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  1. What the hell is 'poncy' agriculture when it's at home? If it wasn't for marketing you wouldn't be posting on this site.
  2. Ok, I can close my mouth now. Astonishing. I think I'm extra gobsmacked by some of the prices originally paid. A two bed flat in LEEDS, for God's sake, for £200k plus?? just because it's next to a bit of water?? WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!! You can get a whole house in parts of LONDON for that!! thanks, that's really made my evening.
  3. This is fascinating. I know Birmingham well. My old dad lives in the centre (got a lovely two bed flat from the housing association) and I have a few cousins who are owner occupiers. I'm intrigued by the prices that people could purchase for in 2011. Do the enhanced sold prices have anything to do with HS2?
  4. And circumstances, too. You yourself have pointed out the benefits of being at less risk of having a landlord pull the rug from under you, as it were. You've been really lucky. In it for a quick buck landlords have caused serious problems. In the area of London that I live in, homes are traded like something on a monopoly board. One bed flats go for upwards of £900 a month. Renting is going to be a fact of life for people from now on. It shouldn't be a matter of luck to find a good landlord and a bit of stability.
  5. Happens to be a fact of life for some. I'd glad renting has worked out so well for you.
  6. There are some people on here who wouldn't recognise basic good manners if it ran them over in a car. Might be something to do with the anonymity. Anyway stuff 'em and don't be intimidated by them. As one of my kids like to say 'they've got issues'. What makes HPC so interesting is the range and perspectives of opinions on offer so don't be afraid to give yours. There are some fantastic posters and I've learned loads.
  7. I know a couple living in a one bedroom ex council on an estate in Battersea. And there is no room at all to swing a cat. They are paying £1, 100 a month for the privilege. Madness, sheer bloody madness.
  8. Good for you. I've had two friends given notice by landlords who've decided to cash in on their winnings/losings, creating havoc with schooling and life in general. Best of luck with your life and the kiddies when they come.
  9. The computer systems in job centres are risible. They can only be the product of a badly written contract that the taxpayer is locked in for too many years. Searching for a job is diabolical. How anyone finds anything through the job centre is beyond me. Doubt there'll be improvements. They'll just go for cheap and nasty again.
  10. You'll be nearing or in your fifties, not a great time of life to be out of work in this country. Good luck and fingers crossed.
  11. Amen to that. Couldn't believe my ears when I heard him say 'can't afford a house? tough. Then live at home'. From a man who got where he is in life on his connections. He wouldn't know hard work if it ran over him. My working class parents bought their first house in their twenties. The only people who will ever be able to do that again in London are the very wealthy, or come from wealthy families. And that's all the fault of successive, greedy and stupid governments.
  12. I've lived in London all my life, including a stint in central London. The only people who think there is any advantage to living in central London are rich foreigners, European and non European. London is a fantastic place, but its crowded and busy, and it would be hell not to get away from its centre. I know some people who wouldn't live anywhere else, and only consider central London as 'London'. An Italian friend recently spent nearly a million buying a two bed flat, and trust me, doesn't matter how much money I have, it wouldn't occur to me to buy something similar just to be able to say I live 'centrally'. You can keep central London, I'll take the bus in!
  13. I was personally struck by the impecccable lineage line when I read the story this morning. As if these people are somehow more worthy of life than the rest of us. Seemed a very strange thing to hear in the 21st century. Lauding people who were given positions and priviledge for fighting on the right side centuries ago, or bunging the King a lot of dosh, or being rewarded for some other favour. Really weird.
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