It would help reduce the tax-burden on those who pay their wages and this is set against an economic climate where hundreds of jobs are being lost in NI every week. regards "Those arguing for an increase believe a higher salary could help ensure a good calibre of candidates at the next election." I think that you'll get the usual bunch of sociopaths (, farmers sons) and eejits as ever before. Posted by bobby d'hofter | 03.02.09, 09:31 GMT They edited what was in bold brackets - which made me laugh - it's ok to be called a sociopath - but not a farmers son -
  14. Big pothole on Kingsgate today - nearly gave me a heart attack! Aberdeen does have poor clothes shopping - esp. for men. talk in work is of "things picking up in the last week" - one buy had 4 offers on his house in the last week and none before then (put on market in august) - accepted today.
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